Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tuesday Tidings- Surfing in 90210

This was my main thought halfway through this week's ep...Well they brought in a terrible and annoying character (the surfer girl), but at least they got rid of a different one (Dixon's girlfriend) in return. That was when it looked like Dixon had broken up with her and she'd be gone. Little did I know that they were just tricking me, because she told Dixon that she was knocked up by the end of the ep. Gotta be kidding me! Get rid of these horrid females!

California University, maroon and black. They're really doing it right. All we need now is a Condor shout out.

The second gripe I have today is with the surfing emphasis in the new 90210. On the original, Dylan surfed and it was cool. There were a few times when some minor characters would be around to join in on the surfing, but it wasn't completely overdone like they are doing with it now. We get it, you're in California, but just because you're surfing it doesn't mean that you use language from the 90s. Everything seems way over the top to me, especially the Coach saying gnarly all the time.

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