Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Voice 209 Review- The Top 24 Is Set

The Battles may be over, but the war goes on: The Voice will begin its live shows next week. There were pop stars, quirky vocalists or rapping MCs making up the final members of each coach's team. Let's take a look at who were the final hopefuls to get to The Voice Top 24...

Team Cee Lo - James Massone vs. WADE - "True Colors"

The Battle: James was extremely nervous in practice, but it didn't really come through in his performance. If anything, he was way more confident than WADE, who struggled with a couple of critical notes. This was definitely the case of one guy having the potential to be great but failing this week, and the other being steady but probably won't go anywhere in the competition. WADE has much more power and range, but James didn't screw up at all.
My Choice: James
Cee Lo's Choice: James
Battle Grade: B

Team Adam - Nicolle Galyon vs. Mathai - "Love Song"

The Battle: Nicolle's advantage was her piano playing, and after Adam took that away, she sounded way to plain. Cee Lo called her "generic," and I agree with him. When Mathai first came in it was obvious that she was going to win. She just had the much more interesting tone of the two. I loved that Adam revealed how disappointed he was in the performance, especially since it was his own team members. That's something the X Factor mentors never would have done.
My Choice: Mathai
Adam's Choice: Mathai
Battle Grade: C
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