Saturday, January 31, 2009

Super Bowling

I hate to take time away from the movie characters list but there is one of the least important days of football coming up tomorrow. What is so great about a day of football with only ONE game on. You wanna know the best day of football? This year it was Sunday September 21st. During week 3 there were 15 National Football League games on Sunday. Yes Week 17 had all 16 but so many of them meant nothing.

Let's take a quick look at some of the highlights from fabulous Week 3. The Cards and Steelers both lost. Arizona lost to the Redskins 24-17 with The Edge posting 93 yards on 18 carries. Pittsburgh fell to the Eagles 15-6 with Big Ben putting up 131 yards, no tds, a ceptor and got injured. Teams of the blog, Colts and Raids, both lost in nail biters, but the Dolphins put the smack down on that team that plays in Massachusetts 38-13, with Ronnie Brown going for 800 yards and 12 touchdowns.

As for tomorrow, sure about half of the people out there are saying the 7 point favorite Steelers are going to win, but the other half are saying the Cards will win. It is my thought that the public is finally ready to jump on this Cardinal bandwagon and that mean the wheels are ready to come off. 53% on ESPN Sportsnation are picking the Cardinals to win outright. If that doesn't spell a Steelers blow out, I don't know what does. Doesn't it make sense that the Cards were running on a lot of energy the past three weeks and this two week break has slowed them down? Lost a little bit of their rhythm? The Steelers on the other hand don't play on rhythm. They're frantic and are just flat out good.

That's why my pick for the Super Bowl is Steelers 30, Cardinals 14.
Be sure to listen to me when I give out football advice because I play football in my front yard with my brothers at least three times a year.

In other bowl news, The Boss bowled a 298 in Wii Sports the other day. What a ridiculous addict he is.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Movie Characters: 90-81

90. Gupta Rajan- Kumar Pallana- The Terminal
Gupta: "Do you have an appointment?"

89. Joseph Pulitzer- Robert Duvall- Newsies

Pulitzer: "Anyone who doesn't act in their own self interest is a fool."

88. Coach Jack Reilly- Lane Smith- The Mighty Ducks

Coach Reilly: “You could have been one of the greats! An' now look at yourself. You're not even a has-been. You're a never-was.”

87. Anthony Adams- Luke Wilson- Bottle Rocket

Anthony: “One morning, over at Elizabeth's beach house, she asked me if I'd rather go water-skiing or lay out. And I realized that not only did I not want to answer THAT question, but I never wanted to answer another water-sports question, or see any of these people again for the rest of my life.”

86. Tommy Devito- Joe Pesci- Goodfellas
Henry: “You're a pistol, you're really funny. You're really funny.”
Tommy: “What do you mean, you mean the way I talk? Funny how? What's funny about it? I mean funny like I'm a clown, I amuse you? What do you mean funny, funny how?”

85. Joe ‘Coop’ Cooper- Trey Parker- BASEketball

Coop: “Hey, Skidmark Steve, cool. You sill hangin' out, playin' Nintendo?”
Skidmark Steve: “Well, if you must know, I'm in my second year of med school and I'm training for the Summer Games. “What are you two up to?”
Coop: “Just hanging out. Playing Nintendo.”

84. Ray Boyd- Jonathan Lipnicki- Jerry Maguire

Ray: “Did you know that my nextdoor neighbor has three rabbits?”

83. Dr. Emmett Brown- Christopher Lloyd- Back to the Future
Marty: “Then where the hell are they?”
Doc: “The appropriate question is, when the hell are they?"

82. Sanka Coffie- Doug E. Doug- Cool Runnings
Yul Brenner: “How 'bout I beat your butt right now?”
Sanka: “How 'bout I draw a line down the middle of your head so it looks like a butt?”

81. General M. Bison- Raul Julia- Street Fighter
Bison: “For you, the day Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life. But for me, it was Tuesday.”

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Movie Characters: 100-91

Inspired by JJ's post, I have decided to post my top 100 movie characters list. A few rules need to be mentioned first. There are no animated or cgi characters allowed and although no female characters would make this list, they will be getting their own at some point. The biggest rule I gave myself was only one character from an actor. This was key because if I had not put this rule in play, there would be at least five for Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell and Bill Murray. A detriment I have found from this strategy is that there are unbelievable characters that get shut out. Take for example Dignan from Bottle Rocket, even though he would probably be in my top ten overall, he doesn't get to be on the list because he is my second favorite Owen Wilson character. Anthony from Bottle Rocket is not as great as Dignan but makes the list because he is my favorite Luke Wilson character. Well as they say, them is the berries.

100. Tuco- Eli Wallach- The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Tuco: “There are two kinds of people in the world, my friend: Those with a rope around the neck, and the people who have the job of doing the cutting.”

