Monday, October 31, 2011

Homeland 105 Review- The Razor's Edge

Estes- "Let's go close that door, Sergeant."
"Blind Spot" proved to be a wonderful piece of Homeland's first season, importantly moving around a few of pieces of the story while delving deeper into the character of someone we knew so well already - Carrie - and one we didn't, Saul.

Because it spent so much time performing the aforementioned tasks, it lost the smallest bit of the giant ball of steam it had going from its first four episodes. But were there still a couple of fantastic scenes that had me itching for more? Absolutely.

As soon as Carrie asked Brody to come into the interrogation of the terrorist, I knew we were in for something good. The way they set up the question was just so interesting to watch. Couple that with the intermittent flashbacks to what actually happened between Brody and the terrorist, and we had one awesome scene on our hands.

Do you know this man? Brody was asked. After witnessing his memory of one of the days he was tortured, I'm surprised he didn't respond with Yeah, he pissed in my face.
To read the rest of my review of last night's Homeland, head over to TV Fanatic.

Homeland 105 - "Blind Spot"

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chuck 501 Review- Zoom Goes The Dynamite

Morgan (to Chuck): You're great even without the intersect.
There were many questions regarding the intersect heading into this final season of Chuck. How would Morgan fare as the new vessel? Would Chuck be okay without the intersect helping his spy game? Would any new intersects arise in the near future?

While "Chuck vs. The Zoom" began to answer at least a couple of those, who knew the most important question we should have been asking - well, the funniest anyway - was this: what will Morgan call it when he uses the intersect? That's right, in a very Morgan Grimes fashion, the bearded wonder has renamed Chuck's intersect flash to the Zoom!

The only thing that made Morgan's new ridiculous name for flashing funnier was the fact that Casey seemed to roll with it in stride. He uttered Morgan will zoom on squash with such calm and ease that it was almost as if he was doing it to purposefully bug Chuck.

That is what is so great about this action comedy. Chuck never takes itself seriously, which is why we will begin the fifth and final season premiere Chuck Triple Threat rundown with what else made us laugh during the hour:
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Chuck 501 - "Chuck vs. the Zoom"

Friday, October 28, 2011

Weekly Comedy Rankings- Level One Wine

I had a couple of lengthy conversations about the current television front-runners over Twitter today. Before getting into those, let's take a look at which shows I thought were the best this week...

1. Community
2. It's Always Sunny
3. Happy Endings
4. Rules of Engagement
5. Bored to Death
6. Parks and Rec
7. The Office
8. Suburgatory
9. South Park
10. Last Man Standing
11. The League
12. Wizards of Waverly

As you can see, Community topped my list for the second straight week. It also was at the top of Jaydon's, T-time's, and I assume Jack's if he would ever get his done before Saturday. I found it funny when Rizzo claimed that he and the rest of the NYC squad found the last two Community's unwatchable. Both Jaydon and I were dumbfounded for responses, and he concluded with "Don't know how you can like Community and not love the last two." I completely agree. I understand not enjoying Community on the whole. It's a different breed. It's comedy is not for everyone, but if you like the show, I don't get not liking the last two. This week's had the best and most material for its funniest players (Troy, Abed, Pierce), which has me wondering what the problem was for those guys.

I had It's Always Sunny in the second spot, continuing what I have thought to be a very good season thus far, and Dennis Reynolds for my MVP of the week. All of the Sunny guys performed well, and I've always been a Dennis guy, so he comes up smelling like roses in this ridiculous episode about a made up board game. Charlie definitely had a couple of great moments, especially when he remembered why he wrote down "because Dennis is a bastard man."

My funniest moment was from this week's South Park. While the episode on the whole wasn't all that great for me, it was responsible for my single loudest laugh of the week. The episode, like the play within the show written by Randy, was a bit too up front. But after the theme of men taking their wives to the theater for the sole purpose of being treated well in the bedroom ran long enough, they executed things perfectly when an older gentleman complained to Randy that he was trying to enjoy watching Wicked with his granddaughter. The entire build up was worth it for Randy's "You f*ckin' pervert!"

