Sunday, August 31, 2008

CW Tuesdays

As exited as I am for the new 90210 to premier on Tuesday, I am also worried about how disappointed I am going to be when it doesn't even come close to comparing to the original. It's been eight years since Donna, David, Kelly and Steve finished up their ten year career in Beverly Hills. Kelly will return to the new 90210 as a guidance counselor at West Bev High and good old Brenda comes back from London to direct the school play. On another high note, Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis of Full House will be the Cindy Walsh of the 2nd 90210. I feel that the small amount of old 90210 left in this show will make it great to watch, but will be a lot closer to Gossip Girl than BH 90210.

Projected Best Character
Nat Bussichio (above)

Privileged is a show about girls living in Palm Beach, Florida. That scenery is all I needed to hear to start watching this show. On a side note Lauren Conrad (below) will be making a guest appearance on the show in its first season. The main girl was the girl from 'Welcome to the Captain.'

Thursday, August 28, 2008

CW Mondays

The CW is really the only network showing prime time teen soaps right now. A genre made loved by many with Beverly Hills, 90210 in the 90s and again with The O.C. in the mid 2000s is being held alive by One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl. This year, the new 90210 and Privileged will make it four currently on the air. Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill will begin this Monday at 8 and 9 respectively.

Gossip Girl enters its second season, after being one of the most buzzed about shows of last year. First off, it is no 90210 or OC but it is definitely worthy of a watch. The drama is great, although sometimes the material is a little bit too ridiculous for my taste. Blake Lively is really cute as Serena but most of the characters on the show I could take or leave, mostly leave. I do enjoy the bad boy/rich snob, Chuck Bass.

Best Character
Chuck Bass (above)

Worst Character
Jenny Humphrey

One Tree Hill enters its sixth season, but I'm sad to say I am only half way through season two on the dvd set. If this show continues to improve as most shows do, I would say that it has to be much better than Gossip Girl. In most shows, as you might have noticed from my post "Top 50 TV Characters," I don't usually like female characters. In One Tree Hill I thoroughly enjoyed Haley in season one, and love Brooke in season two. Now don't get me wrong the two main characters, Lucas and Nathan Scott are very decent guy characters. There's something about Lucas that makes him seem very real as a dude. He's somebody that I would hang out with if I lived in Tree Hill, NC. That's something I couldn't say about The OC's Seth and Ryan. Also a show that is essentially centered around basketball has to be a plus for a sports fan.

Best Character
Lucas Scott (above)

Worst Character
Peyton Sawyer

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

CW Fall Preview

With the start of the fall television season right around the corner it is time for me to start getting after it. Whether it's Heroes, The Office, Grey's, 30 Rock or House anybody reading this should be pumped for 2008 tv. I'm going to start previewing the CW because their shows start earlier than the other major networks.

Last year I didn't watch any shows on the CW and then I caught up on the first season of Gossip Girl over the summer. I'm gonna start three new shows this fall and see which ones will stick. Also I'm still catching up on One Tree Hill (middle of season 2, season 6 starts September 1).

Interest Level: (6= Will definitely watch this show sometime.....1= would never watch this show)

8:00 Gossip Girl- Season 2: Currently watching (Starts Sept. 1)
9:00 One Tree Hill- Season 6: On season 2 (Starts Sept. 1)

8:00 90210- New: Starting to watch (Starts Sept. 2)
9:00 Priveleged- New: Starting to watch (Starts Sept. 9)

8:00 America's Next Top Model- Season 11: Interest Level= 1 (Starts Sept. 3)
9:00 Stylista- New: Interest Level= 1 (Starts Oct. 22)

8:00 Smallville- Season 8: Interest Level= 5 (Starts Sept. 18)
9:00 Supernatural- Season 4: Interest Level= 3 (Starts Sept. 18)

8:00 Everybody Hates Chris- Season 4: Interest Level= 4 (Starts Oct. 3)
8:30 The Game- Season 3: Interest Level= 3 (Starts Oct. 3)

7:00 In Harm's Way- New: Interest Level= 3 (Starts Sept. 21)
8:00 Valentine- New: Starting to watch (Starts Sept. 21)
9:00 Easy Money- New: Interest Level= 2 (Starts Sept. 21)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dan Soups Up Big Brother

I don't know why most people watch Big Brother, but I watch it to see people screw each other over. That being said, I haven't seen much of that this season. There has been way too much of everyone going along with what the head of household wants. I can only remember one legitimate time when the house voted against what the hoh wanted and that was when april was hoh. But that was still pretty standard for last season Big Brother.