99. Pat Healy- Matt Dillon- There’s Something About Mary
Healy: “All I’ve got are these damn Nepalese coins.”

98. Maurice- Howie Mandel- Little Monsters
Maurice: (after peeing in Ronny's apple juice) “Ronny's gonna be pissed!”

97. Commodore Duvall- James Coburn- Maverick
Commodore: “I have two small pair. Eights…and eights. Thank you.”

96. Henry Gondorff- Paul Newman- The Sting

Gondorff: “Tough luck, Lonnehan. But that's what you get for playing with your head up your ass!”

95. Sonny Corleone- James Caan- The Godfather
Sonny: “You've gotta get up close like this and - bada-BING! - you blow their brains all over your nice Ivy League suit. C'mere...”

94. Navin R. Johnson- Steve Martin- The Jerk

(a sniper keeps missing Navin and shooting cans of motor oil)
Navin: “He hates these cans. Stay away from the cans.”

93. Buckaroo Banzai- Peter Weller- Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai
Buckaroo Banzai: “Hey, hey, hey. Don't be mean. We don't have to be mean because, remember, no matter where you go, there you are.”

92. Blade Brown- Christopher ‘Play’ Martin- Class Act

Blade: “Brooks Brothers…Brothers Brooks.”

91. Drop Dead Fred- Rik Mayall- Drop Dead Fred

Fred: “Well why don't we harpoon Charles straight through the head, drag him back to the apartment, and hit him with a hammer until he agrees to come back?”
Elizabeth: “Harpoon him through the head. That won't work Fred.”
Fred: “Why not? How many times have you tried it?”

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

FF HoF- Sharpe and Wrap-up


Shannon Sharpe

Unlike Kellen Winslow, The Horse is getting in for his elite tight end status for many, many years. From '92 to '03 Shannon was a top five TE eleven out of 12 seasons, with the one mishap coming in '99 due to injury. Sure he talked a lot of trash, but he backed it up year in and year out. He led TEs in fantasy points four times and was sixth overall in 1993 when he had 995 yards and nine touchdowns. In '96 he eclipsed 1,000 yards for the second time and caught 10 of John Elway's 26 touchdown passes to have his best season. This induction shows that I am not biased because I didn't like Shannon Sharpe when he was a player, and I really can't stand him as a football analyst on Sundays. He doesn't detract enough from the CBS crew to bring them below the FOX squad but he's still bad. If I combined all the channels for a five man all star team it would look like this...Rich Eisen (NFL Network), Michael Strahan (Fox), Boomer Esiason (CBS), Deion Sanders (NFL Network) and Cris Carter (ESPN).

Year---Rank at TE----------Stats

'92-----4th---------------640 yards. 2 td.
'93-----1st---------------995 yards. 9 td.
'94-----2nd---------------1010 yards. 4 td.
'95-----4th---------------756 yards. 4 td.
'96-----1st---------------1062 yards. 10 td.
'97-----1st---------------1107 yards. 3 td.
'98-----1st---------------768 yards. 10 td.
'00-----2nd---------------810 yards. 5 td.
'01-----3rd---------------811 yards. 2 td.
'02-----5th---------------686 yards. 3 td.
'03-----2nd---------------770 yards. 8 td.

Hall of Fame Inductees 2009
QB-Roger Staubach
QB-Joe Montana
QB-Dan Marino
QB-Steve Young
RB-Walter Payton
RB-Eric Dickerson
RB-Barry Sanders
RB-Emmitt Smith
RB-Marshall Faulk
WR-Steve Largent
WR-Jerry Rice
WR-Cris Carter
TE-Kellen Winslow
TE-Shannon Sharpe

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

FF HoF- Winslow


Tight ends might have been the most difficult position of them all. Unlike wide receivers, there were many TEs that were consistently good. This is probably because there only a couple great pass catching tight ends in the league at a time, if you go back some years there weren't more than one or two. Deciding between some of the tight ends that I never heard of was a tough task. Todd Christensen led TEs in fantasy points four years in a row, but he's not gonna make it as a first ballot because his numbers don't stand up against the rest of the league.

Kellen Winslow

The current Kellen Winslow's father played for the Chargers, catching passes from the great Dan Fouts. Unlike Christensen's numbers, Kellen's give him the nod because he dismantled other TEs of his time. When he led tight ends in fantasy points from 1980-82 he was also 4th, 11th and 8th overall when being compared to QBs, RBs and WRs. Winslow was also 13th in the league in '83 when he ranked second amongst tight ends. Christensen only had two top 20 league performances. If it weren't for Kellen Winslow, Tony Gonzalez might not be what he is today. And if it weren't for Kellen Winslow, Kellen Winslow Jr. wouldn't be at all.

