Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thursday Thoughts- Tracy Jordan Wants To Guess Your Name

Flash Forward
Let's begin with a note on the great dynamic we observed between The Dude and Noh early on in the ep. When the two of them went to the burger joint we got action as they chased down the pot dealer, then they had a heated argument stemming mostly from Noh being scared of his future murder, they then get into a bit of a fist fight, and finally the guys discuss the situation like men and put it behind them. Great sequence.

How about Olivia. What is her deal? Be a little more realistic honey. You cannot continue to just completely dismiss the flashes, thinking that it will make yours cease to exist. Stop commenting on the flashes like they are just like dreams. They are obviously much more and you're an idiot if you think they don't mean anything. If you're suicidal doctor friend discovered something based on a patient's flash, it makes sense to look into it. Don't disregard it and end up almost killing some dude because the flashes are like dreams.

And we finally get what all us Lost fans have been waiting for. This week's ep ended with (Lord) Simcoe receiving a phone call from who else, but Charlie Pace. And little did we know that this wouldn't be the best part about the call. Charlie mentions to Lord Simcoe that the two of them were responsible for this entire event! The fact that Simcoe may be involved in this whole thing actually makes Olivia's flash forward very interesting. Does his involvement in the black out have to do with why he is with Olivia six months from now? Does he know her husband is on the case and wants to screw him up by stealing his wife? The fact of the matter is that Charlie and Simcoe are probably a small cog in a much greater scheme involved in the event, but we'll see.

30 Rock
What a valiant return by Tracy Jordan. He lost no ground as the funniest character on television during the first episode of the season. Here are the ridiculously funny moments from Tracy this week.

--People in St. Bart's be eatin' lobster like this...mmm, mmm, yumm, yumm, mmm
--(Rolly walks in) Eeeek, who's that?
--Hello fellow human being. Would you like to ask me what time it is?
--You look regular, could i guess your name? Is it Pedro? Is it Craigford? Is it Swimming?
--Are you a pre-op trans-centaur?
--Do you wanna hold hands with a black millionaire?
--New what?!? If it's a blonde woman i'ma kill myself!!!

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