Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Teen Wolf 202 Review- Moon Of My Life

Stiles- "How did you do that?"
Derek- "I'm the Alpha."
Likely because Sunday night's premiere was so exhilarating, "Shape Shifted" felt a bit underwhelming by comparison. There were certainly moments to enjoy, and new reveals to get excited about, but overall part two of the summer premiere wasn't Teen Wolf's best work.

One of those enjoyable moments was the opening scene, which is something the series did well throughout the first season. Teen Wolf is great at the pulse-pounding, suspense-filled cold open, and that was true once again in the scene between Isaac and his rage-filled father.

We met them briefly in the premiere, but that conversation about grades and cleaning up after dinner allowed the viewers to get to know this father-son duo at a much deeper level rather quickly. The father's temper was one for the record books. I was scared for the kid, even though his wolfian characteristics would have saved him from any serious danger.

And then the dad died. It wasn't by the hand - or claws I guess, or even mouth - of his son, but rather the new creature we sort of learned the identity of by the end of the hour. Is it a were-lizard? Is it a straight up shifter? I'm sure we will learn more as we continue to watch, but I'm hoping its the former rather than the latter.
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Teen Wolf 202 - "Shape Shifted"

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