Saturday, October 31, 2009

Survivor Samoa- Week 7

From the looks of the previews for next week, Foa Foa will be heading into the merge with an extreme lack of numbers. Is this something Russell can overcome? I hope so for entertainment value, but hope not because I have my final three team-members on the Galu side of things.

I am really starting to hate Jeff Probey Probst in all aspects. Now it is his ridiculous commentary during the challenges that I can not stand.

Oh it's Galu with a Foa Foa comes back with a score! This is a really tight match! It's much tougher than it looks!

Give me a break. I can see the scoreboard on the screen Probst. And we know that it is a difficult task. You don't have to remind us every five seconds.

Fantasy Results

The Technotronics

W. Russell (Foa Foa)-W7 (22)= 22
B. Russell (Galu)-
Monica (Galu)- W7 (22), Reward (4)= 26
Liz (Foa Foa)- Votes (-16)= -16
Natalie (Foa Foa)- W7 (22)= 22
Week 7= 54

Sweet Niblets

Erik (Galu)- W7 (22), Reward (4), Im (8)= 34
Ben (Foa Foa)-
Ashley (Foa Foa)-
Kelly (Galu)- W7 (22), Im (8)= 30
Shambo (Galu)- W7 (22), Im (8), Leader (10)= 40
Week 7= 104
Total= 282

Canon Controversy

John (Galu)- W7 (22), Reward (4)= 26
Jaison (Foa Foa)- W7 (22), Votes (-4)= 18
Mike (Foa Foa)-
Dave (Galu)- W7 (22), Im (8)= 30
Betsy (Foa Foa)-
Week 7= 74
Total= 247

Freecell Makes Me Wanna

Mick (Foa Foa)-
W7 (22)= 22
Brett (Galu)- W7 (22), Reward (4), Im (8)= 34
Marissa (Foa Foa)-
Laura (Galu)- W7 (22), Reward (4)= 26
Yasmin (Galu)-
Week 7= 82
Total= 244

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