Monday, April 28, 2008

4/28 Rankings

1. Lost
2. Heroes
3. 30 Rock
4. The Office
5. 24
6. Friday Night Lights
7. Chuck
8. Curb Your Enthusiasm
9. American Idol
10. My Name Is Earl
11. Greek
12. Family Guy
13. Big Brother
14. Grey's Anatomy
15. House
16. Entourage
17. Rules of Engagement
18. Brothers and Sisters
19. Back to You
20. Cane

1. Tracy Jordan- 30 Rock
2. James 'Sawyer' Ford- Lost
3. Dwight Schrute- The Office
4. Cappie- Greek
5. Tim Riggins- Friday Night Lights
6. Michael Scott- The Office
7. Jack Donaghy- 30 Rock
8. Johnny 'Drama' Chase- Entourage
9. Mark Sloan- Grey's Anatomy
10. Larry David- Curb Your Enthusiasm
11. Greg House- House
12. Noah Bennett- Heroes
13. Jeff Bingham- Rules of Engagement
14. Hiro Nakamura- Heroes
15. Jack Bauer- 24
16. Chuck Bartkowski- Chuck
17. Ari Gold- Entourage
18. Randy Hickey- My Name Is Earl
19. Alex Karev- Grey's Anatomy
20. Chuck Darling- Back to You

Friday, April 25, 2008

Final Four

Final Four rides...

2. Splash Mountain- Magic Kingdom

1. Tower of Terror- Hollywood Studios

1. Spider Man- Islands of Adventure

6. DarKastle- Busch Gardens Europe

In the first matchup we have Splash Mt. and Tower of Terror. These are the two most extravagantly themed rides in existence. TOT gets the advantage for having a slight better ride experience.
On the other side we have Spider Man and DarKastle. After riding DarKastle for the first time, my friends and I had an argument on which was better out of these two, because they are almost identical. I think the theming to DarKastle blew Spider Man out of the water so it heads to the final.

TOT takes the championship home. Bracket is here...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Six Flags Region

The final region of the theme park attraction tourny...

1. Adventures of Spider Man- Islands of Adventure
16. Enchanted Tiki Room- Magic Kingdom
8. Men In Black Alien Attack- Universal Studios
9. Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin- Magic Kingdom
5. Jurassic River Adventure- Islands of Adventure
12. E.T.- Universal Studios
4. Popeye & Bluto's- Islands Of Adventure
13. Carousel of Progress- Hollywood Studios
3. Mickey's PhilharMagic- Magic Kingdom
14. Disaster!- Universal Studios
6. California Sreamin'- California Adventure
11. Poseidon's Adventure- Islands of Adventure
7. Space Mountain- Magic Kingdom
10. Cat in the Hat- Islands of Adventure
2. Alpengeist- Busch Gardens Europe
15. Jungle Cruise- Magic Kingdom

The six flags region had the best first round matchup with Buzz Lightyear and Men In Black facing off. They are the only two of this type of ride that I know of but Buzz Lightyear gets the edge and ends up losing to perennial favorite Spider Man. It was pretty sad that Jurassic River made it to the semi final but it had two extremely challenges in ET and Carousel of Progress. Space Mountain had a nice upset over Alpengeist, but I do not see how Alpengeist got such a high rating from TPI when they had Griffon much lower.

Full bracket is here...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Busch Region

Here we have the Busch Region...

1. Incredible Hulk- Islands of Adventure
16. Great Movie Ride- Hollywood Studios
8. Soarin'- Epcot
9. MuppetVision 3D- Hollywood Studios
5. Dudley Do Right's Ripsaw Falls- Islands of Adventure
12. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride- Disneyland
4. Rock 'n Roller Coaster- Hollywood Studios
13. Cheetah Chase- Busch Gardens Africa
3. Haunted Mansion- Magic Kingdom
14. Living w/ the Land- Epcot
6. Curse of DarKastle- Busch Gardens Europe
11. Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin- Disneyland
7. One Man's Dream- Hollywood Studios
10. Lochness Monster- Busch Gardens Europe
2. Expedition Everest- Animal Kingdom
15. It's Tough to be a Bug- Animal Kingdom

Plenty of upsets to go around in the Busch bracket. Living with the land, and its mickey shaped pumpkins got the better of the Haunted Mansion. Although the Lochness monster is getting old, it still brings more fun than walking around and looking at memorabilia, so One Man's Dream went down early. Obviously Incredible Hulk went down always over-rated speed coaster isn't even the best coaster at islands of adventure (which makes it the worst). 8 seeded Soarin' made a good run all the way to the regional final but ran into an unstoppable rebel force in Curse of DarKastle. I recently experienced this ride this past summer and fell in love with it. It is modeled after the Spider Man ride, but in a much scarier atmosphere.

