Monday, August 31, 2009

Cable Fall Preview

Although many of these cable shows have already started, I believe they need their just due here.


I thought I'd mention the two HBO programs that are finishing up their current seasons. Entourage has four episodes left and it has been as lackluster of a summer as ever for the entertainment dramedy. Lowlighted by Tom Brady's awful performance, season six has been less than stellar. Stop following E's love life. Nobody likes him. It's torture.

True Blood
True Blood, on the other hand, has taken as giant leap in the right direction in its sophomore season. What started out as a weak-charactered vampire show, has turned into a fantastic-storylined supernatural thriller. The 10th episode of this second season was one of my favorite eps of any show in a long time. After this past Sunday's penultimate ep, there is only one left this summer.

Curb Your Enthusiasm
Curb Your Enthusiasm finally returns on September 20. After what was one of the two best seasons in the show's history, Larry David had a lot to live up to this fall. He found a way to get me even more excited. Prettttty, pretttttty, pretttttty excited. A Seinfeld Reunion. All four of the main actors from Seinfeld, yes Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss and even Michael Richards, will be major contributors on this season of Curb. Not only that, but the premise of the season will be Larry and the gang putting a Seinfeld Reunion in the works.

After the DVD release of Hannah Montana The Movie this month and the television premier of Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie this past Friday, the Disney Channel's big three are picking up major steam. Joined by Sonny with a Chance, these three shows have gotten me hooked on the Disney Channel as I used to be with Even Stevens back in the day. They don't come without major success either, as the Wizards Movie recorded the highest viewership of the summer, with 11.4 million viewers. I'm assuming most of them are not 23 year old dudes.

I have yet to watch the season 3 premier of Greek that aired tonight (Monday) but I'm definitely excited for it to be back. Whether it's hating on Rusty's awkwardness, loving Cappie's wit, or crushing on Casey for some inexplicable reason, Greek always brings plenty of entertainment.

Mad Men
Mad Men is three eps in now, and it started up where it left off. Interesting, but not entertaining. I find myself a bit intrigued by the stories and historical elements of the show, but they don't manage to portray them in a way that gets me excited for the next episode. I'd much rather watch a show that can entertain without being smart (the late Las Vegas) than a smart show that fails to entertain (Mad Men).

Sunday, August 30, 2009

CW Fall Preview

What we're excited for from The CW this fall.

View the entire fall lineup with recommendations here.

Gossip Girl
Hardly any of the characters are sweet and the story lines could be a lot tighter, but there is always enough drama on Gossip Girl to make it a good prime time soap. After a second season finale in which the voice of Kristen Bell got all of the main characters together and told them they were all Gossip Girl, we will now gear up for a third season where they all (or most) head off to college. Post-high school dramas can sometimes be made or broken after graduation, but since GG never spent much time in the classroom, I don't see many changes happening this season.

One Tree Hill
Finally! The loss of Chad Michael Murray and Hillarie Burton from the One Tree Hill cast has been a long time coming. Lucas could be dealt with, but Peyton was always one my least favorite characters on television. If this means more Nathan, Haley, Julian and Brooke, I will be very happy. Apparently, with Luke and Peyton leaving, they will do another time jump. Not of the five year variety, like last time, but I have heard a year or two. I liked the time jump last time, so I'm looking forward to seeing all of the changes that happened this time.

After struggling through the first half of its inaugural season, the new 90210 started to turn itself around and came into its own down the stretch. As I've mentioned before, the link to the original Beverly Hills, 90210 brings the new version up a few notches, and without that link, I wouldn't have been watching it through the first 6 to 8 episodes. When we last left the Southern Cal crowd, Annie had hit someone with her car and there was a bit of a love triangle between Dixon, Silver and Ethan. The bad news is that Dustin Milligan's Ethan will no longer be on the show. The good news ist that Kelly Taylor will definitely back in the swing of things.