Year---Rank at TE(overall)----------Stats
'80-----1st (4)------------------1290 yards. 9 td.
'81-----1st (11)-----------------1075 yards. 10 td.
*'82----1st (8)------------------721 yards. 6 td.
'83-----2nd (13)-----------------1172 yards. 8 td.
^'84----12th (77)----------------663 yards. 2 td.
'86-----4th (37)-----------------728 yards. 5 td.
#'87----4th (41)-----------------519 yards. 3 td.

*=9 games from strike
^=7 games from injury
#=12 games from injury

Monday, January 26, 2009

FF HoF- Carter


Cris Carter

What gives CC the edge and gets him in the Hall as the last wide receiver is his consistent play as a top ten guy. After his troubles in Philly with drug and alcohol abuse he was cut by Rex Ryan's dad, even though according to the coach "all he does is catch touchdowns." The Vikings took a chance on him and after a bit of a transition period, Carter proved himself as a top flight receiver in '93 with Denny Green as a new coach and veteran QB Jim McMahon under center. What makes Cris's career in Minnesota so impressive is that he dealt with a ridiculous QB carousel and still managed to be the second best WR of the 90s behind Jerry Rice. Here are Carter's QBs from 1990 to 2000 in Minny...Rich Gannon, Sean Salisbury, Jim McMahon, Brad Johnson, Randall Cunningham, Jeff George and Daunte Culpepper. What would Cris have done if he were in Indy with Peyton for 10 years, or even in Philly Donovan for 10 years. He could have been the second best receiver hands down with a steady arm under center. Given all that, he still put up the numbers and performed as a top 10 WR from '93 to '00.

Year---Rank at WR----------Stats

'91-----18th-------------962 yards. 5 td.
'92-----21st-------------681 yards. 6 td.
'93-----5th--------------1071 yards. 9 td.
'94-----10th-------------1256 yards. 7 td.
'95-----4th--------------1371 yards. 17 td.
'96-----7th--------------1163 yards. 10 td.
'97-----4th--------------1069 yards. 13 td.
'98-----7th--------------1011 yards. 12 td.
'99-----3rd--------------1241 yards. 13 td.
'00-----10th-------------1274 yards. 9 td.

bold=led the league

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fantasy LL- Week 2

So this week was awesome. Ty gets beat by Mags by one point! Desmaris goes for 65 in double OT, but Madej gets injured on Friday and blows it for Ty. I obviously destroyed Larry with my boy Sammy Simmons coming up with a huge 141 point week. Elson Pickering also killed it on my bench and will move into the lineup next week. Locksmith scores the third most points in the week, but falls to Ev behind three game weeks for all five of his starters.

CountryJess (1-1)...743

G Josh Sharlow, SLU- 37, 22, 31=90
G Steve Madej, UNI- 11, -=11
G/F Garrett Sharlow, SLU- 26, 27, 23=76
F Drew Desmaris, UNI- 31, 65=96
F Jon Douglas, SKD- 19, 7=26

Total= 299


F It- We'll Do It Live (2-0)

F Harlee Wood, HAM- 35, 29=64
G Ralph Temgoua, SLU- 15, 10, 18=43
F Matt Nunn, VAS- 22, 21, 33=76
G Gerard O'Shea, SKD- 24, 12=36
G/F Adam Salzman, HOB- 51, 30=81


Henry Gale's Heroes (0-2)

G Rob Estep, HOB- 9, 57=66
G Lance Wilson, HAM- 24, 14=38
G/F Tim Llewellyn, HOB- 26, 51=77
F Joey Lokitis, UNI- 11, 45=56
F Bobby Langford, SKD- 23, 18=41

Total= 278


Intercepting the Intersect

F Sam Simmons, RPI- 23, 49, 69=141
G Drew Goldstein, UNI- 28, 45=73
F Matt Covucci, UNI- 11, 55=66
G Brian Butterworth, VAS- 34, 19, 23=76
F George Koduah, CLK- 25, 23, 28=76

Total= 432

Alpha Q (0-2)

G Brandon Linton, CLK- 8, 36, 54=98
G Lenny Holt, VAS- 27, 37, 32=96
F Tim Rupp, RPI- 40, 36, 18=94
G/F Jeff Altimar, SKD- 36, 16=52
F Ricky Philatre, RPI- 28, 35, 16=79

Total= 419


The Great Muppet Capers

G Tom Wopperer, SLU- 34, 38, 50=122
F Richard Williams, SLU- 16, 34, 37=87
G/F Joey Davis, VAS- 36, 19, 25=80
F Bela Vonnak, SLU- 21, 30, 15=66
G Caleb McGraw, VAS- 24, 34, 32=90

Total= 445

Saturday, January 24, 2009

FF HoF- Rice


Jerry Rice

This is kind of ridiculous. Jerry Rice was the best football player of all time. I can't imagine playing fantasy football when he was in his prime. You basically guaranteed yourself a spot in the playoffs with him on your squad. We all know that Jerry could pull of the corn rows when you are bald better than anyone, but he also caught a few touchdown passes in his day. Looking at the stats it seems he was also good for 10 rushing touchdowns from '85 to '96. In those same years, which I am calling his prime, he led WRs in fantasy points eight times. Crazy. Other than his rookie year, his other finishes were second, second and fourth. Jerry Rice is as good at playing wide receiver as Mozart was at composing music, or as Cicero was at giving speeches, or maybe even as good as my great aunt Germaine is at playing whist.

