Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Johnny Carson Award- Late Night Host

Named For: Johnny Carson (The Tonight Show)
Awarded To: The best late night host of the season
2009 Winner: Saturday Night Live (NBC)
2010 Winner: The Tonight Show w/ Conan O'Brien (NBC)
2011 Winner: Jimmy Fallon (Late Night)

5. Stephen Colbert (Colbert Report) 6 points
2nd by Matt and Mags

4. Joel McHale (The Soup) 7 points
1st by Jaydon, 2nd by Me

3. Jon Stewart (The Daily Show) 12 points
1st by Matt

2. Jimmy Fallon (Late Night) 12 points
1st by T-time and Jack, 1st by Me

and the Poolie goes to...

1. Daniel Tosh (Tosh.0) 18 points
1st by Tyson, Cecil, Rizzo, Larry, Mags, and Bonz, 3rd by Me

This is Daniel Tosh's first nomination and win for the best late night talk show host of the season.  Here to let you know how Tosh has been killing it on Comedy Central these days, is Poolie voter Rizzo.

Daniel Tosh is the man. He makes jokes so offensive you sometimes wonder how he is even allowed to say the things he does. His stand up comedy is hilarious and he brings all of that to Tosh.O. He is in the middle of a twitter war with Rod Dydrek, and although Rob seems like a good dude, Tosh absolutely murdered him with this bit. For those of you who don't know, Rob is in the middle of a shitty show that tries to emulate Tosh.O.  It also features the most annoying and horrible chick on planet earth. She thinks she is hot, tough, a great singer and funny. She is not even remotely close to being any of these things.

Another bit that was great was his improv tweet and greet at ASU. Not a lot of comedians could make this so good. I guess this would be a good time to mention that none of his original content is on youtube, that's the worst.

A great way to gauge someone is to google their name and then hit the spacebar and see what auto fills. For "Tosh.O is" you get "... racist" and "...he gay". That's how you know he is doing something right.

Everyone loves watching viral videos, and the internet has 100 new good ones a day. Tosh does a great job of putting it all together and making it one of the finniest shows on TV.

I leave you with what is probably my favorite viewer video of the week ever.

by Andrew Reuss

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