Melrose Place
The new 90210 did so well, wait did it? Anyway, The CW decided to bring back another 90s primetime soap classic, Melrose Place. Because I didn't watch any of the original, I'm not as excited for the start of this redux, but I'm still looking forward to it. The promo video spotlights a ton of drama. The problem to me is that none of the girls are that appealing. I hope the dudes step to the plate. I may be making this up, but I believe Michael from the original Melrose will be back in primetime. And that reminds me of an unbelievable Jerry Seinfeld quote. As the Melrose Place opening music plays and he just finished going through a lie detector sequence in which he tried to deny that he watched the show, he exclaims "Oh that Michael, he's so smug."

Friday, August 28, 2009

Big Brother- Week 8

At the beginning of the week, after Jeff won Head of Household for the week, he and everyone else were making a big deal about who was going to be nominated for eviction this week. How many houseguests, year after year, are not going to understand how this game works? Once you get down to six players, it doesn't matter who you nominate for eviction. It all depends on the Power of Veto.

This week's example: If Jeff nominates Kevin and Natalie, Russell or Michelle have to win PoV or one of the other four will take someone off the block and put Russell up and send him home. If Jeff nominates Russell and Michelle, those two still have to win PoV or Jeff will leave the nominations the same after the PoV competition. Whoever wins the HoH is safe, but other than that, it doesn't mean much. It's all in the Power of Veto!

Larry looks to take this fantasy league home unless Kevin wins the whole thing for me.

Fantasy results

1st. Working Title: Plate Boys (Lar)
Jeff- W8 (29), HoH (12), PoV (15)= 56
Michelle- W8 (29)= 29
Week 8= 85
Total= 266

2nd. The Babysharks (The Kid)
Russell- Nom (-5), Votes (-9)= -14
Kevin- W8 (29), Nom (-5)= 24
Week 8= 10
Total= 196

3rd. Working Title: Pizza Eaters (Mags)
Jordan- W8 (29)= 29
Natalie- Nom (-5), W8 (29)= 24
Week 8= 53
Total= 166

4th. Gaydon's Misery (Jaydon)
Chima- Nom (-5)
Week 6 and 7= -5
Total= -34

Thursday, August 27, 2009

CBS Fall Preview

What we're excited for from CBS this fall.

Full fall lineup with recommendations can be found here.

The Mentalist
As the only procedural show that I have been able to watch an entire season of, The Mentalist does it for me for one major reason. Patrick Jane. This guy is an unbelievable character. As a consultant to the California Bureau of Investigation, Jane uses his mentalist abilities to solve crimes. It is not his abilities, but his cocky attitude and charm that pop off the screen each week. The cast of characters around him put the show over the top for me. Kirsten's sister from The O.C. and the Asian guy from the AT&T commercials are two of the best supporting characters out there.

Although still not nearly as good as Big Brother, which this summer's latest installment of the houseguest reality show has proved, Survivor is the next best thing. CBS is really promoting the coming season hard, exclaiming that this fall's version of the survival competition will introduce the biggest Survivor villain ever. Although I'm not quite sure what a reality show villain is, it gets me excited. Is a villain someone that the cast hates, or someone the audience hates? Is it someone that is really mean, but the audience loves? Is it someone that is really obnoxious that the audience can't stand, but because they are so ridiculous you kind of like them? Whichever it is, it sounds good to me.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

FOX Fall Preview

What we're excited for from FOX this fall.

Check out FOX's entire lineup with my recommendations here.

Season six begins this fall and Gregory House is not at Princeton Plainsboro. Instead he will start the season at a mental institution. I like anything that takes the plot away from the standard no storyline episode that House brings half of the time. Rumor has it that Chase and Cameron will be back on the team come next year and that only means good things. Since Chase left, I have actually started to like him. I'm sure that will change once he comes back.

The MacFarlane Trio
Family Guy is now in its eighth season, American Dad will begin its fifth, and The Cleveland Show comes to FOX for the first time. Family Guy will continue to take every third week off and throw out a dud of an episode, but there are plenty of unbelievable eps, see Bird Is The Word, to get me excited. American Dad is like Family Guy's little brother, but Roger the Alien is funny enough to keep my attention. I'm not a huge Cleveland fan, but if MacFarlane's at the helm, it shows some promise.

