Saturday, October 24, 2009

Survivor Samoa- Week 6

How are all of these people so freezing?!? Isn't this a tropical island? Suck it up and get over it. If it is that cold, why aren't any of them wearing shirts? I don't care if my shirt is soaked, I'm wearing it if I'm cold.

During the one and only competition of this week's episode Foa Foa was on the verge of winning and Russell S. passes out from rolling a ball down a path. What a joke. Next season it is an automatic -10 points if Jeff stops a challenge because of you. -20 for leaving due to health reasons. These dudes are a bunch of pansy boys.

When Russell passed out, I was waiting for Jeff Probey Probst to exclaim, "A Survivor FIRST! A CONTESTANT HAS DIED MID COMPETITION!!!" I swear to God Probst enjoys when the contestants pass out and need medical attention. He seems to get high off it.

Fantasy Results

The Technotronics

W. Russell (Foa Foa)-W6 (16)= 16
B. Russell (Galu)-
Monica (Galu)- W6 (16)= 16
Liz (Foa Foa)- W6 (16)= 16
Natalie (Foa Foa)- W6 (16)= 16
Week 6= 64

Sweet Niblets

Erik (Galu)- W6 (16)= 16
Ben (Foa Foa)-
Ashley (Foa Foa)-
Kelly (Galu)- W6 (16)= 16
Shambo (Galu)- W6 (16)= 16
Week 6= 48
Total= 178

Canon Controversy

John (Galu)- W6 (16)= 16
Jaison (Foa Foa)- W6 (16)= 16
Mike (Foa Foa)-
Dave (Galu)- W6 (16)= 16
Betsy (Foa Foa)-
Week 6= 48
Total= 173

Freecell Makes Me Wanna

Mick (Foa Foa)-
W6 (16)= 16
Brett (Galu)- W6 (16)= 16
Marissa (Foa Foa)-
Laura (Galu)- W6 (16)= 16
Yasmin (Galu)-
Week 6= 48
Total= 162

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