It's awesome that Jaydon, and now T-time and Jack have kept going with this Weekly Comedy Rankings, but I'd love to see more people get involved. Marsh, Rizzo, anybody else who wants to get in on this is more than welcome.

The Office 805 Review- Fear Factor

Toby: Every Halloween I tell him the same thing; you can't bring weapons into the office, and every year he says the same thing; as soon as I get my weapons back I'm gonna kill you.
The Office took a week off after the fantastic "Garden Party," and followed that up with a lackluster attempt at a Halloween episode.

Indeed, "Spooked" featured a few laughs here and there, mostly from the brilliant Ellie Kemper, but it also had a couple of attempts at meaningful storylines that came nowhere nearing paying off.

Let's start with Kemper's Erin and her former boyfriend Andy Bernard. The former spends the entire half hour attempting to please Andy because she thinks she's doing a poor job and is going to get fired. Granted, she is dishing out hilariously awkward lines like November's sure creepin' up huh? Can't stop that month, but like I said, it didn't payoff.

The reveal is that Andy has a girlfriend of 31 dates. That's great, but these two are not Jim and Pam. Stop trying to force them on us.
To read the rest of my review of last night's The Office, head over to TV Fanatic.

The Office 805 - "Spooked"

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Survivor Week 7- Stupid Sacrifice

Ozzy- "I don't want to say you lost it for us, but you made a huge error and it cost us the win."

It's comments like that which make me think that Ozzy deserved to be sent to Redemption Island. Also, there is the fact that it was his stupid idea that put him there in the first place.

The thing is that if this plan of Ozzy's works, he will look like a genius, but the risk is definitely not worth the reward, so he is an idiot. He sends himself out of the game to head to redemption island, where the next duel challenge could easily be one of luck. He is banking on his ability to win one challenge (heck maybe two if the merge doesn't come the next day), instead of continuing to be at the top of the food chain on Savaii. It's just dumb. The name of the game is Survivor. Try to survive Ozzy. Don't put yourself in situations like these.

Ozzy and the rest of Savaii's major problem though? Upolu has God on their side. As I've come to learn after living in the south for a year and a half now, people like this actually exist in real life! It's funny to watch them give all the glory of their success to God, but it's even funnier when Coach is making a mockery of the whole thing.

He is the one leading the religious charge, yet he leading a prayer circle asking for the idol when he already has it in his pocket. He then goes out and pretends to have found it so that it can look like it was their prayers being answered!?!? Hilarious Coach! Way to make a joke out of the beliefs you pretend to have.

It would be a lot funnier if he was actually making all of the religious stuff up, but sadly he is just insane.

Let's take a look at some of the fantasy scores, which is leading more and more to Mags be relegated to the developmental league, and Jack moving up with the big boys. There is still a lot of season left though...

Champions League


Brandon +30: Immunity (+8), W7 (+22)= +60
Rick +10: Immunity (+8), W7 (+22)= +40
Christine +13: Duel Win (+10)= +23
Dawn +27: W7 (+22)= +49

Last Week +80: Team Total= +172


Ozzy -5: Votes (-24), Idol Use* (+20)= -9
Whitney -15: W7 (+22)= +7
Cochran +19: W7 (+22)= +41
Edna +25: Immunity (+8), W7 (+22)= +55

Last Week +24: Team Total= +94


Albert -5: Immunity (+8), W7 (+22)= +25
Mikayla +3: Duel Loss (-10)= -7
Jim -9: W7 (+22)= +13
Semhar -43

Last Week -54: Team Total= -12


Coach +21: Immunity (+8), W7 (+22)= +51
Elyse -142
Keith -85: W7 (+22)= -63
Mark -173

Last Week -379: Team Total= -327

Free Agents
Sophie +61: Immunity (+8), W7 (+22)= +91
Stacey -27

Developmental League


Albert: Immunity (+8), W7 (+22)= +30
Whitney: W7 (+22)= +22
Coach: Immunity (+8), W7 (+22)= +30
Edna: Immunity (+8), W7 (+22)= +30

Week 7= +112, Team Total= +362


Ozzy: Votes (-24), Idol Use (+20)= -4
Cochran: W7 (+22)= +22
Sophie: Immunity (+8), W7 (+22)= +30