This new sitcom starring Michael Strahan is bound to be bad, but when has being a bad show, ever stopped a show from being entertaining (see Full House, Las Vegas, One Tree Hill). Unlike those shows, Brothers may end up being bad in a bad way. But with ex-Giant Michael Strahan and Chubbs Peterson as main characters, I'll tune in for the first few episodes or so.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Not Our First Rodéo (Part 6)

So Part 6 is when I began to run into problems with the ridiculous WMG. They find it necessary to delete the audio any time you use one of their songs on YouTube. Hmmm, wouldn't it make sense to do what Sony does, and use this as free advertising? Sony not only let's you use their song, but makes a pop up ad show on screen telling you what the song is, who sings it and where you can buy it. The WMG just blocks you from having any fun what-so-ever. Needless to say, I had a lot of trouble getting a song to work with this particular part of the movie. The result is a less effective song choice with the particular segment. Luckily the first beginning of this is so classic that it doesn't matter.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

ABC Fall Preview

What we're excited for from ABC this fall.

Check out the entire ABC lineup with my recommendations here.

Brothers & Sisters
The only returning show on ABC this fall that I'm not upset about watching. Sure nothing ever exciting happens, and I don't like many of the characters, but Brothers & Sisters is always worth a watch. As long as Emily VanCamp continues to return as Rebecca Harper, I will continue to watch. And those of you wondering, my enfatuation with her has nothing to do with the beginning of her last name.

Flash Forward
Although I'm excited for the all new Flash Forward coming this September, I'm half expecting it to completely miss. Don't get me wrong, I love the promos for it, but I think they might outdo the show itself. The premise is great, but I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out to be an ordinary show ontop of a great premise.

Modern Family
When it comes to sitcoms, I don't care much for the premise. I deal in actors and writers. The writers' most recent job was the 2007 failed Back to You. The good news is that I enjoyed Back to You. When you add Ed O'Neil and Ty Burell (who starred in Back to You) I think it should be a quality comedy.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

NBC Fall Preview

What we're excited for from NBC this fall.

Check out the entire NBC lineup and my recommendations here.

The Office
The winner of three Poolies last spring, including The Seinfeld
Award for Best Comedy Series, The Office returns for a sixth season after a bit of a shocker in May. Pam is pregnant, we think, but is that really that important for this show? Maybe. Will she be in the office for much longer? Will she be at home, creating new situations? Who knows, but as long as Michael, Dwight and the gang are on point, it should be another fantastically hillarious season in Scranton, PA.

30 Rock
After receiving two Poolies a year ago, 30 Rock comes back for a fourth season. It seems that many people, not just critics and awards shows, are recognizing the genius that is 30 Rock. As is always the case at the TGS with Tracy Jordan set, I'm expecting some big cameos this fall. If there are none, we can always count on Tracy, Jack and Liz to get the job done in New York.

Easy, easy. I know what you're all saying. "This show is terrible!" Although I disagree to an extent, I have to admit that I still enjoy Heroes. It has gone extremely downhill since its fantastic first season, but there is always promise heading into a new volume of the superhero action series. The idea I'm most curious about is the Sylar/Nathan Petrelli combo character. Does one win out over the other? Knowing the show the way I do, they'll probably split into two people so that they don't have to get rid of either character.

This new comedy, starring The Soup's Joel McHale, is about a dude who goes to community college. He was a lawyer with a degree from Columbia (the country), but obviously that's not working out anymore. Also starring Chevy Chase, Community shows a lot of promise in NBC's fall lineup.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Big Brother- Week 6 and 7

Things got absolutely ridiculous after Jeff used the Magical Wizard Power last week. Chima, Lydia and Natalie went on a gigantic crying spree over the fact that Jessie was no longer in the house. The other member of their alliance, Kevin, had to sit through the entire thing. Luckily he got to bash them later, in the diary room. The other four way alliance, Jeff, Jordan, Russell and
Michelle were hanging in the backyard in amazement at the fact that the others were bawling. After the four of them decided they wanted Chima out of the house Jeff came with the great quote of, "I'd have a sick feeling in my stomach if one of them won a competition."