But tonight's episode and the build up of the past couple of episodes was truly amazing. Dan, who has been my favorite since Brian left in week one, was in the final two of the hoh competition with Ollie. As usual, they began talking about making a deal, so Dan decided to make a deal that was totally ridiculous. He said if Ollie let him win, he would let Ollie be safe, save another person, pick one of the nominees and then pick who gets put up after the Power of Veto is used. This is the worst deal ever made, and Dan knew that (again wanting to make himself look like a bad player).

So Dan did the first parts of the deal, keeping Ollie and Michelle safe and then putting up Memphis, his alliance member. After Memphis won the POV and took himself off the block, Dan screwed his deal with Ollie by putting Michelle on the block to take Memphis's place. He caused a lot of fireworks in the was the best episode of Big Brother I've seen in the past two seasons.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Top 10 Songs

10. Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard - Paul Simon
Last year: (8) My pick: (7)
From 1972 album Paul Simon
Heard in the movie Royal Tennenbaums during the scene when Royal and his grandchildren are causing a raucous.

9. Stir It Up - Bob Marley
Last year: (24) My pick: (15)
First composed by Marley in 1967 and first made popular by Johnny Nash in 1972. I first heard it on the Marley compilation album Legend.
Stir It Up can be heard in the recent movie I Am Legend.

8. Acadian Driftwood - The Band
Last year: (23) My pick: (8)
From the 1975 album Northern Lights/Southern Cross.
As with many of The Band's songs, there is a great historical theming to this track...the displacement of the Acadian people.

7. Over the Hills and Far Away - Led Zeppelin
Last year: (146) My pick: (22)
From the 1973 album Houses of the Holy.

6. This Time Tomorrow - Kinks
Last year: (N/A) My pick: (24)
From the 1970 album Lola Versus Powerman.
Recently featured in the movie Darjeeling Limited in a great slow motion train catching opening scene.

5. This Will Be Our Year - The Zombies
Last year: (2) My pick: (1)
On the great 1968 album Odessey and Oracle.
Pretty much only known from being on the Tiger Woods commercial on Father's Day a couple years ago...I can't find it anywhere though.

4. Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
Last year: (14) My pick: (17)
From the 1993 album Facing Future, but he did a slightly different (not as good) version on his first solo album Ka'ano'i.
I first heard it at the end of 50 First Dates and was amazed.
It is still very sad that this tremendous talent died well before his musical prime.

3. Lone Palm - Jimmy Buffett
Last year: (4) My pick: (5)
From the Big Tom classic album, Fruitcakes.

2. Ballad of Curtis Loew - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Last year: (10) My pick: (3)
First released on 1974 album Second Helping.

1. The Weight - The Band
Last year: (1) My pick: (2)
Back to back championships for the song some might know as 'take a load of fannie.' Comes from the 1968 album Music From Big Pink, which is up there with Fruitcakes, Odessey and Oracle, Silk Degrees and Moondance as my five favorite albums.
Has been all over the place in movies and tv: The Big Chill, Easy Rider, Girl Interrupted, Patch Adams, Starsky and Hutch, The Sopranos, My Name Is Earl and an SNL skit.

Top 500 Songs (50-11)

50. Can't You See - Marshall Tucker Band (above)
49. Many Rivers to Cross - Jimmy Cliff
48. In My Life - Beatles
47. Memphis - Bob Marley
46. Look Out Cleveland - The Band
45. Cleaning Windows - Van Morrison
44. Dead Flowers - Rolling Stones
43. Kingston Town - UB40
42. Lodi - Creedence Clearwater Revival
41. Georgia - Boz Scaggs
40. It Makes No Difference - The Band
39. Chanson Pour Les Petits Enfants - Jimmy Buffett
38. Simon Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear - Harry Nilsson
37. Banana Republics - Jimmy Buffett
36. Johnny Too Bad - The Slickers
35. Kodachrome - Paul Simon
34. Hey Jude - Wilson Pickett
33. Strawberry Flats - Little Feat
32. 30 Century Man - Scott Walker
31. He Went To Paris - Jimmy Buffett
30. Willin' - Little Feat
29. Samba Pa Ti - Santana
28. Lido Shuffle - Boz Scaggs
27. All Summer Long - Beach Boys
26. One Drop - Bob Marley
25. Strangers - Kinks
24. Full Force Gale - Van Morrison
23. Mourning Glory Story - Harry Nilsson
22. Hey Hey What Can I Do - Led Zeppelin
21. Midnight Rider - Allman Brothers Band
20. Tecumseh Valley - Townes Van Zandt
19. Pancho and Lefty - Townes Van Zandt
18. Take Me Home Country Roads - Toots and the Maytals
17. 2000 Man - Rolling Stones
16. Simple Man - Lynyrd Skynyrd
15. The Ballad of El Goodo - Big Star
14. Tuesday's Gone - Lynyrd Skynyrd
13. Girl From North Country - Bob Dylan (below)
12. Levon - Elton John
11. Bright Side of the Road - Van Morrison

