Thursday, April 30, 2009

Top Basketball Movies (10 & 9)

10. One on One (1977)
Starring: Robbie Benson, Annette O'Toole, Janet Hayes

Henry Steele is a high school basketball superstar in his small town, but when he gets a scholarship to play at a big time college things take a turn for the worst. Whether it's that the other players are better than he though they would be, or no one's giving him a chance, Henry is barely surviving. The coach is a nice guy though. He asks Henry to give back his scholarship and get the heck out. Henry of course sticks it out and when the team loses many players to injuries and foul-outs, his number is called. The kid puts on a show scoring, passing and making the winning basket. Now the coach lets him know that no one will bother him about his scholarship. My boy Henry lets the coach know where he can put the scholarship, "All the way up, with a red hot poker."

Favorite Character: Henry Steele
"All the way up with a red hot poker. I can play anywhere I want," Henry Steele.

9. Space Jam (1996)

Starring: Michael Jordan, Wayne Knight, The Looney Toons

The one and only movie on the list with animation. Wow how did I put Space Jame this low? MJ kills it. Bugs, Daffy and the gang are fantastic. And there is a wonderful small role for Bill Murray. So after an evil cartoon decides he needs the Looney Toons to spice up his amusement park, he sends big gooney monsters to kidnap them. Bugs convinces them to play a basketball game to determine their safety. After the monsters take the talent from Barkely, Ewing, LJ, Mugsy and Shawn Bradley, the Toons call upon MJ to help them beat the Mon-Stars.

Favorite Character: Bill Murray
Least Favorite:
Mr. Swackhammer

"Never trust an earthling," Bill Murray.

"Well I may not be very tall...but I'm slow," Stan Podolak.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Top Basketball Movies (12 & 11)

12. Passing Glory (1999)
Starring: Andre Braugher, Rip Torn, Sean Squire

As is the case in many great sports movies, Passing Glory deals with racial tensions. It is the story of the best black high school basketball team in Louisiana versus the best white high school basketball team in Louisiana. In the 1960s these teams would never play each other, but after Joseph Verrett comes back home to Louisiana after teaching in Chicago he has some crazy ideas. After the bball coach takes a college job, Father Verrett is forced to take over the team. Although he doesn't know much about basketball he loves to teach the boys life lessons. The major one being that blacks and whites can play basketball against each other. It's a showdown for the ages.

Favorite character: Father Joseph Verrett
Least favorite:
Mike Malone Jr.

"That's totally uncalled for!" Father Robert Grant.

11. The Air Up There (1994)
Starring: Kevin Bacon, Charles Gitonga Maina, Yolanda Vazquez

Jimmy Dolan, Shake and Bake. The longest set up ever for a one-on-one basketball move. If anyone every tried to use it in a game they would probably be in for a shot clock violation. The Air Up There follows Coach Jimmy Dolan as he tries to get a fantastic recruit from Africa to come to his college. He needs to land Saleh so that he can take the reigns of the squad once the head coach retires. Jimmy faces many a trouble trying to get Saleh to return to the States with him. In the end there is an inter-tribal game, and if Jimmy's team wins, Saleh will play for him in the US.

Favorite character: Saleh
Least favorite:
Sister Susan

Id'old' Blue Eyes

If the rumors of Simon leaving Idol after this season are true, it will be a very sad day. Listening to the judges is already unbearable, but at least I know there is some enjoyment when Mr. Cowell comments. Can you imagine listening to only Randy, Kara and Paula next year? Wow that would be rough.

Quote of the night- "He's got a little Sylar in him," Pops after watching Ms. Lambert's performance.

Last night was songs from the Rat Pack Era. Which means any song that Old Blue Eyes, Sammy D or Deano ever recorded.

Allison Iraheta- (Someone to Watch Over Me/Frank Sinatra) This girl needs to work on her diction, because I can't understand a single word she sings. That being said, she deserves to be in the top five, but not any further. This was good, but not great at all. All of the critics love her and I don't know why. Thankfully America doesn't seem to and hopefully she heads home tonight.