After Michelle put Chima and Natalie on the block, the Chima Pet literally went nuts. She kept cursing at the producers, covering the cameras with blankets and then threw her microphone into the hot tub. Not to mention she only answered questions in the diary room with a response of "f*ck you." I don't understand how you go through the effort of getting on this show, have a chance for 500,000 dollars, and throw it all away like that. There are so many people that want to get on this show and she just screws with it. Luckily the producers kicked her out of the game for her ridiculous behavior.

With Chima out of the house they had another HoH competition and Jordan ended up winning it, thanks to Jeff's sabotage. During the comp came one of my favorite interactions of the show so far.
Natalie loses, picks a box and gets a Hawaiian Vacation. Russell loses, gets a phone call from home and trades it with Natalie. After receiving it, Natalie begins to ball because she's so happy that she can get a call from home (even though she's only been gone for a month). What is wrong with the people on this show? I would never take a phone call from home. The only reason I would want it is if Big Tom could tell me what everyone is saying behind my back in the diary room. Anyway, during mid-cry Natalie exclaims "Thank you, Russell." Russell fires back, nonchalantly, "I didn't do it for you. I took the trip, so my parents could have it....Keep crying." Unbelievably awesome.

After the good side has the power again, Jordan puts up Natalie and Lydia, and it is now Lydia's turn to go crazy. In her defense she was a bit drunk, but she started going off on everyone and pleaded for them to get her out of the house. Jeff came back with yet another fantastic quote. "Get ain't goin nowhere." In the end though, she did head out the door.

With his final three player performance this week, Larry has caught up to me on the scoreboard and with me, Lar and Mags all with two players left, it should be a great fight to the finish.

Fantasy results

1st. The Babysharks (The Kid)
Russell- W6 (16), W7 (22)= 38
Kevin- W6 (16), W7 (22)= 38
Week 6 and 7= 76
Total= 186

2nd. Working Title: Plate Boys (Lar)
Jeff- W6 (16), W7 (22)= 38
Lydia- W6 (16), Nom (-5), Votes (-9)= 2
Michelle- HoH (12), W6 (16), W7 (22)= 50
Week 6 and 7= 90
Total= 181

3rd. Working Title: Pizza Eaters (Mags)
Jordan- W6 (16), HoH (12), PoV (15), W7 (22)= 65
Natalie- Nom (-5), W6 (16), Nom (-5), Votes (-3), W7 (22)= 25
Week 6 and 7= 90
Total= 113

4th. Gaydon's Misery (Jaydon)
Chima- Nom (-5)
Week 6 and 7= -5
Total= -34

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Step Footballers- Overall Preseason Rankings

I have now compiled the scores from each position (kickers and defense don't count) and put together my opinion on the best team's in my Step Footballers fantasy football league. With a score of one to five for each position, I combined them to come up with and overall score. With one caveat...each position gets a multiplier based on the importance of that position. Running backs got a x4, wide receivers have x3, quarter backs x2 and tight ends stay put at x1.

8th. Strictly 80s Giants

RB- 2.5, WR- 2.8, QB- 3.0, TE- 3.0
Score= 26.4

7th. Bengals and Hoes
RB- 3.0, WR- 1.6, QB- 4.5, TE- 1.0
Score= 26.8

6th. Your Viking High!
RB- 2.5, WR- 2.4, QB- 3.5, TE- 3.0
Score= 27.2

5th. Patriots Worldwide
RB- 3.5, WR- 2.0, QB- 3.0, TE- 4.0
Score= 30.0

4th. Skins and Gigs
RB- 3.75, WR- 2.6, QB- 2.5, TE- 3.0
Score= 30.8

3rd. 100% Rawhide Titans
RB- 3.75, WR- 2.8, QB- 2.5, TE- 5.0
Score= 33.4

2nd. Coltalina Wine Mixer
RB- 3.75, WR- 3.0, QB- 2.5, TE- 5.0
Score= 34.0

1st. Enterprise RaiderCars
RB- 3.5, WR- 3.2, QB- 3.0, TE- 5.0
Score= 34.6

Not Our First Rodéo (Part 4)