Week 7= +48, Team Total= +251


Keith: W7 (+22)= +22
Brandon: Immunity (+8), W7 (+22)= +30
Jim: W7 (+22)= +22

Week 7= +74, Team Total= +242


Mikayla: Duel Loss (-10)= -10
Rick: Immunity (+8), W7 (+22)= +30
Dawn: W7 (+22)= +22
Christine: Duel Win (+10)= +10

Week 7= +52, Team Total= +240

Free Agents

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The X Factor Top 17 Review- It's Just Drew

I complained last week that The X Factor had done very little to differentiate itself from American Idol up until this point. Well, that changed with the first live show, as it showcased something Idol has yet to in 10 seasons: an utter and extensive lack of talent.

Sure, there were a few bright spots in the Top 17, most of which came out of the girls category, but it was quite obvious that while searching for the artist with the X Factor these judges forgot to also look for good singers.

Before we move on to the individual performances, let me first recognize what the judges have decided to do for criticism of the contestants they didn't like. Because L.A., Paula and Nicole can't hate on these singers, they have chosen to just trash on whatever judge is mentoring that performer, and then say something nice to the contestant immediately afterwards. It's cowardly, it doesn't help the people on stage to hear such hypocritical analysis, and most importantly it takes up more of my time.

I'm going to try and make this quick because there were 17 acts! First up were L.A. Reid and the boys...

Astro "Jump" - The kid formerly known as Brian Bradley impressed the judges and the crowd with his revised version of Kris Kross's "Jump." His rapping was fast and seemingly good, but his stage presence was terrible, as exemplified by the moments he was yelling at the crowd that x factor will make them jump.
My Score: 5/10
To read the rest of my review of last night's The X Factor, head over to TV Fanatic.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Homeland 104 Review- Smartly Selfish

Brody- "There's nothing wrong with me."
It wasn't that much more evident than in the first three episodes of Homeland, but Carrie Matheson was certainly out for her own self interest this week, which was why the clever title of "Semper I" made so much sense.

Our favorite CIA analyst was finally starting to gain some steam on Abu Nazir and the case of the stolen necklace, picking up what seemed like trust and confidence from her team in Washington, but she just couldn't help herself.

The warrant on her surveillance ran out so she was relegated to the old stake-out technique, which is what forced her into the precarious situation of following Brody into the Veterans' support meeting.

Is she completely self-serving? Maybe. Does she act this way in an effort to hurt those around her? Absolutely not. She thinks what she is doing is the best for both herself and the country. Is there a mix of psychosis in there as well? Most likely yes, which makes it all the more interesting as we watch it unfold.
To read the rest of my review of this week's Homeland, head over to TV Fanatic.

Homeland 104 - "Semper I"

Friday, October 21, 2011

Weekly Comedy Rankings- Food On Your Face

It was a slow week with NBC Thursdays on repeats, but there were still some comedies to rank around these parts. Let's get to it...

1. Happy Endings
2. The League
3. It's Always Sunny
4. Bored to Death
5. Last Man Standing
6. Modern Family
7. Rules of Engagement
8. Wizards of Waverly
9. Up All Night
10. Suburgatory
11. South Park
12. How to Be a Gentleman
13. Man Up

My MVP was Max Blum of Happy Endings. He continues to impress with his Max what happens. My funniest moment was every time Jay Pritchett got involved with the soap opera on Modern Family. The least funny thing and LVP both go to everything about Man Up.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The X Factor- Where's The X Factor?

The hundreds of thousands of contestants have been whittled down to just 17, but before preparing ourselves for next week's two and a half hour live show, let's take a look back at what has, and more importantly, has NOT been working on the first season of The X Factor.

We all know that Simon Cowell wanted to create this show for America, and destroy his former series American Idol in the ratings. Taking a look at last season's Idol numbers (much lower than a few years ago), the episodes prior to the live shows brought in anywhere from 21 to 26 million viewers. Up to this point The X Factor has garnered only nine to 12.5 million viewers... not world beaters by any means.

