Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The James Zinkand Award- Worst Reality Contestant

Named For: James Zinkand (Big Brother)
Awarded To: The reality competition contestant that you most love to hate
2009 Winner: Margie and Luke (Amazing Race)
2010 Winner: Aaron Kelly (American Idol)
2011 Winner: Jacob Lusk (American Idol)

10. Oliver Green (Project Runway) 0 points

9. Vienna Girardi (Bachelor Pad) 1 point
3rd by Tyson

8. Sarah Grueneberg (Top Chef) 2 points
4th by Me

7. Beverly McClellan (The Voice) 4 points
2nd by Jack

6. Lawon Exum (Big Brother) 7 points
2nd by Jaydon

5. Kalie Booker (Big Brother) 9 points
2nd by T-time

4. Adam Poch (Big Brother) 12 points
1st by T-time, 2nd by Me

3. Rachel Reilly (Big Brother) 15 points
1st by Jaydon, Cecil, Rizzo, and Larry

2. Astro (The X Factor) 18 points
1st by Tyson, 3rd by Me

and the Poolie goes to...

1. Joshua Ledet (American Idol) 19 points
1st by Jack, 1st by Me

This is Joshua Ledet's first nomination and win for the reality competition contestant you most love to hate.  American Idol has now won the James Zinkand Award for three straight  years.

The interesting thing about my hatred for Joshua Ledet, is that he seemed like a very nice kid.  He was nice, polite, and honestly not supremely annoying when he spoke on American Idol this season.  The problem was that when he performed, I wanted to stab myself in the eye.  Every time it was a run.  Every time it was some kind of vocal Olympics.  I hoped and hoped that he would just sing one song as it is written.  Not because I wanted him to go further in the competition, but because I couldn't handle yet another shout-fest without wanting to jump off of my balcony.  Every time Joshua Ledet made it through to another round, it meant he was passing a contestant I liked more than him, and for that I hated him all season long.

by Dan Forcella

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