Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sunday Speculations- Betty Finds Dick Whitman

Mad Men
This was the first time I've finished an episode of Mad Men asking myself questions and really looking forward to the next ep. Betty finding Don's Dick Whitman stuff truly brings up a lot of questions. What did she really find out from looking through it all? How much stuff was in there, and how good was Betty at figuring out what it all meant? If she does know that Don was Dick and switched his identity, what will she think of all of it? Does she now give him a break for the way he behaves? Or does she detest him even more like they foreshadowed by her getting snippy with him on the phone near the end of this week's ep. Will she say anything to him, or keep this bottled like she has in the past? Betty has always been the most interesting character on the show for me, and this may make her that much more of an intriguing person.

Brothers and Sisters
A couple of great moments from a couple of my favorite characters on this show. First of all, Rebecca, who I have loved since day one, is on the hunt for a venue to have her upcoming wedding. After realizing that every place they look at is stupid, which I agreed with, she remembers what she loved to do as a kid and decided that was what she wanted for her wedding day. As a kid she would imagine that her and her stuffed dolphin were alone on a tropical island, highlighted by palm trees and tiki torches. I think it was meant to be between me and this fictional character.

Now Sarah, who has been out in France for the last couple of episodes, returns to Cali to help out Kitty with her cancer treatment. While being there for her sister, Sarah retells the story of how she met some French dude through flashback dream sequences. The way they went about showing this made it seem like she was making the whole thing up, starting with her looking for something to talk about at the very beginning of the story. Sure enough when they got near the end, Kitty realized that the story was made up because it was the same plot to a movie they used to watch as kids. The clever, but illogical, move they did next was to switch it back to a true story that Sarah changed the ending to so that Kitty wouldn't know Sarah left her French dude just to come back to the States for her sister. That's all well and good, but she was obviously making the whole thing up from the beginning. How do you explain that?

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