Kris Allen- (The Way You Look Tonight/Frank Sinatra) Again this was good, but nothing special. The beginning was great but I thought it got away from him a little through the second half. He tried to do too much with it and didn't pull it off. Also the falsetto in the middle didn't work for me at all, it was not nearly powerful enough. This was just so much worse than the original that it's hard to say it was a great performance.

Danny Gokey- (Come Rain or Come Shine/Frank Sinatra) Gokes started a little too slow again. The last third of this was so good that I feel bad not putting him second. His bluesy tone knocked the end of this song out of the park.

Matt Giraud- (My Funny Valentine/Frank Sinatra) Unlike Danny, Matt's performance held my attention from the first note to the last. I just listened to Sammy's version of this a couple of days ago and Matt's was wayy better. He kept his runs to a minimum in this one and when he brought them out they added a lot to the song. Also his falsetto was on point.

Adam Lambert- (Feeling Good/Sammy Davis Jr.) Every night he does what he does with the utmost professionalism and makes every song his own. I will admit this wasn't one of my favorites of Ms. Lambert's, but it was still miles better than anyone else in the competition. Also his opening to the song was unbelievable.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tyson: Assistant Coach

If you have enjoyed Tyson on this season of Survivor then I suggest watching this video of last week's tribal council. It has Tyson's audio commentary and it is hilarious. Enjoy.

We Could Be Heroes

Last night NBC threw two hours of season finale action at us. While this post is going to be mostly about the Heroes Volume Four finale, I need to mention how great Chuck was last night. It was a fantastic ending to an awesome season. If this is, in fact, the last we see of the CIA/Buy More crew, I will be sad but pleased with what they gave us.

Unlike Chuck, which has been getting better and better over the past two years, Heroes has been all over the place. Season One was one of, if not the best first season in my memory. After that the show started on a downslide, which might have been caused by the writers’ strike during the second season. Volume Three started this fall and it was more of the same mediocrity. Now for me, volume four was looking like a step in the right direction, but last night’s finale threw me through another loop.

I have always been the guy who says that, in a serialized action show like this, you need to kill people off at times to keep the viewer’s attention. This is something Heroes wasn’t willing to do. Sure they got rid more minor characters like D.L., Isaac and Linderman, but when they kill off Nikki only to bring her back as Tracy, or they kill Nathan at the end of season two only to have him be healed by Claire’s blood it just makes me angry.

So when spoilers for this volume’s finale said that a major character would die, I didn’t think they were going to cop out like they did. -SPOILER ALERT- So Peter and Nathan go in to attack Sylar (which they don’t let Claire or the audience see, bootleg) and surprise surprise, the killer with multiple lethal powers kills the dude that can fly around. After Nathan’s throat is slit by Sylar, and Peter has mimicked Sylar’s shape shifting power, Peter shifts into the form of the President and stabs Sylar with a tranquilizer. Now Peter, Claire, Noah, Angela and Parkman are left with a dead Nathan and a knocked out Sylar. As a political move, and so that Angela doesn’t lose her son, Parkman gives Sylar’s body all of Nathan’s memories and removes anything to do with Gabriel Gray/Sylar.

So there wasn’t really a death of a main character. Sure the real Nathan is dead, but he’s still around in Sylar. And I guess the essence of Sylar won’t be around, but the preview of volume five shows that the new Nathan starts to show Gabriel’s original power of knowing how things work. So we will probably end up with having a half Nathan, half Sylar dude wondering around in the near future. That's not really killing anyone off.

And to top things off, at the very end of the volume five preview we see Tracy again. After shattering herself into a million pieces a while ago she is now back and has some sort of water manipulation power like Alex Mack. Unless this is not Tracy, and is in fact the third triplet, it is more proof that they can’t kill anyone off.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Top Basketball Movies (14 & 13)

14. Love and Basketball (2000)
Starring: Omar Epps, Sanaa Lathan, Dennis Haysbert

Half chick flick, half basketball movie. What’s better than that? Well 13 movies I will name later, but Love and Basketball is a classic. Monica Wright was on my top females list earlier and Quincy McCall is much sweeter than the Eric Foreman I have to endure on Monday nights. Throw President David Palmer into the mix and it’s not half bad. Monica and Quincy grow up together as good friends and star bball players in high school. They finally get together and then go off to college at USC. They then inevitably break up, but then Monica comes back to play him in one-on-one for his love. The dude obviously wins, but they get back together anyway.