Friday, August 22, 2008

Top 500 Songs (100-51)

100. Bring Me Your Cup - UB40 (above)
99. Brandy (You're a Fine Girl) - Looking Glass
98. Two Fine People - Cat Stevens
97. Rock 'n Roll Doctor - Little Feat
96. Caravan - Van Morrison
95. Waiting In Vain - Bob Marley
94. Don't Think Twice, It's Alright - Bob Dylan
93. Fortunate Son - Creedence Clearwater Revival
92. Overjoyed - Stevie Wonder
91. Thirteen - Big Star
90. Everybody's Talkin' - Harry Nilsson
89. She Smiled Sweetly - Rolling Stones
88. I Shall Be Released - The Band
87. Dixie Chicken - Little Feat
86. I Believe - Desmond Dekker
85. Ruby Tuesday - Rolling Stones
84. Six String Music - Jimmy Buffett
83. Lighthouse - James Taylor
82. Ophelia - The Band
81. Loretta - Townes Van Zandt
80. God Only Knows - Beach Boys
79. Peace Train - Cat Stevens
78. Stage Fright - The Band
77. Lady Madonna - Beatles
76. Maggie May - Rod Stewart
75. Redemption Song - Bob Marley
74. A Pirate Looks at 40 - Jimmy Buffett
73. Victoria - Kinks
72. Uncle John's Band - Jimmy Buffett
71. Pressure Drop - Toots and the Maytals
70. Shelter From the Storm - Bob Dylan
69. What Do You Want the Girl To Do - Boz Scaggs
68. Sweet Virginia - Rolling Stones
67. Waterloo Sunset - Kinks
66. Catch the Wind - Donovan
65. Sara Maria - James Taylor
64. Long As I Can See the Light - Creedence Clearwater Revival
63. The Way I Feel Inside - The Zombies
62. Ramblin' Man - Allman Brothers Band
61. Blue Sky - Allman Brothers Band
60. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down - The Band
59. Gimme Three Steps - Lynyrd Skynyrd
58. The Wind - Cat Stevens
57. Country Road - James Taylor
56. Oh Very Young - Cat Stevens
55. When You Awake - The Band
54. A Rose For Emily - The Zombies
53. They Don't Dance Like Carmen No More - Jimmy Buffett
52. Saga of Pepote Rouge - The Band
51. Lovely Cruise - Jimmy Buffett (below)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Top 500 Songs (150-101)

150. Father and Son - Cat Stevens
149. Wild Horses - Rolling Stones (above)
148. Little More Time With You - James Taylor
147. Don't Worry Baby - Beach Boys
146. The Hurt - Cat Stevens
145. Tangled Up In Blue - Bob Dylan
144. I Was a Fool to Care - James Taylor
143. Over the Rainbow - Harry Nilsson
142. Forever - John Stamos
141. Hotel California - Gipsy Kings
140. Caledonia Mission - The Band
139. Whiter Shade of Pale - Procul Harum
138. Alone Again Or - Love
137. Operator - Jim Croce
136. Truck Stop Girl - Little Feat
135. Better Together - Jack Johnson
134. Positively 4th Street - Bob Dylan
133. Wandering - James Taylor
132. Long Black Veil - The Band
131. Here Comes the Sun - Peter Tosh
130. Life On Mars - David Bowie
129. Street Fightin' Man - Rolling Stones
128. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue - Bob Dylan
127. Tuesday's Dead - Cat Stevens
126. Rebel, Rebel - David Bowie
125. Baba O'Reilly - The Who
124. Marina, Marina - Gipsy Kings
123. All I Can Do Is Write About It - Lynyrd Skynyrd
122. Corner Stone - Bob Marley
121. Your Song - Elton John
120. Frenchman For the Night - Jimmy Buffett
119. Duncan - Paul Simon
118. You're So Good To Me - Beach Boys
117. Domino - Van Morrison
116. Rainmaker - Harry Nilsson
115. Graceland - Paul Simon
114. Revolution - Beatles
113. Mr. Richland's Favorite Song - Harry Nilsson
112. Dancing In the Moonlight - King Harvest
111. To Live Is to Fly - Townes Van Zandt
110. Small Axe - Bob Marley
109. Let It Be - Ethiopians
108. Oh Atlanta - Little Feat
107. Let Your Yeah Be Yeah - Jimmy Cliff
106. Colours - Donovan
105. Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters - Elton John
104. The Times They Are a Changin' - Bob Dylan
103. Take a Letter Maria - R.B. Greaves
102. Winter - Rolling Stones
101. Can You Feel the Love Tonight? - Elton John (below)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Top 500 Songs (200-151)

