Friday, June 22, 2012

Wilfred 201 Review- Getting Your Chinas Crossed

Ryan- "How'd you get this van?"
Wilfred- "We hot-china'd it."
Wilfred is one of the best shows on television, and the second season premiere proved that once again. It is an absolutely hilarious comedy that mixes in intense dramatic and suspenseful moments with a great long-running mysterious plot that makes the viewer question every single thing that is happening on screen.

"Progress" was a magnificent return for Wilfred, as the 21 minutes really felt like the climax of a major motion picture, with all of cutting back and forth between dream and reality. A ton of credit should go to Randall Einhorn who did a great job directing, causing me to constantly wonder what was real and what wasn't.

Not only was the main theme of dream vs. reality responsible for some unbelievably dramatic moments - like Ryan getting taken in for electric shock therapy or the getaway scene in which he finally realized the meeting was actually real life - but it also created some of the funniest scenes I've witnessed in a while.

As the hospital moments began getting stranger and stranger, with the lightning making Robin Williams' face even more creepy and the flickering of the lights every second, you had to know something big was coming.
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Wilfred 201 - "Progress"

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