Monday, June 18, 2012

The Borgias 210 Review- One Wedding and a Funeral

Vanozza- "So Cesare, what exactly are you celebrating? Your sisters betrothal, or the death of your brother?"
Even though the breathtaking act of Cesare murdering Juan left most of us wondering what could possibly happen next, just as Fran├žois Arnaud assured me last week, the season finale of The Borgias was not without its own surprising and tension-filled moments.

The "new Cesare" that Arnaud teased to TV Fanatic was born, Lucrezia continued her ascent to the Lady of supreme confidence, the Friar Savonarola was finally put to death in front of all of Rome, the Pope struggled with the news of Juan's death and then succumbed to Della Rovere's poison plan in the final seconds of "The Confession."  Yeah, it was quite the hour.

Much of the final installment of the year felt like a sneak peek at what's to come. Nothing accomplished that more than Cesare's new stone cold attitude. He has always been the man that wanted to be the tough guy, but now it's seems like he is.

He shed no tears for the brother he just murdered. In fact, he celebrated his sister's marriage instead of mourning the loss. He forged Savonarola's confession so that the friar could be burned in the street. Cesare even admitted to his father that he murdered dear Juan, and there was not an ounce of emotion coming out of him.
To read the rest of my review of last night's The Borgias season finale, head over to TV Fanatic.

The Borgias 210 - "The Confession"

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