Year---Rank at WR----------Stats
'85-----22nd-------------927 yards. 4 td.
'86-----1st--------------1570 yards. 16 td.
'87-----1st--------------1078 yards. 23 td.
'88-----2nd--------------1306 yards. 10 td.
'89-----1st--------------1483 yards. 17 td.
'90-----1st--------------1502 yards. 13 td.
'91-----1st--------------1206 yards. 14 td.
'92-----2nd--------------1201 yards. 11 td.
'93-----1st--------------1503 yards. 16 td.
'94-----1st--------------1499 yards. 15 td.
'95-----1st--------------1848 yards. 17 td.
'96-----4th--------------1254 yards. 9 td.

bold=led the league

Friday, January 23, 2009

FF HoF- Largent


When looking at the top wide receivers of all time things get tricky. As we know receivers are at a disadvantage because they are the most dependent position. If their quarterback and/or offensive line is terrible, the WR will have a tough time making any receptions. That being said there are a few that have stood the test of time and been consistent playmakers over long periods of time. Inconsistencies, unstable offenses and shortened careers will keep stars like Michael Irvin, Tim Brown and Sterling Sharpe off of my first ballot Hall of Fame wide receivers list.

Steve Largent

Stevie L played most of his career catching passes from the Z Man. That's how Jim Zorn is known in the minor league baseball circuits. Other than coaching the Redskins and playing with childrens' toys in Seattle, the Z Man was quarterback for the Seahawks throughout the 70s. Largent caught a majority of the passes that Zorn threw. After his rookie season he was a top eight fantasy receiver in 10 out of the next 11 seasons. The only year he wasn't was during the strike of '82. I'm assuming he just couldn't get into a groove in such a short season (although this doesn't matter because if you were in a fantasy league in '82, I'm pretty sure the strike ruined everything). Although he only led the league once, in '79, he, unlike many other receivers, never disappointed you by being turbull (copyright Frank Calliendo as Charles Barkley) every third year.

Year---Rank at WR----------Stats
'76-----19th-------------705 yards. 4 td.
'77-----5th--------------643 yards. 10 td.
'78-----2nd--------------1168 yards. 8 td.
'79-----1st--------------1237 yards. 9 td.
'80-----5th--------------1064 yards. 6 td.
'81-----3rd--------------1224 yards. 9 td.
*'82----13th-------------493 yards. 3 td.
'83-----6th--------------1074 yards. 11 td.
'84-----4th--------------1164 yards. 12 td.
'85-----5th--------------1287 yards. 6 td.
'86-----8th--------------1070 yards. 9 td.
'87-----6th--------------912 yards. 8 td.

*=8 games due to strike
bold=led the league

Thursday, January 22, 2009

FF HoF- Faulk


Marshall Faulk

First things first, how sweet would it have been if Marshall Faulk had played with Peyton on the Colts for more than one year. Peyton's rookie season was Marshall's last year in Indy and the tailback eclipsed 2,000 scrimmage yards for the first time in his career. He led the league in yards that season and then went on to average 2200 yards and 20 touchdowns over the next three years with the Greatest Show on Turf. Injuries were his biggest downfall, missing two or more games five out of his ten prime seasons. He still managed to lead RBs in fantasy points in 2000 and 2001, playing 14 games. Marshall broke both Barry Sanders' scrimmage yards record by gaining 2429 in '99 and the rushing touchdowns record, with 26 in '00. Many of us saw this get broken by Priest Holmes then Shuan Alexander then LDT in the recent past.

Year---Rank at RB----------Stats
'94-----4th--------------1804 yards. 12 td.
'95-----6th--------------1553 yards. 14 td.
*'96----17th-------------1015 yards. 7 td.
'97-----7th--------------1525 yards. 8 td.
'98-----3rd--------------2227 yards. 10 td.
'99-----2nd--------------2429 yards. 12 td.
^'00----1st--------------2189 yards. 26 td.
^'01----1st--------------2147 yards. 21 td.
^'02----14th-------------1490 yards. 10 td.
#'03----16th-------------1108 yards. 11 td.

