Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Cheers Award- Best Theme

Named For: Cheers (NBC) 1982-93
Awarded To: Best opening credits/theme song
2010 Winner: Sons of Anarchy (FX)
2011 Winner: Community (NBC)

10. New Girl (FOX) 4 points
2nd by Bonz

9. Treme (HBO) 6 points
2nd by T-time, 5th by Me

8. Suburgatory (ABC) 6 points
2nd by Jack, 4th by Me

7. Fringe (FOX) 7 points
3rd by Jack

6. iCarly (Nick) 8 points
1st by Jack

5. Sons of Anarchy (FX) 10 points
1st by Cecil

4. Justified (FX) 11 points
2nd by Cecil

3. Community (NBC) 14 points
1st by Bonz, 2nd by Me

2. How to Make it in America (HBO) 18 points
1st by Mags, Rizzo, and Tyson, 3rd by Me

and the Poolie goes to...

1. Game of Thrones (HBO) 24 points
1st by Jaydon, T-time, and Larry, 1st by Me

This is Game of Thrones' second nomination and first win for best opening sequence and theme song.  The series was also nominated last season for The Sopranos Award.  Here to talk about its fantastic intro is Poolie voter Jaydon.

The great intros feel like the essence of the shows they precede. The Game of Thrones intro is a marriage of an epic, propulsive and eminently hummable theme with a sprawling, dynamic visual journey through the world of Westeros. In each season the show expands into new territory. As we are introduced to new locations like Harrenhal or Qarth, they are added to the intro’s world map. The passage through the geographical scope of the lands culminates in the Game of Thrones title card which combines the sigils of the four dominant houses (Lannister’s Lion, Baratheon’s Stag, Stark’s Direwolf, Targaryen’s Dragon) that compete for power. The visuals locate all the factions in play and give us a sense of how much is at stake. The theme fits perfectly with the medieval fantasy context and primes us for complex political maneuvering, sexposition and bursts of inventive violence. You can tell which intros are the best pretty easily. The best ones you rarely skip. This one gets the full play through almost every time.

by Jonathan Stuart

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