Why hasn't it done as well? The name recognition and history of Idol for starters, but more importantly the television landscape has become saturated with singing and talent competitions. Between Idol, America's Got Talent, The Sing Off, The Voice, and now The X Factor, you can't turn around without another season of singers gracing your TV screen.

It was great when once a year you could tune in to see some of the best up-and-coming singers in America challenge for the coveted title of American Idol. Now every few months we witness another watered down group of acts, and it's tiresome.

What is X Factor's most disconcerting problem, though? It has done nothing to stand out from the pack. Simon and company kept saying it wasn't going to be Idol, but up to this point it has been pretty darn close. There is Simon. There is Paula. There were those awfully played out audition episodes. Oh, and instead of "Hollywood Week" there was "Boot Camp." It was the same thing.
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Survivor Week 6- Damned If He Do

Cochran- "In all seriousness, he's just behaving like a stupid bitch."

Am I the only one loving Cochran? Or is this standard? His blatant attempts to fit in with the crowd are hilarious beyond all reason. Although he was trying to be funny, he was right about Ozzy. The dude was crying like a little baby. Luckily for him, he smartened up and made nice with his fellow Savaii. He was just lucky, though, that they won immunity this week, because now he has time to win his tribemates back.

I didn't want to see Mikayla go home...mostly for the selfish reason that she's on my team below, but I wasn't upset about it at all. After her performance in the immunity challenge I was will to part ways, not because she didn't listen to Coach, but because she was idiotic enough to think that continuing to pull the slingshot with one hand was a good idea. How could she continue to get zero distance and not think that multiplying her arm strength by two would be a good idea?

Not on Mikayla's side was the fact that Brandon said he would keep Edna in their alliance's six. Or more importantly, in the words of Albert, "You talk more than like five minutes of strategy with him, he starts grabbing his head and he's about to cry." Brandon is easily the dumbest contestant we've seen on Survivor and it makes things extremely difficult for the rest of the tribe.

Rick said that he was damned if he do, damned if he don't this week, and I agree. He was put in a tough situation, and ended up choosing to side with Coach, Brandon, and their original six. Unlike last week, when Keith and Whitney ridiculously threw their votes at Dawn, this was the time when I would have thrown my vote. Everyone knew he was put in a tough spot, so he could have easily justified his throw away by saying he was in an alliance with all of them and couldn't choose who to side with. The tie would have made things interesting at tribal.

With that, let's take a look at the scores...

Champions League


Brandon +14: W5 (+16)= +30
Rick -6: W6 (+16)= +10
Christine +3: Duel Win (+10)= +13
Dawn +3: Immunity (+8), W6 (+16)= +27

Last Week +14: Team Total= +80


Ozzy -29: Immunity (+8), W6 (+16)= -5
Whitney -39: Immunity (+8), W6 (+16)= -15
Cochran -5: Immunity (+8), W6 (+16)= +19
Edna +21: Votes (-12), W6 (+16)= +25

Last Week -52: Team Total= +24


Albert -21: W6 (+16)= -5
Mikayla +19: Votes (-16)= +3
Jim -33: Immunity (+8), W6 (+16)= -9
Semhar -43

Last Week -78: Team Total= -54


Coach +5: W6 (+16)= +21
Elyse -132: Duel Loss (-10)= -142
Keith -109: Immunity (+8), W6 (+16)= -85
Mark -173

Last Week -409: Team Total= -379

Free Agents
Sophie +45: W6 (+16)= +61
Stacey -27

Developmental League


Albert: W6 (+16)= +16
Whitney: Immunity (+8), W6 (+16)= +24
Coach: W6 (+16)= +16
Edna: Votes (-12), W6 (+16)= +4

Week 6= +60, Team Total= +250


Ozzy: Immunity (+8), W6 (+16)= +24
Cochran: Immunity (+8), W6 (+16)= +24
Elyse: Duel Loss (-10)= -10
Sophie: W6 (+16)= +16

Week 6= +54, Team Total= +203


Mikayla: Votes (-16)= -16
Rick: W6 (+16)= +16
Dawn: Immunity (+8), W6 (+16)= +24
Christine: Duel Win (+10)= +10

Week 6= +34, Team Total= +188


Keith: Immunity (+8), W6 (+16)= +24
Brandon: W6 (+16)= +16
Jim: Immunity (+8), W6 (+16)= +24

Week 6= +64, Team Total= +168

Free Agents

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Terra Nova 104 Review- Power of Deception

Jim- "Then what's Terra Nova really about?"
Mira- "You'll see."
"The Runaway" was definitely a bounce back episode for Terra Nova. There was excitement, there was intrigue and it kept the viewers on their toes about what was really going on. It sure was a step back in the right direction for this dino crew.

