Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Teri Bauer Award- Worst in Action

Named For: Teri Bauer (24)
Awarded To: The character you most love to hate in an action series
2009 Winner: Olivia Taylor (24)
2010 Winner: Skyler White (Breaking Bad)
2011 Winner: Sarah Linden (The Killing)

10. Nelson Van Alden (Boardwalk Empire) 3 points
3rd by Mags

9. Tara Knowles (Sons of Anarchy) 5 points
3rd by Jack, 5th by Me

8. Margaret Schroeder (Boardwalk Empire) 10 points
2nd by Jaydon, 2nd by Me

7. Sarah Linden (The Killing) 11 points
1st by Tyson

6. Marnie Stonebrook (True Blood) 12 points
3rd by Jaydon, 1st by Me

5. Maria Laguerta (Dexter) 14 points
3rd by Larry and Matt

4. Carl Grimes (The Walking Dead) 17 points
2nd by Tyson, Rizzo, and Larry

3. Constance Langdon (American Horror Story) 18 points
1st by Matt and Mags, 3rd by Me

2. Lori Grimes (The Walking Dead) 25 points
1st by Rizzo and Jack, 4th by Me

and the Poolie goes to...

1. Joffrey Baratheon (Game of Thrones) 35 points
1st by Jaydon, Cecil, T-time, and Larry

This is Joffrey Baratheon's first nomination and win for the character you most love to hate in an action series.  Here to talk about about Joff's performance this season is Poolie voter, T-time.

There are two types of characters that get nominated in this category. The more common type is the character that is just obnoxious. Whether it is written that way, or if the actor is just awful, this is the character that is doing his part to ruin an otherwise good show. This type is by far the more common. Joffrey Baratheon belongs to the second type.

The rarer type of nominee in this category is the one that is meant to be despicable. This character torments your protagonists. This character owns a variety of traits that make it impossible to like him. And this character is well-acted, enough to lend some sort of twisted logic to his predations.

This is not to say that all well-acted villains can be hated. Mags Bennett, in particular, was a phenomenal big bad but one which earned our sympathy. That’s not what we are talking about here. Joffrey is an antagonist who is completely without value as a person. But, as portrayed by Jack Gleeson, he is so believably sadistic that you know the show is much better for having him on it.

In a show like Game of Thrones, where the majority of the characters are morally grey, (at least by intention) it is welcome that there is at least one character we can all root against wholeheartedly. Joffrey is cruel, cowardly and selfish. The entitlement he displays towards the kingship is loathsome. He torments characters we know, as well as bit players.

A character this loathsome should be recognized. Thanks to the accurate portrayal by Gleeson, Joffrey is finally getting what he deserves: a Poolie for the character you love to hate in action.

by Tim Forcella

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