Friday, June 29, 2012

The Terry Fator Award- Male Reality

Named For: Terry Fator (America's Got Talent)
Awarded To: The best male reality competition contestant of the season
2009 Winner: Dan Gheesling (Big Brother)
2010 Winner: Russell Hantz (Survivor)
2011 Winner: Rob Mariano (Survivor)

10. Tony Lucca (The Voice) 0 points

9. Paul Qui (Top Chef) 2 points
2nd by Jaydon

8. Michael Odokara-Okigbo (The Sing Off) 7 points
1st by Jack

7. Phillip Phillips (American Idol) 7 points
1st by Larry and Rizzo

6. Bopper and Mark (Amazing Race) 7 points
1st by Jaydon and Cecil, 5th by Me

5. Colton Dixon (American Idol) 7 points
2nd by Tyson, 4th by Me

4. Brendon Villegas (Amazing Race/Big Brother) 8 points
2nd by T-time and Jack

3. Troyzan Robertson (Survivor) 13 points
2nd by Larry, 2nd by Me

2. John Cochran (Survivor) 13 points
3rd by Cecil, T-time, and Larry, 1st by Me

and the Poolie goes to...

1. Coach Wade (Survivor) 16 points
1st by Tyson and T-time, 3rd by Me

This is Coach Benjamin Wade's third nomination and first win for the best reality competition contestant of the season.  Coach was nominated for the honor back in 2009 and 2010 for his work on Survivor.  Here to discuss Coach's prowess is Poolie voter, Tyson.

Coach Wade: How could you not love the dragon slayer? A man who was fired for telling the school where he coached women’s soccer that he would be gone for a week and then took two months off to go on Survivor.

A man who claims to have set the world record for the longest solo kayak expedition on the ocean (an amazing 6,132 miles) despite the fact that current record holder Paul Caffyn kayaked more than 9,000 miles in 1980 and 1981, 30 years before Coach claimed the record.

A man who claims to have overcome a ruthless attack by Amazon pygmies.

The one consistent aspect of Coach’s character is that he lies. A lot. Normally, people don’t like liars but when someone is this disconnected from reality it doesn’t feel like lying anymore, it feels like storytelling and everyone loves a good story. I, for one, hope Coach keeps telling them.

by Tyson Brazell

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