*=13 games due to injury
^=14 games due to injury
#=11 games due to being old and slow
bold=led the league

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

FF HoF- Emmitt


Emmitt Smith

During the Cowboys run of three Super Bowls in four years, Emmitt Smith led the NFL in fantasy points each season. Emmitt came in with a bang in 90 putting up over 1100 yards and 11 tds in his first season. Over the next nine seasons Smith was in the top six among running backs eight times. He never lost time due to injury and his only sub par season was when he failed to get into the endzone more than four times. You could always count on him for the yardage during the 90s. He definitely hung on a little too long as the 2000s came along, but hopefully you didn't hang on with him. He dropped to a 20 something ranked running back in his final five seasons. This doesn't take away from him being the most successful fantasy running back of all time.

Year---Rank at RB----------Stats
'90-----7th--------------1165 yards. 11 td.
'91-----3rd--------------1821 yards. 13 td.
'92-----1st--------------2048 yards. 19 td.
'93-----1st--------------1900 yards. 10 td.
'94-----1st--------------1825 yards. 22 td.
'95-----1st--------------2148 yards. 25 td.
'96-----5th--------------1453 yards. 15 td.
'97-----18th-------------1308 yards. 4 td.
'98-----6th--------------1507 yards. 15 td.
'99-----5th--------------1516 yards. 13 td.

bold=led the league

Monday, January 19, 2009

FF HoF- Sanders


Barry Sanders

Although he would never make a touchdown celebration hall of fame, because he never did it, Barry Sanders is a sure fire inductee to my fantasy football hall of fame. Some argue he is the best running back of all time, I'd say he is definitely top three. Barry was on the LIONS for his entire ten year career and made the pro-bowl every single season. He led RBs in fantasy points three seasons and was in the top four six times. He only missed more than one game once in his career when he injured his knee during the Thanksgiving Day game. That 1993 season as well as his last year in '97, Sanders failed to put up the touchdowns to keep him an elite back. This was the type of durable back you could count on to play every week and get the yardage you needed each Sunday.

Year---Rank at RB----------Stats
'89-----4th--------------1752 yards. 14 td.
'90-----1st--------------1784 yards. 16 td.
'91-----1st--------------1855 yards. 17 td.
'92-----7th--------------1577 yards. 10 td.
*'93----16th-------------1320 yards. 3 td.
'94-----2nd--------------2166 yards. 8 td.
'95-----3rd--------------1898 yards. 12 td.
'96-----6th--------------1700 yards. 11 td.
'97-----1st--------------2358 yards. 14 td.
'98-----10th-------------1780 yards. 4 td.

*=missed five games with knee injury
bold=led the league

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fantasy LL- Week 1

So my second round pick, Elson Pickering, has decided to get injured and play with it. He has continued to play 10 to 20 minutes a game and perform well below his standards. Luckily I picked his handcuff in the last round to fill in for me, while Elson gets back into the swing of things. Ty leads the league in overall points this week with three guys with three games. Mags beat Evan with one of his guys (Temgoua) having a phantom disappearance from the lineup. Larry had all five starters with three games this week and failed to produce 300 points...ouch. Rob Estep was a great pick by Lar. Harlee Wood had the best individual performance (57 points) against good old Vassar. Here are the three matchups of Week 1.

CountryJess (1-0)

G Josh Sharlow, SLU- 32, 31= 63
G Steve Madej, UNI- 33, 27, 29= 89
G/F Garrett Sharlow, SLU- 31, 42= 73
F Drew Desmaris, UNI- 56, 34, 59= 149
F Jon Douglas, SKD- 26, 30, 14= 70

Total= 444


Henry Gale's Heroes (0-1)

G Rob Estep, HOB- 8, 7, 6= 21
G Lance Wilson, HAM- 24, 27, 17= 68
G/F Tim Llewellyn, HOB- 13, 32, 30= 75
F Joey Lokitis, UNI- 20, 30, 17= 67
F Bobby Langford, SKD- 36, 14, 12= 62

Total= 293

Intercepting the Intersect

F Sam Simmons, RPI- 25, 54= 79
G Drew Goldstein, UNI- 30, 39, 24= 93
F Matt Covucci, UNI- 45, 47, 53= 145
G Brian Butterworth, VAS- 21, 29= 50
F George Koduah, CLK- 25, 32= 57

Total= 424


Alpha Q (0-1)

G Brandon Linton, CLK-26, 47= 73
G Lenny Holt, VAS- 14, 12= 26
F Tim Rupp, RPI- 49, 15= 64
G/F Jeff Altimar, SKD- 30, 29, 29= 88
F Ricky Philatre, RPI- 25, 23= 48

Total= 299

F It- We'll Do It Live (1-0)

F Harlee Wood, HAM- 28, 57, 50= 135
G Ralph Temgoua, SLU- no games
F Matt Nunn, VAS- 39, 25= 64
G Gerard O'Shea, SKD- 30, 39, 34= 103
G/F Adam Salzman, HOB- 29, 17, 49= 95

