Monday, June 4, 2012

Teen Wolf 201 Review- The Lone Wolf

Allison- "You okay?"
Scott- "Just another life threatening conversation with your dad."
When I started watching the first ever episode of Teen Wolf, I was very skeptical. As season one went on, though, I began enjoying the series for what it was, a bit of a guilty pleasure. When the season concluded, as my review of the finale reiterated, I unashamedly admitted that there was no guilt in my viewing pleasure of the MTV drama.

After watching the season two premiere, "Omega," I reaffirm my conclusion that Teen Wolf is good television. There is quality action, great suspense, plenty of romance with very attractive actors, and interesting plot twists. Nobody will confuse the series with Breaking Bad in the writing department, but there is no longer much to make fun about the series.

Even the special effects have improved to start the second season.

When we last left our Beacon Hills crew, Scott had killed the Alpha, which allowed Derek to step into the top spot in the pack. Jackson had accepted Derek's bite, Allison found out about Scott's hairy secret and a whole bunch of strange was going on with Lydia.

A couple of those situations were explained if not resolved rather quickly to start the season, which is good. We don't want to see them drag multiple mysteries out for an extended period of time.
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Teen Wolf 201 - "Omega"

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