Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tuesday Tidings- Melrose Place Mystery

Let's begin with the most important scene of this week's ep...Naomi's meeting with the guidance counselor. Umm, how come that wasn't Kellly telling Naomi what to do with her future? You have a perfectly capable guidance counselor that will bring in the viewers in Kelly Taylor, and instead you use some nobody. Interesting move. Are they getting rid of Kelly on the show? Because that would be a mistake. At least Jackie Taylor was back in full force this episode. But during Naomi's meeting with the no-name counselor there was a fantastic moment. When Naomi told her what she wanted to do after high school, she stated that she was going to go to the fictitious California University because she was a legacy. It doesn't get much better than that. The same made-up college that old gang all went to is getting some love in the new 90210. My only wish would be that this whole crew ends up going to the CU Condors' rival school, Southern California University instead. That would be a nice switch up.

Melrose Place
Another lackluster ratings night for Melrose (1.6 million), but it continues to keep my attention because of a couple of interesting characters and I nice murder mystery storyline. Ella continues to impress me with her charming personality towards her friends, as well as how scared she is and the lack of confidence she shows about where she was during the time of Sydney's death. Speaking of Syd's death...the murder mystery plot is a good way to keep the audience's attention until viewers get a relationship with the characters. My question is, what will happen after they figure this whole thing out? I hope it is not like what happened after the first season of Desperate Housewives. After season one of Housewives, it immediately went down hill because the mysterious aspect of it was completely gone. I feel like the lives of these characters may be able to hold up without the murder story, but it may not. Oh and it will probably be canceled by then anyway.

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