Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thursday Thoughts- Mean Pam Beesly

Flash Forward
First things first...Is it me or is it completely unnecessary to have this chick, Janis Hawk, be gay. Well if it is the only way that they could find to bring Theresa from The O.C. onto the show then I guess the gratuitous kissing scenes can stay. What a fantastic couple they are.

One of the major questions plaguing the realism of Flash was "why are they the only ones dealing with the investigation of the flashes?" I know that The Dude is the one who had the flash about the investigation but you would think that every section of every agency would be looking into it. Well this week's episode answered that question thoroughly. A lot of places were doing their own investigation and therefore a hearing was held in Washington to see who got funding to continue their investigation. That makes sense. Obviously, in the end, their LA branch of the FBI received the funding, but not for the reasons you would have assumed.

All in all, with all of the court room drama, it was a pretty lackluster episode. What made it all worth while was the fire fight scene with the 'Like a Rolling Stone' cover playing. The song and the action were so inconsistent that it gave the scene a great feeling. It was very similar to the opening scene of last week's episode when the bus was crashing into the lake. Great stuff.

The Office

Angry and mean Pam is much better than nice and lame Pam. When she is truly angry and gets hurtful towards others, it's truly gold. We need people to absolutely destroy her more often. Normal Pam is usually in the running for character I love to hate, but if this is the Pam we get more often, she could be up there for best female characters.

Pam- "I could give a f*ck about your happiness, stop dating my mother!"

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