Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Monday Musings- Serena Bets the Bluff

Gossip Girl
The three-girl dynamic that was the main focus of this week's episode was just fantastic. Blair, Vanessa and Olivia are all completely different and the way way they battled each other had a great chemistry about it. First you have good old Blair, who is as brutally conniving as they come. Then there is the new girl, Olivia, who seems to be as genuinely nice as we've seen on this show. And finally Vanessa, who back in season one seemed much like Olivia, but has taken on parts of Blairs deceitfulness as the year's have progressed. This week she was a very bad girl in the way that she treated both her roommate, Olivia, and her best friend, Dan.

It's sad to see the awfulness that is Serena is dragging Nate into these awful story lines with her. This week Nate and Serena went to a poker game in which Serena had to play because the opponents wouldn't allow Nate in the game. Here's my question, do the writers for these shows not have anyone consulting them in specific areas. Whoever wrote this ep has never played poker. They might have seen poker on tv or in the movies, but they don't know how bluffing or tells work. Even if this PJ character had changed his tells, it wasn't going to help Serena's cause. NOBODY BLUFFS ON A CALL. I know I've seen this before on tv. If you want to beat someone who is bluffing, you wait until they make their move (it might be pushing the stacks) and then YOU CALL HIM. The nerve of these writers to think they can get one past the kid.

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