200. Brief Candles - The Zombies
199. Johnny Thunder - Kinks (above)
198. These Dreams of You - Van Morrison
197. September Grass - James Taylor
196. Don't Go Away - The Zombies
195. The Kids Are Alright - The Who
194. Things Goin' On - Lynyrd Skynyrd
193. Mona - Bo Diddley
192. Ooh La La - The Faces
191. Daniel - Elton John
190. Jackie Wilson Said - Van Morrison
189. Come Monday - Jimmy Buffett
188. Blowin' In the Wind - Sam Cooke
187. Just Tell Me - Toots and the Maytals
186. Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season - Jimmy Buffett
185. Yesterday - The Beatles
184. Ain't Wasting Time No More - Allman Brothers Band
183. Tupelo Honey - Van Morrison
182. Sweet Thing - Van Morrison
181. You Wear It Well - Rod Stewart
180. Amoreena - Elton John
179. Late In the Evening - Paul Simon
178. Do You Remember? - Jack Johnson
177. Everyone - Van Morrison
176. Sitting - Cat Stevens
175. Amie - Pure Prairie League
174. Give Me Another Chance - Big Star
173. Dearest Darlin' - Bo Diddley
172. Santa Fe - Christian Bale
171. Oh Yoko - John Lennon
170. Celluloid Heroes - Kinks
169. Changes In Latitude, Changes In Attitudes - Jimmy Buffett
168. Across the Great Divide - The Band
167. The Harder They Come - Jimmy Cliff
166. Satisfy My Soul - Bob Marley
165. The Obvious Child - Paul Simon
164. Sympathy for the Devil - Rolling Stones
163. Freebird - Lynyrd Skynyrd
162. Havana Daydreamin'
161. Philadelphia Freedom - Elton John
160. Powerman - Kinks
159. Tin Cup Chalice - Jimmy Buffett
158. Boat Drinks - Jimmy Buffett
157. Queen Bitch - David Bowie
156. Don't Let the Sunshine Fool Ya - Townes Van Zandt
155. To Kingdom Come - The Band
154. The Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful - Jimmy Buffett
153. Something In the Way She Moves - James Taylor (below)
152. I Guess the Lord Must Be In New York City - Harry Nilsson
151. Care of Cell 44 - The Zombies

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Top 500 Songs (250-201)

250. A Summer Song - Chad and Jeremy (above)
249. Texas River Song - Townes Van Zandt
248. Me and My Arrow - Harry Nilsson
247. Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson
246. Riki Tiki Tavi - Donovan
245. Island Girl - Beach Boys
244. All I Really Wanna Do - Bob Dylan
243. Jemima Surrender - The Band
242. Atlantis - Donovan
241. Georgia On My Mind - Ray Charles
240. The Zephyr Song - Red Hot Chili Peppers
239. What Can I Say - Boz Scaggs
238. Homeward Bound - Simon and Garfunkel
237. There Is a Mountain - Donovan
236. Here Comes My Baby - Cat Stevens
235. As Long As I Have You - Garnett Mimms
234. Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison
233. Ziggy Stardust - David Bowie
232. Mr. Brown - Bob Marley
231. Jackie Blue - Ozark Mountain Daredevils
230. King Harvest - The Band
229. You've Got a Friend In Me - Randy Newman
228. Moonshadow - Cat Stevens
227. Bring It On Home To Me - Sam Cooke
226. Steal Away - Sam Cooke
225. Burial - Peter Tosh
224. Copperline - James Taylor
223. Jersey Thursday - Donovan
222. In the Shelter - James Taylor
221. Don't Do It - The Band
220. Hey Nineteen - Steely Dan
219. If You Want Me To Stay - Sly and the Family Stone
218. It's Over - Boz Scaggs
217. Manana - Jimmy Buffett
216. Such a Night - Dr. John
215. Good People - Jack Johnson
214. Made In the Shade - Lynyrd Skynyrd
213. Under the Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers
212. Howlin' for My Darling - Howlin' Wolf
211. When the Ship Comes In - Bob Dylan
210. You Don't Know Me - Ray Charles
209. Lively Up Yourself - Bob Marley
208. One Less Set Of Footsteps - Jim Croce
207. A Change Is Gonna Come - Sam Cooke
206. Sweet and Dandy - Toots and the Maytals
205. Miss Butter's Lament - Harry Nilsson
204. Bamboleo - Gipsy Kings
203. Columbine - Townes Van Zandt
202. Moonage Daydream - David Bowie
201. Up Around the Bend - Creedence Clearwater Revival (below)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Top 500 Songs (300-251)

