Friday, March 2, 2012

The Office 817 Review- Pyramid Scheme

Dwight- "Okay, okay. I will be the first to admit it. We could have integrated more Chuck into the presentation."
Sometimes, the little moments in life are what make it grand, and sometimes the little moments in an episode of The Office are also what make it come together in the end.

That was true of "Test the Store," as Jim's heartfelt act of helping Dwight out with the presentation more than made up for the fact that the cold open and first act went laugh-less.

Thankfully things started to pick up in the second act, beginning with Creed's flawless execution of Toby's Strike, Scream, Run plan. Slapping Meredith upside the head, letting out a big "yaaap" and running out of the conference room might have been the best Creed moment of the season.

We also benefited from the good Andy Bernard this week. You know the one, the guy that isn't ridiculously irritating. Yeah, we don't see him very often, but he was back, and him trying to get details out of Toby on how to defend yourself against a fifth grade girl was hilarious.
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The Office 817 - "Test the Store"

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