Monday, June 4, 2012

The Borgias 208 Review- Oh Brother Who Art Thou?

Hernando- "God gives you riches, and you kill for more."
After a week off for Memorial Day, The Borgias returned with an installment that worked much like a setup episode for things to come.  Other than Lucrezia's betrothing process coming to a conclusion, "Truth and Lies" was filled with stories that remained just on the edge of arriving to the party.

Like a number of chapters in this second season, a major theme running through the hour was that of feuding brothers.  Not only did Juan and Cesare's ongoing battle continue to heat up, but it seems like Lucrezia - with the help of her mother - might have created another brotherly feud between her two related suitors.

While it has been nice to see Lucrezia's strength and confidence develop over the course of this season, I wasn't nearly as interested in what those bros were up to as I was watching Juan and Cesare square off, the former get booted from command, and the latter commit his act of mercy on Catharina Sforza's son.

After having said all that, I'm still not complaining about that passionate sex scene between Lucrezia and brother number two.  Also, it will probably be fun seeing how that entire situation plays itself out as the season comes to an end.  Will the two brothers begin hating each other like Juan and Cesare, or will they come to some sort of an understanding?
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The Borgias 208 - "Truth and Lies"

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