Total= 397


The Great Muppet Capers

G Tom Wopperer, SLU- 24, 16= 40
F Richard Williams, SLU- 37, 46= 83
G/F Joey Davis, VAS- 8, 22= 30
F Bela Vonnak, SLU- 45, 33= 78
G Caleb McGraw, VAS- 23, 5= 28

Total= 259

Saturday, January 17, 2009

FF HoF- Dickerson


Eric Dickerson

Other than playing for the best franchise in the NFL, Dickerson also was amazing at getting yards from scrimmage. He led the league in the category four out of his first six years in the league. In those same first six seasons he topped 2,000 yards four times and totaled less than 12 touchdowns only once ('87 when was traded mid-season and only played 12 games). He led running backs in fantasy points three seasons and was second or third twice. Like many of the top backs, he deteriorated early in his career and couldn't sustain his prowess. His early dominance is worthy of a nod to the HoF.

Year----Rank at RB----------Stats
'83------1st---------------2212 yards. 20 td.
'84------2nd---------------2244 yards. 14 td.
'85------11th--------------1360 yards. 12 td.
'86------1st---------------2026 yards. 12 td.
*'87-----3rd---------------1459 yards. 6 td.
'88------1st---------------2036 yards. 15 td.
'89------9th---------------1522 yards. 8 td.

*=12 games due to mid-season trade
bold=led the league

Friday, January 16, 2009

Quote of the Day

From Privileged...

After the typical jerk of a friend makes a bad joke about Sage's boyfriend being poor.

Rose- "Are you ok?"
Sage- "Please, like I wasn't expecting this? He's poor. I'm rich. Gass. It's so shocking? They did it on the first 90210."

FF HoF- Payton


When it came down to choosing running backs for my Fantasy Football Hall of Fame, it looked trickier than QBs. The lifespan of a back in the NFL is typically much shorter than a signal caller so I had to look at things a little differently. In the end it came down to the same factors. Which guys dominated fantasy football on a consistent basis. You don't want a dude that was top five in the league every other year, cause he killed teams in the years that he wasn't a great back.

Walter Payton

This first running back honoree into the Fantasy Football Hall of Fame was as good as they come when he first entered the league. He was a top four RB from 76-80 and led the league three seasons in a row. He went on to break Jim Brown's career rushing record in 84. After two down years, including the strike year of 82, Sweetness came back with four more top five seasons before his career ended. From 83-85 he surpassed 2,000 scrimmage yards and 11 touchdowns each season.

Year----Rank at RB----------Stats
*76------2nd---------------1539 yards. 13 td.
*77------1st---------------2121 yards. 16 td.
78-------1st---------------1875 yards.11 td.
79-------1st---------------1923 yards. 17 td.
80-------4th---------------1827 yards. 7 td.
81-------13th--------------1601 yards. 8 td.
#82------13th--------------907 yards. 2 td.
83-------4th---------------2028 yards. 11 td.
84-------4th---------------2052 yards. 13 td.
85-------4th---------------2034 yards. 12 td.
86-------5th---------------1715 yards. 11 td.

*=14 game seasons
#=strike ended 9 game season
bold=led the league

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jack Is Back

The show that got me to be the terrible television freak that I am is back after taking 2008 off because of the writers' strike. For the second time, Jack Bauer and 24 had a two night, four hour premier this past Sunday and Monday. Back during my sophomore year of college, Larry brought the first three seasons of the real-time drama to our suite. I finished the 72 episodes in about 6 weeks (albeit this was much longer than it took Larry and Mags who stayed up til 5 a.m. watching eps). Mags then went out and bought a bootleg Asian version of season 4 so we got to see the best season ever (with Habib Marwan) before it came back on the air in January.

Now I agree with all of you that seasons five and six have not been up to par with the fourth or third installments, but season seven has started out with a bang. Even though I knew beforehand that, spoiler alert, Tony, Bill and Chloe were coming back for this season, it was still an unbelievable moment. Sure I am as gullible as the next idiot and believed Tony was completely dirty, but finding out that he is working under cover with Buchannon and Chloe to take down the corrupt US Government was like a magical conjunction. When Jacko joins them during the fourth hour to go under, it truly geared me up for a great season.

Just think, Lost starts in less than a week...

FF HoF- Young


Steve Young

Joe Montana and Brett Favre have led the NFL in QB fantasy points three times. Steve Young did four. His fantasy prowess might surprise you because you forget about all of the rushing yards and touchdowns this guy used to get. I am not enshrining him because he appeared on 90210. Taking away his years in Tampa and seasons behind Montana, Stevie played eight seasons of great football. In '94 he had a 4,000 pass yards with 35 touchdowns to go along with 300 rush yards and a ridiculous 7 rushing tds. After Montana was done in '91, the high powered 49er offense was ripe for Young's taking. If you grabbed him then and there, you had the top QB in the league for three years in a row.

