Monday, October 19, 2009

Poolies Watch- Dr. Doug Ross Award

It's always tricky figuring out which dudes to put in as a lead character and which to call supporting characters. I definitely give more people the lead moniker than normal awards shows do. With Greg House leaving the category, Tim Riggins, last year's winner, will see much more breathing room. That is if he ends up in the category after this season. Friday Night Lights hasn't started yet and I don't know how much of Riggins we will see. That being said, he currently leads the pack of nominees heading into this season's Dr. Doug Ross Award.

In For Now
Cappie- Greek
Chuck Bass- Gossip Girl
Dan Humphrey- Gossip Girl
Don Draper- Mad Men
Eric Taylor- Friday Night Lights
Hank Moody- Californication
Johnny Chase- Entourage
Julian Baker- One Tree Hill
Liam Court- 90210
Tim Riggins- Friday Night Lights

Moving Johnny Drama up this year, from supporting character may give Riggins a new challenge. Personally, I like Cappie as one of the top two in the group, but not many people have jumped on the Greek bandwagon (except for Ty).

Outside Looking In
Derek Shephard- Grey's Anatomy
Justin Walker- Brothers and Sisters
Nathan Scott- One Tree Hill
Walter White- Breaking Bad
David Breck- Melrose Place

I really only seeing Nathan Scott challenging for a spot out of this group, but the wild card will be Friday Night Lights characters that step up. Whether it is Saracen staying on as a lead character or JD McCoy stepping up to the plate, I feel someone from Dillon, Texas will be in the mix.

Who else deserves a nod?

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