It doesn't surprise me at all that an episode directed by executive producer Jon Cassar was mainly dealing with spies, moles and deception. As one of the forces behind 24, Cassar helped run a show that exposed its audience to more mole plots than any other in history.

The deception during this week's story had me predicting end results in every-which-way, making it the best single episode plot of the series so far. Also, it didn't hurt that the little runaway was A-DORE-A-BLE.

First. the runaway seemed to be afraid for her life, then all of the sudden she was dirty as all Hell sneaking away with Mira's box, and finally we find out it was all just to protect her brother. The fact that she was only doing it to save her sibling was more heartwarming, but much less interesting.
To read the rest of my review of last night's Terra Nova, head over to TV Fanatic.

Terra Nova 104 - "The Runaway"

Monday, October 17, 2011

Homeland 103 Review- Managing Assets

Carrie- "This is a f**ked up business."
It was a good run for Lynn Reed with two E's. Briana Brown's arc on Homeland only lasted two episodes, but Lynn's story in last week's "Grace" and in tonight's "Clean Skin" was so emotional - and impactful on Carrie - that it will surely linger throughout the season.

Between her suspenseful and successful attempt at recovering the Prince's phone logs, her parents' awkward interaction with Carrie following Lynn's death, and, of course the murder sequence itself, Lynn helped move a lot of the puzzle pieces around in the early stages of Homeland. For that, we should be thankful.

In terms of suspense, the only thing on television this fall that matched the gut-wrenching moments leading up to Lynn's murder was the last few episodes of Breaking Bad. I know many predicated she'd meet her demise, but I didn't expect it to take place when it did.

The show's ability to create those moments of fright and surprise is what has made it so good here in the early going. I noticed that Lynn might have been spotted playing with the Prince's phone, and I realized the Prince's henchman was giving her the stink eye, but it was still a punch to the stomach when the unnamed assassin put Lynn down like she was a nobody.
To read the rest of my review of last night's Homeland, head over to TV Fanatic.

Homeland 103 - "Clean Skin"

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weekly Comedy Rankings- The New Apahtment

Jeff- "Oh look! Indiana Jones and the Apartment of Perpetual Virginity."
Troy- "Chops busted fellow adult, chops busted."

One thing was constant throughout the participants in the Weekly Comedy Rankings this Friday. Community was not only the best episode of the week, but the best of the season so far.

1. Community
2. The Office
3. It's Always Sunny
4. Parks and Rec
5. Suburgatory
6. Happy Endings
7. Modern Family
8. Bored to Death
9. The League
10. South Park
11. Last Man Standing
12. Wizards of Waverly
13. Up All Night
14. Good Luck Charlie
15. Two and a Half Men

MVP for me was Dwight Schrute, although I like Jack's call of MVP for George Altman of Surburgatory (even though it took me 10 minutes to figure out who that actually was). Everyone was so good on Community that it was hard to give anyone the MVP.

Funniest moment for me was the gang's reactions to Frank's story on It's Always Sunny, but after re-watching Community, I would change that. Now I would have to go with Troy breaking out a cigarette out of its classy metal case, only to eat it when Britta went to light it. Brilliant.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Office 804 Review- It'll All Be Goat

Dwight: I can get you exotic meats...hippo steaks, giraffe burgers.
Robert: We'll talk.
Dwight: It'll all be goat.
"Garden Party" brought one of the classic The Office dynamics back to the forefront. Jim Halpert hasn't pulled a prank this elaborate or this hilarious on Dwight Schrute in quite some time, and as you would assume, it resulted in the best episode of the season to date.

