Friday, October 9, 2009

Survivor Samoa- Week 4

Is anyone else getting sick of Jeff at tribal council? I dislike how he pokes at people and tries to stir things up. Let them play the game! You asking a leading question isn't fair to some of the players. One of these tribal councils I feel like Russell H is gonna stand up and say "Objection! Leading!" That is my dream.

I don't understand why Galu was making such a big deal about who to get rid of between Monica and Yasmin. They're both terrible at everything, so it's not a big deal. What I don't get is why no one in that tribe is looking at the bigger picture. You guys are still way up on Foa Foa in numbers, why not try and get a strong competitor out while you have the chance. If I'm Erik and Russell S, why not try to boot John or Dave? And vice versa. As Herm Edwards would say, "You play to win the game!"

Fantasy Results

The Technotronics

W. Russell (Foa Foa)-W4 (7), Im (8)= 15
B. Russell (Galu)- W4 (7), Reward (4)= 11
Monica (Galu)- W4 (7), Votes (-8)= -1
Liz (Foa Foa)- W4 (7), Im (8)= 15
Natalie (Foa Foa)- W4 (7), Im (8)= 15
Week 4= 55

Sweet Niblets

Erik (Galu)- W4 (7), Idol (10)= 17
Ben (Foa Foa)-
Ashley (Foa Foa)- W4 (7), Im (8)= 15
Kelly (Galu)- W4 (7)= 7
Shambo (Galu)- W4 (7), Reward (4)= 11
Week 4= 50
Total= 93

Canon Controversy

John (Galu)- W4 (7)= 7
Jaison (Foa Foa)- W4 (7), Im (8)= 15
Mike (Foa Foa)-
Dave (Galu)- W4 (7), Reward (4)= 11
Betsy (Foa Foa)-
Week 4= 33
Total= 80

Freecell Makes Me Wanna

Mick (Foa Foa)-
W4 (7), Im (8)= 15
Brett (Galu)- W4 (7)= 7
Marissa (Foa Foa)-
Laura (Galu)- W4 (7)= 7
Yasmin (Galu)- Votes (-32)= -32
Week 4= -3
Total= 69

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