Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tuesday Tidings- 90210's Bad Boy

Let's go people...Can we spread out the wealth here? I only have two shows on Tuesdays. Mondays and Thursdays are jam packed and I can't get anything else good on Tuesday? Come on.

Finally! For the first three weeks of the second season the writers have taken their best male character and turned him into a little pansy. Liam came onto the scene in the first season as a bad boy, somewhat in the mold of Dylan McKay. Sure Dylan had his softer side, but he was never wasted by a storyline like Liam had just endured. For the beginning of the season Liam has done nothing but obsess over Naomi and whine about how Annie won't tell her they never slept together and Jen won't tell her that the two of them did. Come on dude, step your game up. Make something happen here! Either say, "it wasn't Annie I was with, it was your sister"...or do what you did at the end of this week's ep. He finally took a turn and did something he should have thought of a long time ago. The kid has had multiple conversations with Jen in which she has admitted that it was her. As the ep ended we see the dude Liam at his computer with his trusty recording device. I don't understand how this helps him at all though. Isn't the fact that it's her sister worse than her kind of friend? We'll see.

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