There were a number of one-offs that added to the hilarity this week - Mose's valet heist stunt, Kevin's hair piece, Walter Jr. thinking Meredith and Phyllis were Pam, Kevin and Ryan on the see-saw, and everyone sucking up to Robert California - but watching Dwight pull off a successfully ridiculous garden party thanks to Jim's fake book was definitely the highlight.

Let's take a look back at what James Trickington wrote in The Ultimate Guide to Throwing a Garden Party, and try to fully grasp his wisdom...

Chapter Two - Announcing guests as they enter is the height of decorum. The more volume displayed, the more honor is bestowed upon everyone present.

This was gold from the get go, but the comedy was absolutely heightened by Dwight forgetting CeCe's name and then repeatedly announcing Jim's name as he walked back and forth across the entrance during the closing.
To read the rest of my review of last night's The Office, head over to TV Fanatic.

The Office 804 - "Garden Party"

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Survivor Week 5- Some Pig!

Let's take a look at a few notes from last night's Survivor before you scroll down to see how your fantasy team is doing.

I continue to love me some Cochran. His explanation of how Ozzy is a lazy, middle aged man in Survivor terms was classic. He's entertaining with all of his quirks and self-deprecation, but it's also just awesome to watch a genuinely intelligent human being on a reality show. His intelligence might end up biting him in the butt in the end, but for now it's just refreshing to watch.

That immunity challenge was one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen. Not on Survivor. Not on tv. One of the most disgusting things I've ever seen. After spitting out the pig into the bucket, the extra actual spit that they put in the good measure did actually help Upolu win the competition, but it also helped me want to throw up.

"Beep. Beep. We're back in the driver's seat." It sure is nice to see Coach on top of the world right now. I'm sure it's all going to come crumbling down around him at some point after the merge, but for now let us enjoy Coach sitting on the top of the mountain. He deserves this.

The Savaii vote was very interesting. I loved the move Cochran and Jim made to get Elyse out, but I'm not sold on how Keith and Whitney handled it. I think they needed to either stay with Ozzy and vote out Cochran, or switch over and vote out Elyse. Throwing votes at Dawn is just going to get both sides mad at them. It's not like they didn't know Ozzy was voting for Cochran, so not doing the same is absolutely going against him. Now Jim and Cochran won't trust them either. Bad move.

Now let's take a look at the scores...

Champions League


Brandon -5: Immunity (+8), W5 (+11)= +14
Rick -25: Immunity (+8), W5 (+11)= -6
Christine -7: Duel Win (+10)= +3
Dawn 0: Votes (-8), W5 (+11)= +3

Last Week -37: Team Total= +14


Ozzy -40: W5 (+11)= -29
Whitney -50: W5 (+11)= -39
Cochran -8: Votes (-8), W5 (+11)= -5
Edna +2: Immunity (+8), W5 (+11)= +21

Started at -96: Team Total= -52


Albert -40: Immunity (+8), W5 (+11)= -21
Mikayla 0: Immunity (+8), W5 (+11)= +19
Jim -44: W5 (+11)= -33
Semhar -43

Started at -127: Team Total= -78


Coach -25: Idol Found (+10), Immunity (+8), W5 (+11)= +5
Elyse -120: Votes (-12)= -132
Keith -120: W5 (+11)= -109
Mark -173

Started at -438: Team Total= -409

Free Agents
Sophie +26: Immunity (+8), W5 (+11)= +45
Stacey -17: Duel Loss (-10)= -27

Developmental League


Albert: Immunity (+8), W5 (+11)= +19
Whitney: W5 (+11)= +11
Coach: Idol Found (+10), Immunity (+8), W5 (+11)= +29
Edna: Immunity (+8), W5 (+11)= +19

Week 5= +78, Team Total= +190


Mikayla: Immunity (+8), W5 (+11)= +19
Rick: Immunity (+8), W5 (+11)= +19
Dawn: Votes (-8), W5 (+11)= +3
Christine: Duel Win (+10)= +10

Week 5= +51, Team Total= +154


Ozzy: W5 (+11)= +11
Cochran: Votes (-8), W5 (+11)= +3
Elyse: Votes (-12)= -12
Sophie: Immunity (+8), W5 (+11)= +19

