Monday, June 11, 2012

The Borgias 209 Review- Nowhere Else To Go

Vanozza- "What happened to you Juan? You were such a lovely child."
I've written about it at length over the past couple of months, but it's worth noting again that the feud between brothers Cesare and Juan Borgia has been the most compelling material The Borgias has produced in its first two seasons. Said conflict came to a head in "World of Wonders," and it produced an absolutely gripping penultimate episode of the Showtime series' second season.

Since failing to come out victorious against Catharina Sforza at Forli, Juan's downward spiral has been both sad and magnificent. That did not change this week, as I was equal parts upset and excited watching the Borgia boy talk to himself, get high to the heavens on opium, throw it in Cesare's face that the Pope loves him more and finally hold Lucrezia's baby over the edge of the balcony.

Then it happened. Cesare and Micheletto retrieved Juan from yet another Opium session, and the family feud was finally settled. Even as it was happening - Cesare's knife going in and out of his brother's stomach, and eventually throwing him off of that bridge - I couldn't believe it. Was this it? Was this the end of Juan Borgia? Dying by the hand of his own brother?

It was yet another moment in which I was glad that I don't know the history behind the series. I'm assuming The Borgias isn't straying too far from the historical story between these two brothers. Even if they are, I'm glad I didn't see this event coming, or wasn't disappointed by it being different from history.
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The Borgias 209 - "World of Wonders"

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