Monday, May 21, 2012

Mad Men 510 Review- Merry Krishna

Pete- "Ya know, if I had told you last December that we'd be in the running for a car, you would've kissed me on the mouth."
Don- "Maybe you and I should go as a couple."
It's that time of year, when the world falls in love...or maybe it's just that time of year when the world pretends to be in love because her better half is a really good recruiter for her religion.

Seriously, between Harry's trip down Krishna lane, and Lane's money problems, there was a lot going on in "Christmas Waltz" that couldn't have cared less about.

As Harry's plot continued to get stranger and stranger as it went, I started wondering what the point was of adding this arc to the series.  Was it just to show that audience how caring Harry was?  Was it to add some religious elements to the mix?  Whatever the reasoning, I found myself not caring in the least what happened to the new Paul, and his lovely friend.

Similarly, I was bored out of my mind whenever Lane was by himself worrying about his money situation.  I understand that this certainly creates major issues for the company, but either the idea wasn't fleshed out that well, or I just can't handle Jared Harris as Lane after watching him as David Robert Jones during my recent Fringe catch-up binge.
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Mad Men 510 - "Christmas Waltz"


  1. i love this line about Krishna,
    it adds diversity of themes in the series

  2. It was great watching Don & Joan spend time together & talk as friends.