Week 5= +21, Team Total= +149


Keith: W5 (+11)= +11
Brandon: Immunity (+8), W5 (+11)= +19
Jim: W5 (+11)= +11

Week 5= +41, Team Total= +104

Free Agents
Stacey: Duel Loss (-10)= -10

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Terra Nova 103 Review- The Common Cold

Jim- "I never catch colds...only crooks."
If you finished the Terra Nova series premiere excited to watch a full season of epic adventures against dinosaurs and defiant rebels - while pondering the many mysteries of time travel and its effects on this society - you have probably been disappointed the past two weeks. "What Remains" built on "Instinct" in the worst ways possible.

Conversely, if were were thinking to yourself post-pilot, I wish this show was more of a mixture of a soap opera and a procedural crime drama, then you've been pleased with the two most recent outings.

In "What Remains," the acting and writing continued to resemble some of recently cancelled daytime TV oferrings, while the "challenge of the week" turned this potentially interesting serialized drama into every other show on CBS.

Having said all that, I don't deny that the show still shows signs of life. I'm mostly speaking of the final few minutes when Terra Nova's version of Red from Shawshank Remption meets with the Sixers about getting Josh's girlfriend to town on an upcoming pilgrimage.
To read the rest of my review of last night's Terra Nova, head over to TV Fanatic.

Terra Nova 103 - "What Remains"

Monday, October 10, 2011

Homeland 102 Review- A Hero Comes Along

Carrie- "No one said becoming a terrorist would be easy."
It definitely wasn't simple for Sergeant Nicholas Brody, but by the end of "Grace" it seems rather clear that he has come out of his PTSD funk just enough to be the terrorist the Abu Nazir wanted him to be.

Figuring out Brody's deal came much quicker than I thought it would have, as we are now only two episodes into the series, but it was so intriguing watching the man become standoffish with his family and finally play the hero card to the American public that it's easy to forgive the speed at which this development occurred.

While many of the stories in "Grace" were so exciting to watch unfold, it is this character development of Nicholas Brody that has been so fun to grab onto.

I originally thought that the fact that both Carrie and the audience weren't able to see inside the garage was going to make for some very interesting reactions from Claire Danes and everyone watching as this series moved forward. However, after showing the former POW in the garage, with his newly acquired prayer rug, it seems that the dramatic irony involved gives way to a much more exciting viewing experience.
To read the rest of my review of last night's Homeland, head over to TV Fanatic.

Homeland 102 - "Grace"

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekly Comedy Rankings- To The Max

I tried to wait as long as possible for Jaydon to get his Weekly Comedy Rankings in, but it's Sunday and it's time to get these up online. Update: Apparently my Twitter skills aren't as good as I thought, because Jaydon had his up before me this week.  My rankings for the week are below. A few notes: I have yet to watch this week's Up All Night, I have quit Whitney, 2 Broke Girls, and Big Bang Theory. Sadly, How to be a Gentleman has been cancelled. It wasn't great, but it's supporting cast gave the show promise. Rhys Darby needs to be working in this business. The guy is hilarious.

1. Happy Endings
2. Community
3. It's Always Sunny
4. New Girl
5. The Office
6. Parks and Recreation
7. Modern Family
8. Suburgatory
9. The League
10. iCarly
11. How to be a Gentleman
12. Raising Hope
13. South Park
14. Raising Hope
15. Family Guy
16. Wizards of Waverly Place
17. ANT Farm
18. Two and a Half Men

MVP is Max Blum of Happy Endings. This guy and his show have been having a fantastic start to the show's second season. Funniest moment was on Modern Family when Phil Dunphy said "that appears to be ice cream cake" and guest star David Cross shouted "Well it's not!"

LVP is Darryl Philbin of The Office. Him and Andy really tried to ruin this week's episode. Least funny moment was anything Seth Rogen did in the season premiere of The League.

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Office 803 Review- How Darryl Got His Groove Back

Pam- "I think we should get a townhouse in SoHo."
Ryan- "SoHo's mostly lofts but okay."
In "Lotto" we were treated to an interesting buddy story featuring Darryl Philbin going from down in the dumps about not winning the lottery to finally getting his groove back, and Andy Bernard continuing to grow as a leader as he helped Darryl crawl out from rock bottom.

