Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sunday Speculations- Entourage Goes Terminator

Curb Your Enthusiasm
When I watched the 3-4 minute preview of the Seinfeld cast discussing their experiences on this season's Curb I got really excited. They talked about how well it turned out, but what else was I really expecting? That they were going to say that the end product didn't turn out that well? Not likely. But still, it got me real excited. How did the first Seinfeld-esque Curb episode go? I loved it. It's similar to how just mentioning Brandon and Dylan in the new 90210 makes it that much better. At the beginning of this week's ep Larry just starts mentioning Jerry and story ideas for George and I got giddy.

Once Jerry, Jason, Julia and Michael it just got better and better. A couple of interactions between LD and the cast got me going. The first was when Jerry told Larry that he had shifted his view on Reunion Episodes and their conversation turned to "Shift, no shift, shift, no shift." Classic. When Larry had lunch with Jason, I thoroughly enjoyed when he kept making fun of George, because we all know that George was always supposed to be Larry.

My highlight of the ep was when Larry had to think about the two consequences for his decision to either save the NBC presidents' life or not. His first dream sequence is having a great time on the set of Seinfeld as he begins to win back his ex-wife. Then we get to the moment that should have made everyone laugh hysterically. His second dream sequence was him walking up to the casket at the NBC presidents' funeral, putting his hands up in the air and smiling. Unbelievable!

This week I felt thoroughly satisfied with the Entourage season finale. The two characters I care about, Johnny Drama and Ari, had story lines that were both humorous and heartfelt. Ari foreshadowed his big moment by saying that he was going to go Terminator on Terrence's building after he bought the agency. Sure enough, after buying out Terrence, Ari walked through the halls with a paint ball gun, shooting everyone and telling them they were fired. Now Drama, on the other hand, was basically giving up on his acting career and the self-loathing was fantastic. After giving it one last ditch effort in his audition for the new Melrose Place, he had peace with himself. Then he was given new life, when the studios decided they wanted to create a whole new show for him. I felt really good for him in that moment. And we won't talk about the terribleness that was E's engagement and Turtle's breakup.

Mad Men
Note to Matthew Weiner: Nobody cares about Pete Campbell's life. I hate to say it, but I think I'd rather see a Peggy Olsen storyline than spend another terrible week in the life of Mr. Campbell. With no Roger in this week's ep, the women of Mad Men had to carry the load. Betty and Sally Draper were terrific. Why does Betsy know Italian? I don't know but I liked it. Her little charade with Don outside the hotel was fantastic. Sally shows both sides of her in this episode. She lays down the pain on her brother Bobby, before showing the sweet, shy side when Don comes home.

The Cleveland Show
I like Family Guy as much as the next guy. American Dad can do it for me at times at well, but why would you spin-off of Family Guy with a terrible character? To be fair, there aren't many good minor characters on Fam Guy. Peter, Stewie, Brian and Chris are all good, but Quagmire, Cleveland; these guys aren't the ones you should base a whole show around. As far as the other characters on Cleveland's new show go, the only one I'm finding myself laughing at thus far is the Big Brown Bear. His accent is quality comedy for me.

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