Year---Rank at QB----------Stats
*'91-----6th--------------2517 pyd. 17 ptd. 8 int. 415 ryd. 4 rtd.
'92-----1st----------------3465 pyd. 25 ptd. 7 int. 537 ryd. 4 rtd.
'93-----1st----------------4023 pyd. 29 ptd. 16 int. 407 ryd. 2 rtd.
'94-----1st----------------3969 pyd. 35 ptd. 10 int. 293 ryd. 7 rtd.
'95-----10th---------------3200 pyd. 20 ptd. 11 int. 250 ryd. 3 rtd.
#'96-----8th----------------2410 pyd. 14 ptd. 6 int. 310 ryd. 4 rtd.
'97-----9th----------------3029 pyd. 19 ptd. 6 int. 199 ryd. 3 rtd.
'98-----1st----------------4170 pyd. 36 ptd. 12 int. 454 ryd. 6 rtd.

*=11 games due to knee injury
#=12 games due to groin injury
bold=led the league

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

FF HoF- Marino


Dan Marino

Marino played for 17 years throughout the 80s and 90s. It wasn't until 1995 that his play started to diminish. If you picked up the Ace Ventura star after his rookie season, you would have had a top 5 quarterback for eight years out of the next eleven seasons. The Dolphin QB's only season out of the top 7 in that time period was when he tore his achilles in the fifth game of the season. His 5,084 yard 48 touchdown season in 84 still ranks as one of the best of all time. If your league isn't huge against interceptions, he's even better.

Year----Rank at QB----------Stats
'83-----13th------------2210 pyd. 20 ptd. 6 int. 2 rtd.
'84-----1st-------------5084 pyd. 48 ptd. 17 int.
'85-----2nd-------------4137 pyd. 30 ptd. 21 int.
'86-----1st-------------4746 pyd. 44 ptd. 23 int.
'87-----5th-------------3245 pyd. 26 ptd. 13 int. 1 rtd.
'88-----4th-------------4434 pyd. 28 ptd. 23 int.
'89-----7th-------------3997 pyd. 24 ptd. 22 int. 2 rtd.
'90-----7th-------------3563 pyd. 21 ptd. 11 int.
'91-----4th-------------3970 pyd. 25 ptd. 13 int. 1 rtd.
'92-----3rd-------------4116 pyd. 24 ptd. 16 int.
'94-----3rd-------------4453 pyd. 30 ptd. 17 int. 1 rtd.
'95-----11th------------3668 pyd. 24 ptd. 15 int.
'96-----11th------------2795 pyd. 17 ptd. 9 int.
'97-----14th------------3780 pyd. 16 ptd. 11 int.
'98-----10th------------3497 pyd. 23 ptd. 15 int. 1 rtd.

bold=led the league

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

FF HoF- Montana


Joe Montana

If you picked up Joe Montana in in 1981 and held onto him, you would have had one of the top four quarterbacks in seven out of the next nine seasons. He was the top QB in the NFL three times and in the top three performers on six occasions. The only times Joe failed to eclipse 3,000 yards and 20 touchdowns were his injury laden season of '86 and when he played 14 games and was in competition with Steve Young at the position in '88.

Year--Rank at QB------------Stats
1981-----8th---------------3,565 pyd. 19 ptd. 12 int. 95 ryd. 2 rtd.
*1982---1st-----------------2,613 pyd. 17 ptd. 11 int. 118 ryd. 1 rtd.
1983----3rd---------------3,910 pyd. 26 ptd. 12 int. 284 ryd. 2 rtd.
1984----4th---------------3,630 pyd. 28 ptd. 10 int. 118 ryd. 2 rtd.
1985----1st----------------3,653 pyd. 27 ptd. 13 int. 153 ryd. 3 rtd.
1987----1st----------------3,054 pyd. 31 ptd. 13 int. 141 ryd. 1 rtd.
1988----7th----------------2,981 pyd. 18 ptd. 10 int. 132 ryd. 3 rtd.
1989----2nd---------------3,521 pyd. 26 ptd. 8 int. 227 ryd. 3 rtd.
1990----3rd---------------3,944 pyd. 26 ptd. 16 int. 162 ryd. 1 rtd.

*=9 games due to strike
bold=led the league

Monday, January 12, 2009

Fantasy Football Hall of Fame- Staubach

I've always had a major problem with the ESPN Fantasy Hall of Fame. They think because some dude who has one surprising year where he's in the top ten at his position he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame? That doesn't make sense. Earnest Graham, Greg Jennings, Lance Moore...these guys aren't Hall of Famers. Graham and Moore were barely good during their one good season. Jenning has been a top ten receiver for three years so he deserves above average fantasy status.