Favorite Character: Quincy McCall
Least Favorite: Coach Davis
Quote: “Double or nothing,” Quincy.

13. Semi-Pro (2008)
Starring: Will Ferrell, Woody Harrelson, Andre Benjamin

So there’s this guy Will Ferrell who has made a few comedy pictures in his day. Well one of them was Semi-Pro. Although it is not one of the elite Ferrell flicks, the basketball player in me laughed hysterically at most of the bball scenes. The very first basketball game is classic, with Jackie Moon taking over as the star with Coffee Black not out to the court yet. Jackie posts up, demands the ball, kicks it out and demands it again over and over again. He then continues to take eight steps on his way to a sky hook and then gets extremely mad at the ref when a travel is called. Not to worry when Coffee Black enters the game, he takes over, and after dribbling through the entire opposition multiple times, he swishes a three from the corner. While the entire team is hugging and celebrating the basket, you can see the visitors scoring a fast break layup at the other end. It just doesn’t get much better than that.

Favorite Character: Jackie Moon
Least Favorite:

Quote: “In the annals of history people are going to be talking about three things: the discovery of fire, invention of the submarine, and the Flint, Michigan Mega Bowl,” Jackie Moon.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Top Basketball Movies (16 & 15)

16. Eddie (1996)
Starring: Whoopi Goldberg, Frank Langella, Dennis Farina

Edwina 'Eddie' Franklin is a Knicks fan and after she gets called down to the court to participate in the half-time show, the crowd falls in love with her. When the coach is fired, the owner turns to Eddie to turn things around in New York. Now I'm not a big Whoopie fan, and I don't even enjoy her that much in this movie, but it is the surrounding cast that gets Eddie on the list. Langella, Farina and Richard Jenkins are all great, but it is the performances by NBA stars Rick Fox, Mark Jackson, John Sally and Malik Sealy (blow a kiss to the sky in remembrance) that put it over the top.

Favorite Character: Stacy Patton
Least Favorite: Claudine
Quote: "Yo, that's my jersey!" Walt Frazier.

15. He Got Game (1998)
Starring: Denzel Washington, Ray Allen, Rosario Dawson

Two in a row with Rick Fox. Ray Allen plays Jesus Shuttlesworth, the best high school basketball player in the country. He Got Game tells the story of Jesus being recruited by every school in the country and the troubles he faces while trying to get off the streets. His dad gets out of jail temporarily so that he can convince Jesus to go to a certain school. Speaking of Mr. Shuttlesworth, how terrible was Denzel's jumper?

Favorite Character: Jesus Shuttlesworth
Least Favorite: Lala Bonilla

Friday, April 24, 2009

Top Basketball Movies (18 & 17)

18. Like Mike (2002)
Starring: Bow Wow, Morris Chestnut, Jonathan Lipnicki

Ok this movie was so bootleg that they couldn’t even use the Clippers as the other team in LA, they had to be the Knights. But it makes it on here for a few reasons. The amount superstars is great, with Kidd, Iverson and the like all having lines. But nothing beats when Dirk comes up to Like Mike and asks for an autograph for his niece or sister or somebody. Like Mike asks Dirk what her name is and he stalls and goes…“Uhh…Dirk.” Classic. Also this movie was the origin of my brother’s name. When I was in a big nickname giving mode, with gems like Case the Base and Big Tom, Tim got the moniker T-time after I had watched Like Mike do the same to his boy Tracy Reynolds.

Favorite Character: Dirk Nowitzki
Least Favorite: Stan Bittleman
Quote: “Uhh…Dirk,” Dirk Nowitzki

17. Hoop Dreams (1994)
Starring: Arthur Agee, William Gates

The only documentary to make the list, Hoop Dreams tells the story of a couple of young kids in inner-city Chicago trying to become basketball superstars. William Gates and Arthur Agee both attend the private school that their idol, Isaiah Thomas, went to. Agee doesn’t make it past the first year and returns home to public school. Neither one ends up making it in basketball, but Agee does get a small part in the basketball movie, Passing Glory in 1999.