To the left we have Pops and Ttime (wearing his kimono) getting some snacks during intermission. Why does Ttime have a kimono? Oh because he went to Japan when he was in high school because he is a big nerd. Watch part four of Not Our First Rodéo and enjoy.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Step Footballers- TE Rankings

Because I waited on a tight end last year, I was caught cycling between Anthony Fasano and Tony Scheffler at one point in the season. That is not a spot you want to be in. When I went up a against a top tight end, I was crying in my soup. As unimportant as they may seem, having confidence in your TE to produce every week can do wonders for your squad. Since not everyone in the league ended up with a backup, I'll be basing this on one tight end.

8th. Bengals and Hoes
Waiting all the way until round nine, after he selected his kicker, Pack went with Green Bay's Donald Lee. He also picked up Jeremy Shockey in the last round.
Donald Lee- 1
Jeremy Shockey- 1
Score= 1

7th. Strictly 80s Giants
Missing out on the first string of tight ends, Big Tom went with Kellen Winslow instead of Owen Daniels or Chris Cooley. Might not have been a good choice. He also picked up Kevin Boss in the last round.
Kellen Winslow- 2
Kevin Boss- 1
Score= 2

6th. Your Viking High!
Jon the bon snagged Chris Cooley relatively late and didn't go with a backup. Cooley didn't get many touchdowns a year ago, but with a lot of catches and yards he could be do for a bounce back year.
Chris Cooley- 3
Score= 3

5th. Skins and Gigs
The Bonz also waited on tight end and ended up with a guy a lot of people are touting highly this season. Owen Daniels was also lacking in tds a year ago, but gets enough targets in Houston to get the job done.
Owen Daniels- 3
Score= 3

4th. Patriots Worldwide
Brady got the last guy, in what most are calling the big four. He took Dallas Clark right after I snagged Gonzo. Peyton loves to look for Dallas in the redzone so Braids should be all set this year.
Dallas Clark- 4
Score= 4

3rd. Enterprise RaiderCars
The first to take a tight end off the board, I feel JJ went with the wrong one. Witten will have to be more of a focal point by the defenses this year (with TO gone). He can't get thrown to much more often than he was a year ago.
Jason Witten- 5
Score= 5

2nd. Coltalina Wine Mixer
Ever since the second season, when I had Kellen Winslow as a stud for me, I've wanted to get a top tier tight end again. I was very pleased when Tony Gonzalez fell to me in the fourth round. With my luck this will be the year that starts to deteriorate.
Tony Gonzalez- 5
Score= 5

1st. 100% Rawhide Titans
Ttime was the only one to keep a tight end. He's had Antonio Gates throughout his franchise. Ttime and Gates are like a package deal. With how much Philip Rivers looks for him, I don't see Gates dropping any from the past couple years, and he's the guy you can count on most in San Diego. Oh yeah, and Ttime also stole Greg Olsen from everybody who didn't pick him earlier than the 10th round.
Antonio Gates- 5
Greg Olsen- 2
Score= 5

Monday, August 17, 2009

Not Our First Rodéo (Part 3)

Here we have part three of 'Not Our First Rodéo.' What kind of premier would it have been without someone in a three piece, light blue suit from Salvation Army? A pretty lame one. Add to that Jayj with completely slicked back hair and a white tie, that sure is something. I don't know what it is, but it's something. Thanks to The Bonz and JJ for keeping it classy. Watch part three and enjoy.

Step Footballers- QB Rankings

I normally would say go to Solomons Lines for actual fantasy football advice, but recently young Solomon has been making ridiculous statements, like any trade involving Drew Brees should be vetoed. Maybe this is the better place to be. Everyone has two quarterbacks so that is what I used to rank the squads. As you would expect, Brees, Brady and Peyton were the three quarterbacks that were kept prior to the draft.

