Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Louis and Twitty Award- Best Buds

Named For: Louis Stevens and Alan Twitty (Even Stevens)
Awarded to: The best buds on television
2011 Winner: Troy and Abed (Community)

10. Hank and Charlie (Californication) 5 points
2nd by Cecil

9. Ryan and Wilfred (Wilfred) 6 points
2nd by Jack

8. Blake and Adam (The Voice) 6 points
1st by Cecil

7. Walter and Peter (Fringe) 8 points
2nd by T-time, 3rd by Me

6. Bobby and Andy (Cougar Town) 10 points
1st by T-time, 1st by Me

5. Franklin and Bash (Franklin and Bash) 11 points
1st by Larry

4. Steve and Danny (Hawaii Five-0) 13 points
1st by Tyson

3. Chuck and Morgan (Chuck) 13 points
2nd by Larry, 4th by Me

2. Troy and Abed (Community) 23 points
1st by Jack, Mags, and Jaydon, 2nd by Me

and the Poolie goes to...

1. Phil and Luke (Modern Family) 26 points
1st by Bonz and Rizzo, 5th by Me

This is Phil and Luke's first nomination and win for best buds.  Phil Dunphy has been the runner-up for the Cory Mattews Award the past two seasons, and Luke is a two-time nominee for the Arthur Spooner Award.

While Modern Family has almost entirely fallen off the map at the Poolies, both Phil and Luke Dunphy continue to keep the series alive after three seasons.  The best part about this father/son duo is that they only get better as characters when they're together.  Both ridiculous, both completely oblivious most of the time, Phil and Luke Dunphy made up about 90% of Modern Family's comedy this season, and much of that came when the two were up to shenanigans as the best buds that they are.

by Dan Forcella

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