Favorite Dude: Arthur Agee

Survivor Tocantins- Week 9


I get it that Coach and Tyson are such good buddies that they don't want to get rid of each other, but why are they so intent on booting Sierra? Do they have no idea how to play Survivor? 'She's the only outcast of the group so let's get rid of her,' that's their thought process? Wow guys, at least try to bounce JT, the guy who is good at challenges and everyone likes. He will get more votes than you if you take him to the end.

On a positive note for this year's crew, they finally made a great move. Although Stephen came up with the plan, JT gets the 20 point bonus for the back-stab. He had a clear-cut pact with Coach and turned on him to oust Tyson out of the game. It was obvious that JT still had a stronger bond with Stephen and Taj from back when they were in Jalapao, so when Stevie brought up the idea to get rid of Tyson now (which is the obvious move and has been for a couple weeks) JT jumped on board and they got rid of the most entertaining dude on the show.

Week 9 Results

Slaughterhouse 1st (635)

Tyson: -16
Stephen: 37
Taj: 37
Sierra: 37
Total= 95

Freecell Makes Me Wanna
2nd (353)

Debbie: 61
Total= 61

Rangers Stars Mavericks Cowboys
3rd (347)

JT: 61
Coach: 37
Total= 98

The Renegades
4th (214)

Erinn: 41
Total= 41

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Top Basketball Movies (20 & 19)

20. Coach Carter (2005)
Starring: Samuel L. Jackson, Rob Brown, Rick Gonzalez

In this tale of an inner city group of basketball players having a tough time with a new, stringent coach, Samuel L. plays the black Norman Dale and sets his sights high with this crew of thugs and gangsters. He locks the gym with chains after the dudes start failing in school. This obviously causes a raucous in the community, but he doesn’t give in until the kids get their grades up. Oh and yes he makes Spanish from Old School do 1,000 suicides in order to get back on the team.

Favorite Character: Worm

19. Juwanna Mann (2002)
Starring: Miguel A. Nunez Jr., Vivica A. Fox, Kevin Pollack

Ahh yes the professional basketball star that gets booted from the league because he takes all his clothes off while standing on the scorers’ table. Oh that’s not the crazy part? True, Jamaal Jeffries then puts on a wig and a woman’s body suit and becomes Juwanna Mann, the new star of the women’s professional basketball league. We have one of those? Either way, the comedy is great here, as Jamaal’s ridiculously conceited attitude shines as he destroys every women's basketball player in his way.

Favorite Character: Juwanna Mann
Least Favorite: Puff Smokey Smoke
Quote: “Can’t help it, born with it,” Juwanna Mann

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Disco Idol

Get her off the stage, she's wrecking the show

Lil Rounds- (Chaka Kahn/I'm Every Woman) I don't even have anything to say anymore. If she makes it to the top five it will be embarrassing for everyone involved.

Some ups, some downs...some ups

Matt Giraud- (Bee Gees/Stayin' Alive) I think with this song all of Matt's runs and riffs got a little out of control and hurt his performance. Also his falsetto at the beginning was so weak it might have thrown the whole thing off.

Allison Iraheta- (Donna Summer/Hot Stuff) She finally made serious changes to a song, and it kinda worked for me. Slowing down this song actually made me enjoy it. Except for the part near the end when the backup singers were doing most of the joint, I thought it was good.

Danny Gokey- (Earth, Wind and Fire/September) For the second week in a row Gokes has taken one from the Rickey Smith catalog. Unlike last week's, I enjoyed this one much more than when Rickey did it. There was nothing special about this, but solid overall.

Anoop Desai- (Donna Summer/Dim All the Lights) I don't know the song so I'm going to say that Kutner either chose the perfect song or made some great changes to it. The song worked so well that I have him as my number three this week even though he had a couple vocal hiccups. He again took an old song and made it feel contemporary.

Making a serious push for the finals

Kris Allen- (Donna Summer/She Works Hard For the Money) Wow, the kid is making great moves. With only the bongos and bass behind him, his guitar playing could shine through and it added a lot to his performance. The arrangement changes to the song were fantastic. Kris is giving it his best effort to put his own twist on everything he does. And we all know you can go far in this game doing it that way.