8th. Skins and Gigs
Of the five of us without a quarterback, The Bonz snagged one second and he went with old man Warner. I'm glad I threw out there that I really liked Warner a couple days before the draft. Otherwise he might have waited longer. The Bonz waited until most others had their backups before he took a second quarterback. Ex-Patior Matt Cassel was his selection. I'm not a Cassel fan. I do see Warner performing a bit worse than last year, but I also don't expect him to play the whole yaer again.
Kurt Warner- 4
Matt Cassel- 1
Score= 2.5

7th. 100% Rawhide Titans
Ttime went into the draft wanting Aaron Rodgers. For some reason when it came time to pick his quarterback, he went with Tony Romo instead. I don't like Romo as much as I did when he led my team to the most points last year. Since Rodgers went off the board a couple of picks later, Ttime waited 'til the end of the draft and took Big Ben Roethlisberger as his backup. I see that as a waste of a pick (not that I can say anything because I did the same).
Tony Romo- 4
Ben Roethlisberger- 1
Score= 2.5

6th. Coltalina Wine Mixer
Now this is straight homerism. If I had Romo or Warner, I'd probably still put me sixth. I got McNabb after everyone had a quarterback and Pack and JJ had two. If he stays healthy, I can see Donovan back to the top of the heap at QB. I threw away a pick by taking Eli Manning as my back up near the end of the draft. Players should get paid by how good they are at fantasy. Eli would not be paid more than a million a year.
Donovan McNabb- 4
Eli Manning- 1
Score= 2.5

5th. Enterprise RaiderCars
JJ went with two guys that I see as second tier quarterbacks. He picked both of them ahead of where I took McNabb. I don't like either Jay Cutler or Matt Schaub more than McNabb. Sure Jay Cutler has been fantastic in Denver, but I don't see him throwing it around as much with Matt Forte in the backfield. I also don't like his targets as much as the unbelievable Eddie Royal and the decent Brandon Marshall. In his first preseason game he looked rough, but it might take a bit to warm up. Schaub has been inconsistent at best, but if you think the Texans are going to win 12 games this year (like JJ does) then this might be a great pick. I don't.
Jay Cutler- 3
Matt Schaub- 3
Score= 3

4th. Strictly 80s Giants
Big Tom was the first non-QB keeper to select a thrower in the draft. He went with Philip Rivers at the beginning of the third round. I don't like Rivers' schedule, but love his situation. Don't think the Chargers defense or running will be great again, which makes way for a lot of throwing in San Diego. As his back up Big Tom went with the great upside of Carson Palmer. If he gets back to where he was when I owned him in our first season, he'll be in good shape.
Philip Rivers- 4
Carson Palmer- 2
Score= 3

3rd. Patriots Worldwide
The first mention of one of our keepers. Brady kept Brady. Confident in Loser Brady's abilities, Cool Brady waited a long time to pick his second QB, which ended up being Matt Hasselbeck. For insurance purposes, Braids took another quarterback in the last round. Too bad it was Kyle Orton, because he looked God awful in his first preseason game. I will admit that Loser Brady showed promise in the preseason game against the Eagles. Maybe he won't be as terrible at quarterback this year as he was an actor on Entourage last week.
Tom Brady- 5
Matt Hasselbeck- 1
Kyle Orton- 0
Score= 3

2nd. Your Viking High!
The top quarterback heading into the draft, Drew Brees, is the only thing keeping Jon the bon's team together. So why is he offering him to me in trades left and right? I like the Saints to not only have another high powered offensive season, but to win their division behind Brees's arm. After the first run on quarterback went during the draft, Jon the bon missed the boat on his boy McNabb. He settled on Matt Ryan, which he wasn't happy about. I wouldn't be either, he's getting a bit two hyped.
Drew Brees- 5
Matt Ryan- 2
Score= 3.5