300. Moondance - Van Morrison (above)
299. Don't Leave Me - Harry Nilsson
298. As Tears Go By - Rolling Stones
297. Never Know - Jack Johnson
296. Lonely Teardrops - Jackie Wilson
295. Oh You Pretty Things - David Bowie
294. Mean Old Man - James Taylor
293. Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes - Paul Simon
292. Coyote - Joni Mitchell
291. W.S. Walcott Medicine Show - The Band
290. Making Time - Creation
289. Delaney Talks to Statues - Jimmy Buffett
288. Dreams Go By - Harry Chapin
287. Soul Rebel - Bob Marley
286. Cocaine Blues - Townes Van Zandt
285. Trapped - Jimmy Cliff
284. October Road - James Taylor
283. All Our Past Times - Eric Clapton
282. Cowboy In the Jungle - Jimmy Buffett
281. Sloop John B. - Beach Boys
280. My True Story - Jive Five
279. The Scientist - Coldplay
278. I Know What I Know - Paul Simon
277. The Captain and the Kid - Jimmy Buffett
276. Queen of the Slipstream - Van Morrison
275. Love In the Library - Jimmy Buffett
274. I'm In Love With a Girl - Big Star
273. Can't Keep It In - Cat Stevens
272. Quietly Making Noise - Jimmy Buffett
271. Cry Cry Baby - Garnett Mimms
270. Zorro Is Back - Oliver's Onions
269. Do You Wanna Dance? - Beach Boys
268. Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival
267. Seven and Seven Is - Love
266. Baby Let Me Follow You Down - Bob Dylan and the Band
265. The Mighty Quinn - Bob Dylan
264. Wild Night - Van Morrison
263. Be Here To Love Me - Townes Van Zandt
262. She's Only Happy In the Sun - Ben Harper
261. If I Didn't Have You - Randy Newman
260. Tower Song - Townes Van Zandt
259. Sit Right Down - Toots and the Maytals
258. Breakdown - Jack Johnson
257. Clocks - Coldplay
256. Pills - Bo Diddley
255. Sweet Sensation - The Melodians
254. Suffragette City - David Bowie
253. Together - Harry Nilsson
252. Jolly Mon Sing - Jimmy Buffett
251. You Can Get It If You Really Want - Jimmy Cliff (below)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Top 500 Songs (350-301)

350. Open Your Window - Harry Nilsson (above)
349. Marrakesh Express - Crosby, Stills and Nash
348. Love Me Do - Beatles
347. The First Cut Is the Deepest - Cat Stevens
346. Doctor Lester - Toots and the Maytals
345. Barabajagal - Donovan
344. Bla Bla Bla - Toots and the Maytals
343. Bear Necessities - The Jungle Book
342. Fire and Rain - James Taylor
341. Boy In the Bubble - Paul Simon
340. Here Comes the Night - Them
339. Mr. Tanner - Harry Chapin
338. Flying Shoes - Townes Van Zandt
337. Gotta Get Up - Harry Nilsson
336. Universal Soldier - Donovan
335. Ramblin' Rose - Nat King Cole
334. Barefoot Children - Jimmy Buffett
333. God Gave Rock 'n Roll To You - Argent
332. Lookin' Out My Back Door - Creedence Clearwater Revival
331. Johnny B. Good - Chuck Berry
330. Dweller On the Threshold - Van Morrison
329. 1941 - Harry Nilsson
328. Three Little Birds - Bob Marley
327. Wonderful World, Beautifual People - Jimmy Cliff
326. Sad Cinderella - Townes Van Zandt
325. Candle In the Wind - Elton John
324. Penny Lane - Beatles
323. Season of the Witch - Donovan
322. Jennifer Juniper - Donovan
321. And It Stoned Me - Van Morrison
320. Eleanor Rigby - Beatles
319. Lately - Jodeci
318. Tell Me Mama - Toni Tony Tone
317. Maybe - Harry Nilsson
316. Judy Blue Eyes - Crosby, Stills and Nash
315. Miss You So Badly - Jimmy Buffett
314. Frankie and Johnny - Sam Cooke
313. Under the Sun, Moon and Stars - Jimmy Cliff
312. Sailin' On - Toots and the Maytals
311. Wild World - Cat Stevens
310. Rivers of Babylon - The Melodians
309. You've Got a Friend - James Taylor
308. September Gurls - Big Star
307. Oh Jamaica - Jimmy Cliff
306. Lonely Island - Sam Cooke
305. New York's Not My Home - Jim Croce
304. Get Up Jake - The Band
303. Over and Done With - Proclaimers
302. I Need Your Love - Toots and the Maytals
301. Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley (below)

Pineapple Express

First off, any Vassar people reading this take notice of this first statement. James Franco in Pineapple Express is more Tristan Jemiolo than he has ever been before. And he was fantastic.

