Sunday, October 18, 2009

Friday Fancies- Wizards Doin' Teen Wolf

Wizards of Waverly Place
After what I thought was a poor season premier (the stupid Frankengirl was a bad idea), this week's ep showed me that Wizards is stepping back up to the plate. At first, I didn't really give this show a shot and thought some of the characters were stupid and some were useless. I have quickly found neither to be true. The parents, especially Jerry, definitely have their moments. Justin, who I thought was awful at first, has turned himself around and into a character that I find very funny almost every episode. Harper, although still painful to watch at times, continues to surprise me with moments of likability.

My highlight of this week's episode was when Alex explained to the family that she used air quotes to say "out of this world." Max was confused because he thought she was doing the Teen Wolf Dance!!! First off, it's awesome that a character that was born in the mid 90s is even aware of Teen Wolf. That being said, when he started doing the dance itself to show everyone what he though Alex was doing, he did a ridiculously terrible job at it. I think he needs some lessons from The Bonz and JJ on how to correctly do the Teen Wolf Dance.

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