Full bracket is here...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Universal Region

Today we'll look at the Universal Region.

1. Tower of Terror- Hollywood Studios
16. Rhino Rally- Busch Gardens Africa
8. Terminator 2: 3D- Universal Studios
9. Dinosaur- Animal Kingdom
5. Aladdin Stage Show- California Adventure
12. Phoenix- Busch Gardens Africa
4. Apollo's Chariot- Busch Gardens Europe
13. Big Bad Wolf- Busch Gardens Europe
3. Festival of the Lion King- Animal Kingdom
14. Corkscrew Hill- Busch Gardens Europe
6. Kumba- Busch Gardens Africa
11. Lights, Motors, Action- Hollywood Studios
7. Thunder Mountain- Magic Kingdom
10. Spaceship Earth- Epcot
2. Griffon- Busch Gardens Europe
15. Star Tours- Hollywood Studios

Surprisingly, there were hardly any upsets in this bracket. My favorite matchup was in the regional semi-final where the fantastic Lion King stage show inched by the 90 drop roller coaster, Griffon. The Tower of Terror breezed through the region where its toughest competition might have been in the second round against the fast motion moving Dinosaur ride.

Full bracket is here...

Monday, April 21, 2008

Theme Park Tourney- Disney Region

Inspired by the recent knowledge that had a 64 team tournament of amusement and theme park rides I decided to create my own. They had their readers voting on which ride should win in each round but for my I will decide which one I like better. I will use their rankings so there will be surprise in which attraction wins because I have many different opinion than these fools. In today's post I will go over the rides in the Disney Region and how things played out.

1. Indiana Jones Adventure- Disneyland
16. Tomorrowland Transit Authority- Magic Kingdom
8. Test Track- Epcot
9. Mission: Space- Epcot
5. Matterhorn Bobsleds- Disneyland
12. Jaws- Universal Studios
4. Deuling Dragons- Islands of Adventure
13. Beauty and the Beast- Hollywood Studios
3. Kilamanjaro Safari- Animal Kingdom
14. Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor- Magic Kingdom
6. Montu- Busch Gardens Africa
11. Alice in Wonderland- Disneyland
7. Pirates of the Caribbean- Disneyland/Magic Kingdom
10. KaTonga- Busch Gardens Africa
2. Splash Mountain- Magic Kingdom/Disneyland
15. Tom Sawyer's Island- Magic Kingdom/Disneyland

Only one upset in the first round as the new Monsters Inc. interactive comedy show upset Kilamanjaro that can tend to get boring if the animals aren't out and about. All of the top seeds held serve the rest of the way until Splash Mountain, which is still the most amazing at getting something great out of not much, got the better of the top seeded Indiana Jones Adventure.

The full bracket is here....

Friday, April 18, 2008

Top Ten Owen Wilson

Top Ten Owen Wilson Movie Characters

10. Kevin Rawley- Meet the Parents/Meet the Fockers (above)

9. Alex Scott- I Spy

8. Robin's Date- Cable Guy

7. Francis Whitman- The Darjeeling Limited

6. Ken Hutchinson- Starsky and Hutch (below)

5. John Beckwith- Wedding Crashers

4. Hansel- Zoolander

3. Randy Dupree- You, Me and Dupree

2. Dignan- Bottle Rocket

1. Roy O'Bannon- Shanghai Noon/Shanghai Knights (below)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Top Ten Will Ferrell

Top Ten Will Ferrell Movie Characters

10. Big Earl- Starsky and Hutch

9. Jacobe Mugatu- Zoolander (below)

8. Steve Butabi- A Night at the Roxbury

7. Phil Weston- Kicking and Screaming

6. Chazz Reinhold- Wedding Crashers

5. Ron Burgandy- Anchorman

4. Chazz Michael Michaels- Blades of Glory (below)

3. Jackie Moon- Semi-Pro

2. Ricky Bobby- Talladega Nights

1. Buddy the Elf- Elf (below)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

4/15 Power Rankings

These latest power rankings are without perennial high ranking Las Vegas which finished its final season this winter. Danny McCoy, Mike Cannon and Ed Deline might very well go down in history as some of my favorite television characters of all time.

1. Lost
2. Heroes
3. The Office
4. 30 Rock
5. 24
6. Friday Night Lights
7. Chuck
8. Curb Your Enthusiasm
9. American Idol
10. Grey's Anatomy
11. My Name Is Earl
12. Family Guy
13. House
14. Big Brother
15. Greek
16. Entourage
17. Rules of Engagement
18. Cane
19. Dirty, Sexy, Money
20. Back To You