I went in thinking this was just going to be stoner comedy, but it was much more of an action movie. Don't get me wrong, it was extremely funny, but the action was on par with the lethal weapons.

My favorite part was at the very end after all of the ridiculous fighting and shooting and car chases. Franco, Seth Rogen, and Danny McBride are hanging out in a diner talking about how crazy their day was. They're all bleeding and dirty, and they're laughing at how they almost died like eight times.

Seth Rogen roles

1. Neil- You, Me and Dupree
2. Michaels- Superbad
3. Dale- Pineapple Express
4. Ken- Freaks and Geeks
5. Ben- Knocked Up
6. Cal- 40 Year Old Virgin

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Top 500 Songs (400-351)

400. Wouldn't It Be Nice - Beach Boys (above)
399. One Particular Harbor - Jimmy Buffett
398. Constellations - Jack Johnson
397. Touch the Hem of his Garmet - Sam Cooke
396. I Feel Fine - Beatles
395. When I Fall In Love - Nat King Cole
394. Hard Road To Travel - Jimmy Cliff
393. Waltz #2 - Elliott Smith
392. Til Your Well Runs Dry - Peter Tosh
391. One Headlight - Wallflowers
390. Symphony - Diana Ross & the Supremes
389. Southern Cross - Crosby, Stills & Nash
388. Love Is Here - Diana Ross & the Supremes
387. Eight Days a Week - Beatles
386. She's My Scorcher - Toots & the Maytals
385. I Never Dream - Lynyrd Skynyrd
384. I'm Losing You - Temptations
383. Circle of Life - Elton John
382. I Believe - Stevie Wonder
381. Into the Mystic - Van Morrison
380. Lover's Cross - Jim Croce
379. Creola - Jimmy Buffett
378. Celebrate Me Home - Ruben Studdard
377. Black Balloon - Goo Goo Dolls
376. Suspicious Minds - Elvis Presley
375. Yellow - Coldplay
374. Life Is a Carnival - The Band
373. Philosophy - Ben Folds Five
372. Carolina In My Mind - James Taylor
371. Village Green Preservation Society - Kinks
370. Ramble On - Led Zeppelin
369. Tell Me Mama - Little Walter
368. Another Saturday Night - Cat Stevens
367. Hey There Delilah - Plain White T's
366. Scar Tissue - Red Hot Chili Peppers
365. Bem Bem Maria - Gipsy Kings
364. Only a Pawn in the Game - Bob Dylan
363. Matthew and Son - Cat Stevens
362. Bright Lights - Matchbox Twenty
361. Almost Like Being In Love - Nat King Cole
360. Reelin' in the Years - Steely Dan
359. No Place to Fall - Townes Van Zandt
358. Kokomo - Beach Boys
357. Lonesome Death of Hattie Caroll - Mason Jennings
356. A Place in the Sun - Stevie Wonder
355. Down South in New Orleans - The Band & Bobby Charles
354. Sweetheart Like You - Bob Dylan
353. Sitting in Limbo - Jimmy Cliff
352. Change the World - Eric Clapton
351. I Want Her, She Wants Me - The Zombies (below)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Top 500 Songs (450-401)

450. Little Martha - Allman Brothers Band (above)
449. Hold On - Jamie Walters
448. Where Have All the Good Times Gone? - Kinks
447. Revolution - Toots and the Maytals
446. You Get What You Deserve - Big Star
445. I'll Have to Say I Love You in a Song - Jim Croce
444. Paint It Black - Rolling Stones
443. Blue Wind Blue - Townes Van Zandt
442. Blue Suede Shoes - Elvis Presley
441. Don't Be Cruel - Elvis Presley
440. Broadway - Goo Goo Dolls
439. Monica - Kinks
438. And When I Die - Blood Sweat and Tears
437. Sweet Baby James - James Taylor
436. Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold - Townes Van Zandt
435. You Can Call Me Al - Paul Simon
434. 3 A.M. - Matchbox Twenty
433. Paperback Writer - Beatles
432. Still In Paradise - Jimmy Buffett & Bankie Banx
431. The Shape I'm In - The Band
430. Stand By Me - Ben E. King
429. Sabotage - Desmond Dekker
428. Fairfax Street - Harry Nilsson
427. Past Time Paradise - Stevie Wonder
426. Jimmy Mack - Martha Reeves and the Vandellas
425. Ain't Too Proud To Beg - Temptations
424. Jumpin' Jack Flash - Rolling Stones
423. Imagine the Swan - The Zombies
422. The Joker - Steve Miller Band
421. Trenchtown Rock - Bob Marley
420. Midnight Confession - Grass Roots
419. W*O*L*D - Harry Chapin
418. It's You - Toots and the Maytals
417. I Wanna Be Like You - The Jungle Book
416. A Whole New World - Peabo Bryson & Regina Belle
415. Is This Love? - Bob Marley
414. A Fool Such As I - Elvis Presley
413. Equal Rights - Peter Tosh
412. I Will Take You There - Harry Nilsson
411. You Keep Me Hangin' On - Diana Ross & the Supremes
410. Burning Love - Elvis Presley
409. Music - James Taylor
408. Apeman - Kinks
407. I Ain't the One - Lynyrd Skynyrd
406. I'm No Immigrant - Jimmy Cliff
405. Wasted Words - Allman Brothers Band
404. Back In My Arms Again - Diana Ross & the Supremes
403. Sir Duke - Stevie Wonder
402. When My Baby's Beside Me - Big Star
401. Deacon Blues - Steely Dan (below)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Memorial Day Top 500 (500-451)

