Saturday, October 10, 2009

Thursday Thoughts- Jim and Pam's Big Day

Flash Forward
My first thought after watching this week's ep was that there wasn't much action. It was pretty slow moving, but it kept my attention the entire time. I feel that because it's so early on in the season I am much more likely to be curious about every single word that is spoken. If this ep took place maybe 12 weeks in, I probably would have been bored through it. Take for example the middle of Lost season two.

A few questions regarding the situation with Demetri Noh and his fiancé, Gabrielle Union. In her flash she is at her wedding day. When Noh asks her if she saw him, she said yes. Is this some kind of mystery that we/they need to figure out, or was she just assuming it was him and never actually saw him. Why wouldn't Noh just tell her that he saw nothing and he might be dead? Why do people run away from the truth so often? Speaking of him seeing nothing, that would mean that he is dead and she was getting married to someone else less than a month after her ex-fiancé gets murdered? What a slue. Here's an idea Demetri, get married tomorrow! This may change the future and you might not die. Or better yet, wear a bullet proof vest on March 15th!

Is it bad that every time Stan Wedeck speaks I expect him to spit out references from Huck Finn? During his eulogy this week, how could he not ask, "Is a cat a cow? Is a cow a cat? Is a French man a man? Than why don't he talk like a man?"

The end of this week's ep started to heat up again as The Dude began to question the crows dying. Through a little research he found that something like this has happened before?!? You would think that if something like this happened only 18 years ago, they would've remembered it!

The Office
I've said it before and I'll say it again, The Office is much better as an hour long show. This week's ep was more proof of that. The best episode so far this season. I feel it just has more room to breathe with the 42 minute run time. They don't have to cram a bunch of jokes in at once.

Dwight was fantastic this week:
"A three ounce fetus is calling the shots...that's bad ass."

Then once in the great Niagra Falls, Dwight is unbelievable at the kids' table.

As he begins to find out stuff about Pam's relatives, his internet information was unbelievable...the chick's sophomore year volleyball record? Classic.

Michael, thinking that Dwight is trying to find girls for the two of them, is disappointed when Mr. Schrute's remark, "I found twins" is merely that. Twins. Twin fat dudes!

I'll admit that I was as hyped about Jill and Kevin's Big Day wedding video as anyone when it first came out. Of course I immediately thought about the different productions I would be able to come up with for my, or someone else's as the case may be, wedding. What makes Michael so lame, and me not, is that his idea was to do that exact recreation of what Jill and Kevin's friends already did. And that is what made it so funny. To this day, no matter what the situation, that wedding aisle dance is awesome every single time. This erratic performance by the Dunder-Miffliners was no exception. Just great stuff. As a bonus, watch Creed's face while he is dancing. Hilarious.

I feel like this week was a bit of a step backwards. As I, and Seth Cohen before me, have said, big is not funny. Professor Chang, to some extent Phil Knight and now this British Psychologist have all been playing big, outlandish teachers that aren't doing it for me. Why do they have to use these guest characters in such a big role? What is this SNL? Focus on your funny characters, which are Joel McHale's Jeff, Chevy's Pierce and Abed. I'm not getting nearly enough Chevy and Abed in these episodes. Abed's love of movies and tv is a great characteristic for me, personally. Him comparing his and Annie's relationship to that of Phoebe and Chandler because they didn't have many story lines together was classic.


  1. I really hate the black woman Shirley on Community. I would love for her to become more Phyllis like and show up for a few minutes every other episode.

    I think the Asian Spanish teacher is pretty awesome.

    After four episodes I'm not that impressed. I completely agree that Chevy, Abed and Joel need to be the focus here. That seems like a no brainer.

  2. I can agree that the Asian Spanish teach has his moments, but I feel my what some might call irrational hatred for The Hangover has biased me from enjoying him as much.