I've decided to create my own Fantasy Football Hall of Fame of players that have excelled in the fantasy aspect of the National Football League (copyright Ron Jaworski). I've started with the 1970 season and onward.


Roger Staubach

In an era when quarterback didn't throw for much of anything, Staubach was the cream of the crop. From 1971-79 he never finished less than the 6th best QB in the league. He was first or second in his final three seasons, eclipsing 3200 yards and 25 touchdowns in his last two. Although some years' stats may look terrible (ex. '74 and '76) he was still the 6th and 5th best QB to choose from, so you weren't that bad off for having him.

*1971---3rd--------1,882 pyds. 15 ptd. 4 int. 343 ryds. 2 rtd.
*1973---2nd-------2,428 pyds. 23 ptd. 15 int. 250 ryds. 3 rtd.
*1974---6th--------2,552 pyds. 11 ptd. 15 int. 320 ryds. 3 rtd.
*1975---4th--------2,666 pyds. 17 ptd. 16 int. 316 ryds. 4 rtd.
*1976---5th--------2,715 pyds. 14 ptd. 11 int. 184 ryds. 3 rtd.
*1977---1st---------2,620 pyds. 18 ptd. 9 int. 171 ryds. 3 rtd.
#1978---1st---------3,190 pyds. 25 ptd. 16 int. 182 ryds. 1 rtd.
^1979---2nd--------3,586 pyds. 27 ptd. 11 int. 172 ryds.

*=14 game seasons
#=15 game season
^=16 game season
bold=led the league

Friday, January 9, 2009

NFL Overtime

I don't understand why this subject brings up so many arguments. The NFL overtime rules are definitely not the best, but at least they are still football. College overtime is just silly. How can we not do it like basketball? An overtime period to determine the winner. Looking at it in pure sport, this seems like the only real solution to the problem. I find it weird that I have not heard anyone but myself and Golic speak out about this as the correct answer to NFL overtime. You have a time game after regulation, you play another period to find the winner. If it is tied after that period, then you get a tie. Simple. Sure the overtimes will be going a bit longer than they do now, increasing the probability of injuries, but not by that much. I'm not saying another 15 minute bout ten minutes? If the offense is so good that they can drive down the field, score a touchdown and waste all of the ten minutes, then they deserve to win the game outright. But if the team that wins the coin flip can only get down to the 30 and kick a field goal, then the other team gets their deserved chance to win. This would be real football. Get it done.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fantasy Liberty League

The Liberty League is an NCAA Division III Conference that I competed in for four years. The men's basketball teams are Vassar, RPI, Hobart, Hamilton, Skidmore, Union, St. Lawrence and Clarkson.

Six former Vassar basketball players, including myself, will be competing in this first ever Fantasy Liberty League.


1. Josh Sharlow G, SLU
2. Steve Madej G, UNI
3. Garrett Sharlow G/F, SLU
4. Drew Desmaris F, UNI
5. Jon Douglas F, SKD
6. Brian Salenger G, CLK
7. Terron Victoria G, SKD
8. Mark Bruce G, HOB

Intercepting the Intersect

1. Sam Simmons F, RPI
2. Elson Pickering F, CLK
3. Drew Goldstein G, UNI
4. Matt Covucci F, UNI
5. Brian Butterworth G/F, VAS
6. Jay Simpson G, HAM
7. Andy Hoercher G, SLU
8. George Koduah F, CLK

F It- We'll Do It Live

1. Harlee Wood F, HAM
2. Ralph Temgoua G, SLU
3. Matt Nunn F, VAS
4. Gerard O'Shea G, SKD
5. Adam Salzman F, HOB
6. Matt Pebole F, HOB
7. Sam Cohen-Devries F, SKD
8. Nicholas Justiz G, VAS

Alpha Q

1. Brandon Linton G, SKD
2. Lenny Holt G, VAS
3. Tim Rupp G/F, RPI
4. Jeff Altimar G, SKD
5. Ricky Philatre F, RPI
6. Patrick Sullivan F, HAM
7. Casey Black G, VAS
8. Ryan Smith F, CLK

Henry Gale's Heroes

1. Rob Estep G, HOB
2. Lance Wilson G, HAM
3. Tim Llewellyn G, HOB
4. Joey Lokitis G/F, UNI
5. Bobby Langford F, SKD
6. Keith Murray G/F, CLK
7. Nikola Trkulja G, VAS
8. Chris Whitney F, VAS

The Great Muppet Capers

1. Tom Wopperer G/F, SLU
2. Richard Williams F, SLU
3. Joey Davis G/F, VAS
4. Bela Vonnak F, SLU
5. Caleb McGraw G, VAS
6. Russ Rosenband G, HAM
7. Terry Parham G, SLU
8. Jon Ciriello F, HAM