1st. Bengals and Hoes
What Pack lacks in running back and wide receiver quality, he makes up for in quarterbacks. He held onto Peyton Manning for the fourth straight year, and he should have a big bounce back year. Last year, with an early injury, Peyton still ended up as a top eight QB. To put the icing on the cake, Pack stole Aaron Rodgers from those of us who hadn't even picked a quarterback yet. I don't like Rodgers' schedule this year, but he should throw the ball a ton with their poor defense and Ryan Grant as their running game.
Peyton Manning- 5
Aaron Rodgers- 4
Score= 4.5

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Not Our First Rodéo (Part 2)

Now part two has more of a Home Alone 1 feel, but the question I have is what is with that mean airplane captain? Is his name Gil? As you see I went with the standard black suit for the premier. To spice it up I got the semi faux hawk thing going on. Watch part two below and enjoy.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Step Footballers- WR Rankings

Again if you want knowledgable fantasy football analysis, head over to Solomons Lines. If you want off-based, biased look at my fantasy football league, you're in the right spot. Next we'll take a look at what everyone ended up with for wide receivers. Heading into the draft with four keepers, teams in the league kept anywhere from zero to two wide receivers. Everyone has at least five receivers after the draft so anything after that was used as a tiebreaker.

8th. Bengals and Hoes
Pack decided to keep Reggie Bush, Ryan Grant and Thomas Jones, while throwing Reggie Wayne and Greg Jennings back into the draft pool. Interesting strategy. Wayne and Jennings were the first two off the board. After snagging Marion Barber with the eighth pick, he finally realized he needed some guys to catch the ball, and took four straight receivers. It might have been too little, too late as he was left with Chad Ochocinco, Santana Moss, Michael Crabtree and Donald Driver. Is Crabtree gonna play this year? Oh and then picked up Hakeem Nicks, while the Giants' top two receivers, Domenik Hixon and Steve Smith went undrafted.
Chad Ochocinco- 3
Santana Moss- 2
Michael Crabtree- 1
Donald Driver- 2
Hakeem Nicks- 0
Score= 1.6

7th. Patriots Worldwide
Brady also went with no wide receivers as keepers. Ronnie Brown over Dwayne Bowe is a stretch for me. Bowe of course went in round one. With no receivers, Braids took three in a row to start the draft. The injured toe of Terrell Owens was his first selection, followed by a nice value pick of Wes Welker in the second. I think the addition of Joey Galloway deters Welker from an increase in touchdowns this season. Superbowl MVP Santonio Holmes in round three finishes up Braids' starters. Three unknowns fill out the roster with the new Bengal Laverneus Coles, third Cardinal Steve Breaston and new Titan Nate Washington. I see some upside but no big guns here.
Terrell Owens- 3
Wes Welker- 3
Santonio Holmes- 2
Laverneus Coles- 1
Steve Breaston- 0
Nate Washington- 1
Score= 2.0

6th. You're Viking High!
Jon the bon was stuck with only three legit keepers. He was stuck with keeping Braylon Edwards as his fourth. Luckily Randy Moss was one of his other three. He got his first two receivers in the draft during rounds three and four when he went with Mr. Celebration, DeSean Jackson and the old man in Pittsburgh, Hines Ward. I like DeSean's upside but don't like Hines' age. As Jon the bon does, he started building for the future at the end of the draft, selecting Ted Ginn Jr. and Percy Harvin as his fifth and sixth receivers. I like neither of these picks, especially Percy.
Randy Moss- 5
Braylon Edwards- 2
DeSean Jackson- 2
Hines Ward- 2
Ted Ginn Jr.- 1
Percy Harvin- 0
Score= 2.4

5th. Skins and Gigs
After the three headed running back, The Bonz settled on Marques Colston as his fourth keeper. Between a history of injuries and how much Brees likes to move the ball around, I don't think of Colston as elite. Luckily, with the second pick in the draft, The Bonz snagged Greg Jennings as his second receiver. To fill out his starting spots, he then took Antonio Bryant at the end of the second round. He probably didn't see an injury in the near future. After going quarterback running back in the next two rounds, The Bonz came back with his final two receivers, a great value in Lee Evans and then a pick I don't like that much, Lance Moore. I don't see Moore doing anything close to what he accomplished a year ago.
Marques Colston- 3
Greg Jennings- 4
Antoino Bryant- 3
Lee Evans- 2
Lance Moore- 1
Score= 2.6