So it is supposed to be the Memorial Day Weekend Top 500 Songs, but this year T-time didn't have his list ready so it was the middle of June Top 500. The idea came from the radio stations that play their top 500 songs over the three day Memorial Day weekend. Me and T-time would listen to these countdowns but not enjoy a lot of the songs. We decided that the next year (2007) we would make our own list and play it. This summer was the second annual Top 500 countdown. We each made our own list of our 500 favorite songs and then combined the two to create our Top 500 songs. 1 point for 500th...2 points for 499th...etc.

Today's installment will be songs 500 through 451.

500. Granny - Cat Stevens (above)
499. Heart of Gold - Neil Young
498. Story of a Life - Harry Chapin
497. Redwood Tree - Van Morrison
496. Good Vibrations - Beach Boys
495. Knockin' On Heaven's Door - Bob Dylan
494. Hard Day's Night - Beatles
493. In A Dis Ya Time - Itals
492. Sooner Or Later - Grass Roots
491. When I Grow Up To Be A Man - Beach Boys
490. If I Ever Fall In Love - Shai
489. Fraulein - Townes Van Zandt
488. I Never Loved A Man - Aretha Franklin
487. Floridays - Jimmy Buffett
486. Let Me Be The One - Blessid Union of Souls
485. I Am That I Am - Peter Tosh
484. Rainy Night In Georgia - Sam Cooke
483. Good Riddance - Green Day
482. Between the Bars - Elliott Smith
481. Son of a Son of a Sailor - Jimmy Buffett
480. Angry Blues - James Taylor
479. Soul Shakedown Party - Bob Marley
478. Beyond the Sea - Bobby Darin
477. Where Do the Children Play? - Cat Stevens
476. Wishing Well - Terrence Trent Darby
475. Sunny Skies - James Taylor
474. Greensboro Woman - Townes Van Zandt
473. Hey Tonight - Creedence Clearwater Revival
472. 007 (Shanty Town) - Desmond Dekker
471. Hangin' Around - Counting Crows
470. Unforgettable - Nat King Cole
469. Nowhere Man - Beatles
468. She's Got You - Jimmy Buffett
467. Do You Remember Walter? - Kinks
466. Jumper - Third Eye Blind
465. Quicksilver Dreams of Maria - Townes Van Zandt
464. Space Oddity - David Bowie
463. Blue Monday - Fats Domino
462. FM - Steely Dan
461. She's a Rainbow - Rolling Stones
460. Five Years - David Bowie
459. Turn on Your Radio - Harry Nilsson
458. Someday Never Comes - Creedence Clearwater Revival
457. Unchained Melody - Righteous Brothers
456. Pomps and Pride - Toots and the Maytals
455. Highway Song - Blackfoot
454. Picture Book - Kinks
453. I Wish It Would Rain - Temptations
452. Bring It Home Jerome - Bo Diddley
451. Starman - David Bowie (below)

stay tuned...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


It is usually a standard practice of the media to peg the defending champions in every professional sport as the team to beat the next season. I have never agreed with this way of denoting the team that was most likely to win. Don't get me wrong, there are those small amount of media members who don't do this, but the majority of analysts and reporters do. "You have to beat the best to be the best." The Spurs were the best team in the NBA last year even though they were in the middle of the pack during the regular season.

Here's the problem I have now. I haven't heard one NFL analyst claim that the Giants are the best team in the NFL "because they are the champs." All of the sudden media members are using actual reasoning to choose who the teams to beat are? Not that I'm a Giants fan, but after all of the times that the defending champs have not deserved to be the pre-season favorite, how come the G-Men haven't got one mention as the best team in the league...Patriots, Colts, Chargers and Cowboys are all mentioned before them.