It all culminated in a tremendously inspiring speech from Andy to Darryl, who finally figured out that his future was "going to be determined by two big black balls." His words, not mine.

A perfectly interesting story of character development on The Office, but the problem with this screen-stealing story was that it really wasn't all that funny. The quote above from Darryl was really the only thing going for it.

Some may enjoy themselves some Darryl Philbin, but I've never cared for regular Darryl from a comedic standpoint, so a deeply depressed Darryl was just the worst.
To read the rest of my review of last night's The Office, head over to TV Fanatic.

The Office 803 - "Lotto"

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Survivor Week 4- Hot Skillet

So Mark lost the duel and is out of the game of Survivor, which means I have gone his entire run without calling him by that ridiculous self-made nickname. The streak of the tribes rotating which one wins the immunity challenge continued, which always makes things more interesting as we get closer and closer to a merge. And finally, the most logical and mundane choice of elimination was sent home once again. How is Upolu not figuring out that they need to get rid of Brandon even though they realize he's such a crazy person?

L'il Hantz continued to not only be the most hypocritical person in Survivor history, but he achieved this feat within seconds. In single sentences, the kid gives opinions on completely opposite sides of arguments. It's truly astounding how he does this time and time again. He's lost his mind.

On the other side of the game, Ozzy was complaining about everything being about strategy for Jim. There is a big difference between strategizing all the time from the get go, and talking about strategizing all the time from the get go. The former is necessary if you want to play this game correctly. The latter is just plain obnoxious.

With the alternating wins in challenges the fantasy scores aren't all that exciting so far, but Tippy regained the lead in the Development league, so there's that. It would help if we had a reward challenge every once in a while. I remember the days when every week there was a reward challenge and an immunity challenge. What happened?

So get scrambling like scrambled eggs in a hot skillet, and then take a look at the scores...

Champions League


Brandon -12: W4 (+7)= -5
Rick -32: W4 (+7)= -25
Christine -17: Duel Win (+10)= -7
Dawn -15: Immunity (+8), W4 (+7)= 0

Last Week -76: Team Total= -37


Ozzy -55: Immunity (+8), W4 (+7)= -40
Whitney -65: Immunity (+8), W4 (+7)= -50
Cochran -23: Immunity (+8), W4 (+7)= -8
Edna -1: Votes (-4), W4 (+7)= +2

Started at -144: Team Total= -96


Albert -47: W4 (+7)= -40
Mikayla -7: W4 (+7)= 0
Jim -59: Immunity (+8), W4 (+7)= -44
Semhar -43

Started at -157: Team Total= -127


Coach -32: W4 (+7)= -25
Elyse -135: Immunity (+8), W4 (+7)= -120
Keith -135: Immunity (+8), W4 (+7)= -120
Mark -163: Duel Loss (-10)= -173

Started at -465: Team Total= -438

Free Agents
Sophie +19: W4 (+7)= +26
Stacey +11: Votes (-28)= -17

Developmental League


Ozzy: Immunity (+8), W4 (+7)= +15
Cochran: Immunity (+8), W4 (+7)= +15
Elyse: Immunity (+8), W4 (+7)= +15
Sophie: W4 (+7)= +7

Week 4= +52, Team Total= +128


Albert: W4 (+7)= +7
Whitney: Immunity (+8), W4 (+7)= +15
Coach: W4 (+7)= +7
Edna: Votes (-4), W4 (+7)= +3

Week 4= +32, Team Total= +112


Mikayla: W4 (+7)= +7
Rick: W4 (+7)= +7
Dawn: Immunity (+8), W4 (+7)= +15
Christine: Duel Win (+10)= +10

Week 4= +39, Team Total= +103


Keith: Immunity (+8), W4 (+7)= +15
Mark: Duel Loss (-10)= -10
Brandon: W4 (+7)= +7
Jim: Immunity (+8), W4 (+7)= +15

Week 4= +27, Team Total= +63

Free Agents
Stacey: Votes (-28)= -28