Saturday, October 3, 2009

Thursday Thoughts- Phil Knight's In the Community

Flash Forward
In a show like this, with such an grandiose theme, I feel it is so easy to think it is really good. I have so many positive thoughts about where it's going, but I fear that it might lead to disappointment down the road. Like what happened with Heroes. After listening to Bill Simmons podcast with Alan Sepinwall today, I agreed whole-heartedly with Alan, who stated that Lost had no idea where they were going through season three and then set an end date and has been unbelievable since. Let's hope the creators of Flash know where they are going. A show like this makes you ask so many questions about the overarching story lines. Why did this flash forward happen, and what was it really? But then, if it's anything like Lost, maybe this one flash was a smaller cog in a much larger picture of the world.

Note: I'm going to be calling the main character, The Dude. The Dude's flash was of him doing the investigation. On his wall of evidence are the things he's going to find between now and six months from now. Pops asked the question, "why not stop doing the investigation in order to stop the chain of events from happening?" A good question, but in the grand scheme of things, some people probably had positive flashes. The Dude is better off doing the investigation so that they can figure out the intricacies of the phenomenon. And then he goes and burns up the bracelet his daughter gave him...interesting.

Immediately before watching this week's ep, I was watching 24 season four. In the ep, 8-9 PM, Dina Araz is taken behind a wall and shot...or was she? Less than an hour later, I'm watching her call Harold on the phone to tell him exactly when he will be murdered, March 15, 2010.

The Office
Great cold open with the Jim/Dwight dynamic back in full force. It's sad that it never came back the rest of the way. I loved the Jim/Michael storyline this week for one reason...Michael. He was hilarious as always, but Jim was acting really lame when as he tried to be a reliable co-manager. Whenever Jim gets so serious it reminds me why I can never nominate the guy for an award. He's funny only some of the time. On a different note, I feel they have really been misusing Creed in the past couple seasons. Early on this guy was dynamite. Recently he hasn't been that funny. The material they gave him in this week's ep, saying "how come we haven't ever...?" to Meredith. Just terrible.

First off can we give some love to Phil Knight back on the comedy night done right lineup? He was the best thing about Kath and Kim last season, and now that K&K is gone, I'm glad to see Phil getting some love on Community. He was classic as Robin Williams' character in Dead Poets Society. He was much more over the top and much funnier. After Jeff kisses Britta at the end of this week's ep, Phil exclaims a big, "Woweeee!" and then frolicked off the to climb a tree.

Even better than Phil Knight this week, was Chevy Chase's lesson on how to sneeze like a man. His wide variety of sneezes, and reason why you would need them all, had me cracking up the entire time.

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