Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sunday Speculations- Larry Doesn't Slide In

Mad Men
It's taken almost three full seasons (if you want to call the silly cable 12 episode stints full), but I'm finally into Mad Men. The past two episodes have gotten me completely involved with the two important characters of the show. Maybe that is it. Maybe it's that many of the plot lines in the first two seasons dealt with the garbage that was Peggy Olsen and Pete Campbell. For the past two episodes I can't remember seeing those two lamos for more than a combined five minutes.

Donald and Betty Draper are fantastic characters. And after Betty found Dick's secret at the end of last week's ep, I was thoroughly intrigued about what would happen next. They did not disappoint me this week. As Betty gets more and more confident in herself, I like her more and more. Instead of hiding what she knows, and burying it, like she would have done in season one, she confronted Don and dug for some answers. Don, as vulnerable have we have yet to see him, showed true sadness. Was he sad that the jig was up? Or was he upset about all that he put Betty through. When he called Suzanne and told her he won't be around any time soon, was that him turning a corner and trying to be a more honest man? Or was it just another break from his impurities because he recently got caught in a much bigger lie?

Now that Betsy knows most of what Don went through in his childhood and early life, it seemed as if she had a warmer mood towards him. Although she was angry with him, she wasn't the cold, shoulder-turner she was any other time she found out about something he did wrong. Where do they go from here? I'm excited to find out.

Curb Your Enthusiasm
A small let down from last week's fantastic Denise Handicap, but I still laughed throughout. Biggest downfall...Richard Lewis. This guy hasn't done anything funny since Prince John in Robin Hood: Men In Tights (You changed your name to Latrine? It's a good change, it's a good change!). The Jerry/Larry dynamic was fantastic, especially because it's nice to finally have someone that thinks similarly to LD. The two of them just agreeing about the stupid little stuff that Larry is usually on his own about was fantastic. When they both wouldn't move in to let Richard sit down in the booth at lunch, it was great. Of course they both want the luxury suite of sitting in the booth by himself, but each tries to come up with a dumb reason that it is beneficial that Richard sits with the other.

Ok. I know it has to be absurd, but no one in their right mind would ever think about dressing like that at work. With a gigantic pouch or not, you don't have a bare midriff in the workplace.


  1. its such a good combo, they should do a movie or something

  2. I'm assuming you're speaking of Larry and Jerry. In which case yes.