Holding everyone off at more than an arm's length

Adam Lambert- (Yvonne Elliman/If I Can't Have You) I knew it. He is seriously going every other week from upbeat joint to slow-it-down ballad. In a week of disco that I thought maybe he'd have to stray from that, he completely reworked this song. I loved that he made a point before he went on stage to say that he was gonna connect with the song. The judges and audience both love that, and Ms. Lambert can act like he is connecting even if he isn't because as we know he has been on Broadway. Oh and as always his vocals were the best of the night.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Buy More Chuck

After a great four episode run, last night's fantastic penultimate ep and a set up for what could be one of the best hours of television this year, everyone should be excited for next week's Chuck season finale.

Last night episode had everything you could ask for. There was loads of action, there were plenty of laughs at the Buy More and there were many great Chuck/Sarah moments throughout. Not to mention (SPOILER ALERT) Chuck telling Captain Awesome that he's a CIA spy. There were the continuation of great guest spots, with my birthday buddy Scott Bakula as Chuck's dad and Chevy Chase as an unbelievable villain.

Allison Waldman wrote a great review over at TV Squad.

As Chuck has quickly moved itself into a top five spot on my tv favorites, it is in danger of not coming back for a third season. Many people are doing their part to keep Chuck alive, but if anything will help it will be ratings for the finale. So if you aren't doing anything Monday night, throw the tube on NBC at 8:00 PM for the Kid here. I don't ask that you watch, just put the tv on. If you have digital cable, you can even leave the tv off, just put the box to NBC.

Friday, April 17, 2009

That's Some Big Shark Harry

Now that's a movie. The most important thing to come out of watching Jaws was how sweet it is that I now know what "That's some bad hat Harry" comes from. Bad Hat Harry Productions, run by Brian Singer, produces House, M.D. and after the credits roll a cartoon dude says the famous quote. I never knew what it was from but always thought it was catchy. Apparently Singer liked Jaws, or just the line, or both.

In the early going I was loving the fact that the people of the town, especially the mayor, were so angry about not having the beach open. I don't know about you, but if anyone mentioned that there might be a shark in the water, I wouldn't go near that beach ever again. I would live with no money if it meant I didn't get eaten by a great white shark.

So granted this movie was made in 1975 and the special effects of the shark are horrid, I was still freaked out a good amount of the time. It's a good thing I had the lights on while watching or things could have gotten a little out of control. When Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) is out on his boat with Chief Brody (Roy Scheider) and he goes down to check out underneath the small boat, I almost fell out of my comfortable recliner when the dead dude's head popped out of nowhere.

Mr. Quint (Robert Shaw) was real sweet until he got eaten by Jaws. While the three dudes were out on the boat and it started getting a little too scary for Chief Brody, he decided to call the Coast Guard for help. Quint wanted none of this and smashed the radio to pieces, while Brody was in mid call. Mr. Quint quietly said "Excuse me, Chief" and handed him the bat. Classic.

As far as Chief Brody goes, I could take him or leave. But what made this shark hunting experience great was the combination of Quint and Hooper. These two guys were extremely different, yet I loved them both. Sure they both loved sharks, but the similarities ended there. The Dreyfuss laugh was unbelievable as always.

The only thing I didn't really like about this movie was that it ended immediately after they killed the great white shark. I would've enjoyed a nice little homecoming for Hooper and Brody. With the town all happy that they can have a worry free rest of the summer and Brody reuniting with the family as he says goodbye to his new friend Hooper. But hey that's just one man's opinion.

Survivor Tocantins- Week 8


Wow Coach. Wow. Let's start by talking about Coach's campfire story about how he was military airlifted in to the amazon river (he pulled some strings). While kayaking down the Amazon he felt like somebody was watching him. Sure enough it was indigenous tribesmen all around him and they started to fire at him with bow and arrows. Finally they captured him, tied him up and started beating him to death. For some reason they turned away long enough for Coach to break through the rope and escape back into his kayak and paddle down the river. He paddled so hard his hands started to bleed. We later find out at tribal council that this was only one of eight or more times that he's been three seconds away from death. How do you get to a point in your life that either you actually believe people are going to believe these stories, or you yourself actually believe the stories you have invented in your mind? Well Coach is there, and as much as I hate him, it makes me happy to yell at the tv screen.

