Sunday, October 4, 2009

SNL- Ryan Reynolds and Lady Gaga

I really didn't think it could get any worse than last week's dud of a season premier, but I believe it did. This Saturday's show was nothing but blah, blah, blah for me.

Let's see what garbage we had last night...Obama, Monologue, Celebrity Family Feud, Porcelain Fountains, Deep House Dish, Weekend Update, Crime Dancers, International Masterworks and the Bubble Dresses. Wow that was almost every sketch of the night!

There were only two sketches that would not have been cut by Matt Alby if he were the head writer at SNL.

First: Mostly Garbage. Jason Sudeikis was fantastic in this commercial parody for dog food that was made of, you guessed it, mostly garbage. Just like Will Ferrell's Dissing Your Dog, back in the day, Mostly Garbage was fueled by the comedic value of people thinking that dogs are human. Sudeikis promotes the fact that dogs will eat most everything, including garbage. While he laughs at the disgusting stuff his dog eats, I laughed with his performance.

Second: Digital Short- On the Ground. Now this was a classic Digital Short! We are back to where we need to be with these things, taking something ridiculously small and turning it into an epic event. Andy slow-raps his way through his daily events. All of which end with him throwing something on the ground in a demeaning fashion. The absolute best part was at the kid's birthday party..."Some poser hands me cake at a birthday party. What you want me to do with this, eat it? Happy birthday to the ground! I threw the rest of the cake too. Welcome to the real world jack ass..." Unbelievable.

Finally: A few words on Lady Gaga. After her first performance, I felt the same way I always have about her. A complete freak that doesn't have good songs. Then came the second performance. She began by posing as Saturn, the planet, and singing (can you call it that) some terrible song. But then something very strange happened...she sat down at a piano, with her giant rings getting in the way, and broke out a fantastic ballad. Was it some sort of combination of completely new material and Poker Face? I don't know, but her voice sounded great. And she seemed really normal in that moment (if you ignore the huge silver rings hanging around her body).

Next up, Drew Barrymore. Oh boy.

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