Friday, October 9, 2009

Wednesday Wisdom- Manny's Modern Family

The ladies carried this week's episode. Sue Sylvester was not in last week's ep that much, and I felt it dragged. She brought things back to good this time as she opened with making fun of Mr. Shue and Emma's terrible lunchtime conversation. Sue then went on to hate on Glee Club in her journal later in the day before taking action by convincing Mr. Shue's wife that he was having an affair with Emma. Sue left during the middle part of the ep, but made a glorious return at the end when she announced she would be taking over as co-director of Glee Club. Great Sue ep.

There is something strangely appealing about Rachel Berry's character. Maybe it's her quirkiness, or that she's just really weird, or maybe how intensely she wants to be good at Glee, but she's drawn me in and I continue to want to see her succeed.

Modern Family
This week's episode was responsible for the single funniest scene on television this season. Manny Delgado is rising up the charts on my favorite character list. In week one he was good with his mom and step-dad, Al Bundy. Week two, he and Al had plenty of quality time together and he was even funnier. This week, his interaction with his step-sister, Claire, was off the charts funny. Claire, being a middle aged woman, and Manny being 10 years old created a fantastic dynamic (especially since Manny fancies himself as a very mature 10).

Manny- "Those cookies smell like heaven...your own recipe?"
Claire- "No, I just throw 'em in the oven."
Manny- "And added the secret ingredient of caring?"
Manny- "So what is the matter Claire?"
Claire- "What?"
Manny- "You seem sad."
Claire- "It's just stuff with Alex. You know, kids stuff."
Manny- "Uggg, kids. You don't have to tell me, my school's full of them."

As I remarked immediately after the episode, another great thing about this show is all of the different combinations of relationships they will be able to go through. This week we had Manny/Claire, Jay/Phil, Gloria/Alex...When Mitchell and Cam start mixing in the pot, I can see plenty of funny dynamics. Interestingly enough, Sepinwall had the same sentiment when I went to read his blog the next day.

Gary Unmarried
So it seems that Sasha, the station manager at the radio station, Curtis, Gary's old friend that works there also, and Gary's brother Mitch are now regulars in this second season of Gary Unmarried. Great call with raising Rob Riggles' character to regular status, and this chick Sasha seems pretty good so far, but Curtis is no Dennis from season one. So if the station manager and another dude that works there are series regulars, does that mean Gary is eventually going to get the job as a sports radio host? He certainly can't take an entire season to paint the station right? I don't know how I would feel if he did get the job. It would create a completely different feel to the show and it might not be in a good way. I guess we'll see. In one final note, Tommy was back in the game with a couple good lines in this week's ep.

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