Here's why I enjoy Big Brother more than Survivor. There is never enough time for the castaways to make any great plays. In Big Brother they have a week between eliminations, which give everyone plenty of time to plan, sneak around and backstab. With the Survivor eliminations coming every couple days it's like they get one thing in their mind and don't have any time to change their mind.

The fantasy aspect is all but over as Jaydon continues to dominate.

Week 8 Results

Slaughterhouse 1st (540)

Tyson: 49
Stephen: 29
Taj: 29
Sierra: 17
Total= 124

Freecell Makes Me Wanna
2nd (292)

Brendan: -14
Debbie: 33
Total= 19

Rangers Stars Mavericks Cowboys
3rd (249)

JT: 33
Coach: 21
Total= 54

The Renegades
4th (173)

Erinn: 29
Total= 29

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Eastbound & Down Is F'ing In

The hype on Eastbound got so high that it was no longer possible for me to not watch it. I recently finished the six short episodes of season one and was pleased but not that impressed. Will Ferrell and Adam McKay produce the new series, while Danny McBride and Jody Hill wrote the episodes.
  • Yeah sure he is the main character, but Danny McBride makes this show. It's not half as good with somebody else that people think is funny. He's been getting a lot of credit now for his work in Pineapple Express and Tropic Thunder, but if you want to see him at his best, check him out as Rico in Hot Rod.
  • The maturation of Stevie (right) from loser dork into loser that acts like a jerk was a masterpiece. Whether it's dressing in all black at the bbq or bringing his band students out to the baseball field and yelling at them when they weren't facing the right way, he was gold by the end of this season.
  • The third and final thing that made this first season good was cursing at a middle school. For this reason alone, thank you for HBO. The f word in from of little kids is hillarious. Especially when no one, even the principal, punishes him for his behavior.
Top 5 Characters
  1. Kenny Powers- Danny McBride
  2. Stevie Janowski- Steve Little
  3. Pat Anderson- Adam Scott
  4. Ashley Schaeffer- Will Ferrell
  5. Cassie Powers- Jennifer Irwin

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Idol at the Movies

I think anyone of these top seven (except for maybe Lil) could have/would have won season three. Tonight everyone was very good (except for Lil).

Yo producers, if you run out of time and have to cut the judges in half for comments, please get rid of Kara. Why did you bring her on? Four is way too many.

So tonight is songs from the movies. Let's see the run down of the top seven.

Go Home

Lil Rounds- (The Rose, The Rose/Bette Midler) So as this started I thought to myself, wow this is finally not boring. But by the end I realized that I had spaced out through half of it, so I guess it was once again a snooze alert. Add to this the fact that she was whining and complaining about the judges and I say she needs to go.

Not Impressed

Kris Allen- (Once, Falling Slowly/Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova) I guess it does pay to do songs that the audience knows, because the two that I like the leasts are the two I had never heard of. Kris started a little slow, but just before the halfway mark he really brought me in and I started to enjoy his performance.

Allison Iraheta- (Armageddon, I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing/Aerosmith) Everyone and their brother has done this song so you have knock it out of the park. I don't think she did that. It was good, but not great. She started out pretty different from the original which gets you hooked for the rest of it. This makes it okay that the second half was basically a second rate version.

Top Four Dudes

Matt Giraud- (Don Juan DeMarco, Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman/Bryan Adams) Bryan Adams really does nothing with his songs. Both Matt and (will get to later) Kutner made fantastic changes to his songs just by show better vocal talent. Giraud had the vocal riffs going but there were a couple moments where he kinda messed up and it sounded a little off. That's why he's not in my top three tonight.

Danny Gokey- (Endless Love, Endless Love/Lionel Richie and Diana Ross) By far his best of the season. I loved that it was just him and the harp up there. I totally disagree with Simon, he did change the song. The original has way more going on musically, Gokes stripped it down so he could show off the vocal talent that I can now see that he has. Unlike past weeks, he showed some major range in this performance. Sure it doesn't compare to Rickey Smith's version in season two, but what does?

