Friday, October 2, 2009

Wednesday Wisdom- Gary Unmarried Plays Wii

--When Emma tries to ensure Mr. Shoe that Glee has a chance she states, "You remember the Jamaican bobsled team? Biiiiig long shots." Is this a joke? They lost! Have you seen Cool Runnings, Glee writers? Bootleg.
--Needle Nose Ned's last name in this show is once again Ryerson? That's sweet. Ned the Head trying to steal the lead of the school play was awesome.
--Former American Idol Allison Iraheta could learn a thing or two from Chenowith's version of 'Alone.' It's a really good song and she did a fantastic job with it.
--Phil Rivers (Finn) stringing Rachel along to get her back to Glee Club was kinda funny.
--How have I already got a spot in me for the Glee kids? Rachel's come back and the final act got to me. Great ending.

Gary Unmarried
As ESPN's Erik Kuselias would say, these are the types of people I can hang out with. In the cold open Gary alludes to the time he wanted to bring a turkey leg on It's a Small World and then Mitch goes crazy when Howard buys the kids a Wii with Wii Sports Resort. Nothing like grown men acting like children.

Modern Family
--A much better format than the typical sitcom. Even though it's documentary style, it has a ridiculously different feel than The Office and I really like it.
--Ed O'Neil and the little fat kid's relationship continued to shine in this week's ep. Cool Dad didn't disappoint for the second straight week and the fat gay guy came through for me this time. He put the show over the top as good for me. His paisley shirt wearing, dancing and pretending to be straight was fantastic.

Hank is so prosaic. The laugh track is ridiculous. It is such a standard sitcom it's not even funny. Kelsey Grammer is trying very hard, but it didn't work for me in this first episode. The kid's aren't funny, and Kelsey seemed much more over the top than in his last endeavor, Back to You.

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