4th. Strictly 80s Giants
Big Tom kept two receivers. The greatest person in the world, Larry Fitzgerald, and some idiot, Roy Williams. Obviously Fitz is the consensus top receiver, but I don't like the Roy Williams call. Sure he is the supposed number one in Dallas, but when I owned him in Detroit he was a handful. I wouldn't be surprised if Patrick Crayton and Miles Austin do better than him. On the other hand, Big Tom scooped up another one of Pack's leftovers, selecting Reggie Wayne with the first pick in the draft. Reg has to have a bounce back year, in my completely biased opinion. He then waited until round six to take another receiver, picking Jerricho Cotchery. Without Coles, Cotchery could see an increase in production, or he could get doubled more often. Chris Chambers rounds out his receiving corps.
Larry Fitzgerald- 5
Roy Williams- 2
Reggie Wayne- 4
Jerricho Cotchery- 2
Chris Chambers- 1
Score= 2.8

3rd. 100% Rawhide Titans
Instead of keeping two receivers like his brothers, JJ and myself, Ttime went with one receiver and his beloved tight end. Steve Smith is a good base for your receiving corp, and when you take two in the first two rounds, you should be sitting pretty. I loved the Dwayne Bowe pick in the first round at draft time, but word from Kansas City is that he is in the dog house with new coach Todd Haley. Vincent Jackson is just an athletic beast and should improve over last season's performance. Ttime's depth is fantastic in my mind, as he stole Anthony Gonzalez, Devin Hester and Kevin Walter in rounds four, six and nine, respectively. Picking after Ttime in the even rounds, I was absolutely gonna take Anthony, but then settled on his brother with the same name.
Steve Smith- 4
Dwayne Bowe- 3
Vincent Jackson- 3
Anthony Gonzalez- 2
Devin Hester- 2
Kevin Walter- 2
Score= 2.8

2nd. Coltalina Wine Mixer
Before the draft I was given the difficult decision of dropping two of my four beloved receivers into the draft. Although I thought it tough at the time, I'm very pleased I held onto Anquan Boldin and Roddy White and let Terrell Owens and Brandon Marshall go. Both of those guys were headaches. Roddy got a nice contract and Anquan has decided to shut his mouth this season, so my base is set. After doing my research, I decided on TJ Houshmandzadeh with my fifth overall selection. He has produced year in and year out, even last season with Ryan Fitzpatrick at the helm. A new city, a new (and good quarterback), TJ is set for a big year. With Marshall's legal issues and hamstring problems, I'm envisioning Eddie Royal as the number one guy in Denver. I was extremely surprised when he fell to me in the fifth round. I then went with the number one guy in St. Louis, Donnie Avery. I also didn't see a major injury in his near future.
Anquan Boldin- 4
Roddy White- 4
TJ Houshmandzadeh- 4
Eddie Royal- 2
Donnie Avery- 1
Score= 3.0

1. Enterprise RaiderCars
JJ came into the draft with the self, and everyone, proclaimed best wide receiver corps. He also left with it. The Johnson brothers came into their own as a duo for the Raiders last year. Andre gets the yards and Calvin snags the touchdowns. It does wonders for a team. Both top five guys, the Johnsons will be tough to top again this year. In round one, after Wayne, Jennings, Owens, TJ and Bowe went off the board, JJ was left with the end of the tier, Brandon Marshall. Don't get me wrong, I loved having Brandon at the beginning of last year, but his off the field troubles and injury problems can't keep Jayj confident in him. JJ then went with number one Viking Bernard Berrian in round four, but who is throwing this dude the ball? Not Brett Favrah. At the end he snagged once a great as a member of my Colts, Torry Holt.
Andre Johnson- 5
Calvin Johnson- 4
Brandon Marshall- 4
Bernard Berrian- 2
Torry Holt- 1
Score= 3.2