Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Teen Wolf 203 Review- Skating Around the Subject

Stiles (to Scott)- "This new-found heroism is making me very attracted to you."
Two of my favorite things about Teen Wolf highlighted its third installment of season two, "Ice Pick." The hour was filled with plenty of moments for Stiles to be awkward and funny, while featuring Derek's all around studliness on multiple occasions.

Three distinctive Stiles moments throughout the episode made this the funniest yet. The first was in which he attempted to bargain with Boyd on renting out the ice rink. His skills in the field were certainly lacking, but his ability to remember the "twuh" sound had me grinning ear to ear.

After finally shelling out the eventual 50 bucks it took to get the double date accomplished, Stiles was super awkward when attempting to connect with Lydia. Trying to broach the subject of opposites attracting was so over-the-top that it worked perfectly... perfectly Stiles.

Finally, as I note that Dylan O'Brien's timing was once again at 100% this week, there was the old straight-guy-acting-gay stunt that had me in stitches near the end of the hour. Stiles telling Scott that he was attracted to his new-found heroism, and that he wanted to make out for a sec, was absolutely hilarious.
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Teen Wolf 203 - "Ice Pick"

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