Monday, August 11, 2008


As much as I wish this post was mainly to showcase Connor Casey, I sadly admit that it is not. Connor is absolutely one of the best of all time and his 18 points in eighth grade to beat Lake Region will never be forgotten. Another interesting tidbit that this photo brings up is how Connor used to be extremely jealous of the beard I could grow when we were sophomores in high school...look at his glorious beard now.

The reason I wanted to post this picture is...get a load of the man, the myth, the legend....classic John Casey in the background with the pink shirt. I only wish he had one foot up on a bench and had his hand up in the air to say "hey danny" while turning his head the other way. Anyway, all of those who know the Caseys, enjoy.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dark Knight

I know this is way behind,but I really needed things to settle in. Right off the bat I am going to say that Dark Knight was unbelievable. I saw it the first day it came out and was amazed by it. Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker was fantastic. I can't think of a villain that did a better job. For a two and a half hour movie it wasn't at any point boring or dragging along. I was on the edge of my seat throughout. The one problem I had the film was that it could have used some more Bruce Wayne. Christian Bale did such a good job in Batman Begins, but wasn't given as much time to shine in Dark Knight. Heath definitely made up for the lack of Bruce and then some.

I love the idea of a third film with Batman on the run from the law where everyone in Gotham hates him...could make for great stuff. At this point they're going to need to get a couple of great villains to keep up with the action they've had up to this point.

A couple of quotes on Dark Knight--

Larry: "The crazy thing to me about this movie is that i hyped it up so much yet was still amazed immediately afterwards."

Jaydon: "The movie instantly is in my top 5 and might be my number 1 i just dont know yet."

Batman Movies Ranked--

7. Batman Returns
6. Batman (Adam West)
5. Batman & Robin
4. Batman
3. Batman Forever
2. Batman Begins
1. The Dark Knight

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Step Brothers and Will Ferrell

I went into Step Brothers half expecting greatness and half expecting to be disappointed...I believe this movie fulfilled my expectations. Although I have said time and time again, "I can never get a good judgement on a film when I'm in the theatre," I am going to make my comments anyway. Don't get me wrong, there were numerous parts filled with hilarity in Step Brothers. The characters Ferrell and John C. Reilly portray are ridiculously funny. For me Adam McKay (writer/director) and Ferrell let too much of Judd Apatow (producer) sink into this film. Apatow brings to Step Brothers, his regular dirty and disgusting humor that you saw in superbad and knocked up, and I could have done without it. Upon second and third and fourth viewings, my opinions are bound to change, but for now I thought it was very funny, but could have been realed more carefully and become a better product.

On a side note, Grif from Boy Meets World (Adam Scott, but not the golfer) put forth a tremendous performance as Will Ferrell's jerk of a brother.

Also a few of my most memorable moments/quotes...
-Brennan (Ferrell) dressed as a Nazi, mowing the lawn "I have plenty of fertilizer." Followed by Dale (Reilly) across the street in a KKK outfit.
-Brennan and Dale find out they have a lot in common; Brennan- "You wanna go do karate in the basement?" Dale- "Yup!"
-After already mentioning how setting their beds up into bunk beds will give them so much room for activities, Brennan feels it necessary to exclaim again and again about how many activities they will be enjoying in the newly open space of the bedroom.

Now to my next order of business...immediately following the movie everyone I was with (JJ, T-time, Bonzey, Braids, JTB, and the Neon Kid) started talking about where Step Brothers fit in order of best Will Ferrell movies. I, being the pessimist that I am, threw it much lower on the list than JJ and Braids who had it at 1 or 2. I think I said six or something...Now I will take the time to look over his movies and put them in order with this newest addition.

Also take into account that I have only seen Step Brothers once and Semi-Pro twice. I have ten movies in which Ferrell is the main character or tied for main character (Step Brothers, Night at the Roxbury). I didn't count Old School or Zoolander, which I believe he is the third main actor in both.

I've also been reminded by T-time that there is a major difference in favorite Will Ferrell movies and favorite Will Ferrell characters, for example although Buddy the Elf is probably my favorite character, the movie itself isn't as funny as some of the others, and I fail to realize this when I normally rank Elf near the top of the list. The character of Buddy is always on my brain when I think of Elf, that is the problem.

Anyway here we go...

10. Stranger Than Fiction
9. Bewitched
8. Blades of Glory
7. Kicking and Screaming
6. Elf
5. Step Brothers
4. A Night at the Roxbury
3. Semi-Pro
2. Anchorman
1. Talladegan Nights