Anoop Desai- (Robin Hood, I Do It For You/Bryan Adams) As I said before, Bryan Adams is easy to outperform and Anoop killed this one. Way better than the original. Dr. Kutner has been resurrected and this was finally two great weeks in a row for Noop Dog Millionaire. He made such great changes in the melody of the song. Awesome.

Adam Lambert- (Easy Rider, Born To Be Wild/Steppenwolf) Unlike Larry Avitamiboblay, the judges, America, Barstool Sports, JJ, and yes I love Ms. Lambert. This was unbelievable! Like he did with Play that Funky Music, Adam took a song that I really dislike and turned it into a masterpiece. It's kind of ridiculous how he has been like clockwork so far, in that he goes with an upbeat joint followed by a slow-down ballad every other week. If he doesn't come out with something slow next week, I'll be shocked.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sarah Connor Chronicled?

It's really a shame that people haven't been watching Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, because this past Friday's Season Two Finale might have been the final episode of the series. With ratings lower than Howie Do It and Wife Swap, as well as anything they put on CBS, most are certain that Terminator has run its course on television. Others have a slight bit of hope that the opening of the Christian Bale starring Terminator Salvation (watch trailer) will give enough reason to keep the show on the air.
8PM CBS Ghost Whisperer 10.23 2.5/9

ABC Wife Swap 4.64 1.4/5

NBC Howie Do It 3.86 1.1/4

FOX Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 3.56 1.3/5

CW Everybody Hates Chris (R) 1.47 0.6/2
Source: TVAddict

I didn't come into watching this show as a fan of the Arnold movies. I had a clean slate and got hooked right away. Now sure, it has had some dull episodes, but so has what I consider the best show on television, Lost. The way Terminator has picked up over the second half of this season has been terrific.

The final episode, maybe ever, was fantastic and everyone seems to thinks so. After Cameron (right) demolished everyone in her path to get Sarah out of jail, the good metal chick went to super computer John Henry and voluntarily gave him her chip. Meanwhile crazy liquid metal Weaver meets with Sarah and John Connor to let them know SkyNet is her enemy also. Here's where a fantastic interaction occurs.

"We need to get out, they're trying to kill my son."
Weaver: "No they're trying to kill my son, just like you are." (speaking of John Henry)
Sarah: "I'm sure she's done it." (thinking Cameron was going to destroy John Henry)
Weaver: "You better hope not. You're John may save the world, but he can't do it without mine."
--Boom! Roasted.

After they all find a chip-less Cameron and a missing John Henry, Weaver travels through time to go get John Henry back. And sure enough Johnny Connor (left) goes with her to find Cameron's chip. When they get there, they are smack dab in the resistance with a healthy and alive brother combo of Derek and Kyle Reese, as well as a human looking Cameron (probably the mold they use for her). When John talks to a Derek that doesn't recognize him, he let's him know that his name is John Connor. "Anybody heard the name John Connor?" Derek asks. Boy did they screw up the space-time continuum somehow.

The only reason I won't be extremely upset with leaving this story completely up in the air is because there are going to be three more Terminator movies over the next decade. That being said, I would love to see a season three of the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Survivor Tocantins- Week 7


Tyson was on fire today. In the immunity challenge but mostly in awesome quotes. After the merge, while scheming he claims "I can mold this game however I want right now." Then after he wins the challenge he says "I kick ass like I always do. If you ladies want my phone number, I guess...ask." Then later he goes "Lying to everybody actually brings me pleasure." And finally he brings out "I never liked Sierra. I don't know why she's out here other than to give hope to all the stupid people in the world." Amazing ep for him.

Interesting technique Joe. Get a bug to crawl up your scab so that it gets infected and you have to get removed from the show via helicopter or you will die. Bravo Joe. Way to screw my squad over. Meanwhile Jaydon continues to dominate.

Week 7 Results

Slaughterhouse 1st (416)

Tyson: 50
Stephen: 30
Taj: 30
Sierra: 30
Total= 140

Freecell Makes Me Wanna
2nd (273)

Brendan: 30
Debbie: 30
Total= 60

Rangers Stars Mavericks Cowboys
3rd (195)

JT: 30
Coach: 30
Total= 60

The Renegades
4th (144)

Joe: 8
Erinn: 30
Total= 38