Friday, June 22, 2012

Teen Wolf Exclusive: JR Bourne Discusses Family, On and Off Screen

"The group that we've got, we're like a family," JR Bourne told me of the crew making MTV's hit series, Teen Wolf. The veteran actor - who plays the mostly antagonizing Chris Argent - went on to say that "you realize how grateful you are for not just loving the job, and the character, but also loving everyone involved."

It comes off exactly like that on screen. Teen Wolf has been an extremely fun series to watch, and a lot of that can be credited to what seems to be a very enjoyable atmosphere among those creating it. Bourne reiterated a number of times during the interview: "I have fun with [Tyler Posey]."

So much fun that while filming the scene in which Chris and Scott pick up desserts in the kitchen during last week's "Abomination," Bourne said "that was the only [take] they could have used. I cracked up every time."

The characters might not all get along on screen, but it's apparent that the actors, writers and everyone else involved with the show are like a family. Teen Wolf gives off that vibe every week, as we watch Scott, Stiles and the gang traverse this crazy world they're inhabiting.
To read the rest of my exclusive with JR Bourne of Teen Wolf, head over to TV Fanatic.

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