Monday, October 19, 2009

Catching Up- Californication Season One

So I clearly don't watch enough television that is currently airing. Because of this, I have to find shows that I have never seen and try to catch up to their current status. Californication is currently in its third season on Showtime and over the past 3-5 weeks I have viewed the 12 episodes that comprised season one.

The Good
--For whatever reason, I'm starting to enjoy the underproduction of cable television. Shows like Sopranos, Entourage and now Californication are pretty washed out in terms of production value and that makes them seem more realistic to me. Californication makes me feel like I'm actually watching a dude living in LA. A shows like The OC and Chuck, on the other hand, are too made up to feel like I'm really looking at Southern California.
--David Duchovny as Hank Moody. I don't know why I came into this thinking I wasn't going to like Duchovny. The only thing I know him from is Zoolander and I thought he was fantastic in that. As Hank Moody he is fantastic at playing a too cool for school jerk of a father that is down on his luck in LA. He's witty. He's charming. He's an a hole. But he loves his daughter. Makes the show.
--The first season just came to a terrific end. The season finale was a fantastically culminating 25 minutes. If they had to, or wanted to, they could've ended with one season and this guy would've been completely satisfied. How Hank controls himself at his ex-gf's wedding, and controls Mia at the same time, and then ends up getting the girl, is just so satisfying to see.

The Bad
--Charlie Runkel, Hank's best friend and agent, is just a terrible character. Not terrible to have on the show, just a terrible and lame human being. It doesn't get much worse than him. I can't stand watching him on screen, but I can't turn away because I am trying to slap him through the screen for being such a loser.
--Unbelievability. So I get that Mia looks older than 16, because the actress was 22 at the time, but in real life a 16 year old girl wouldn't look like her. There is no way that Hank would see a 16 year old sophomore in high school and think that she was in college or even older.

The Future
--I'm looking forward to getting into season two to see what happens after Karen, Hank and Becca rode off into the sunset to end the first season. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up to this, the third season by the time it finishes.

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