Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Justified 308 Review- Rock and a Hard Place

Art (to Raylan)- "Having you in this office is gonna give me a stroke."
Each season of Justified has been so outstanding because the writers find different ways to make each episode interesting in its own way.

Whether it's a thrill-a-minute shootout, a game of chess filled with impressive speeches, or in the case of "Watching the Detectives," a simultaneous look into the problems of Raylan's past and certain problems of his future, Justified always entertains.

It was fun watching the onslaught of issues Raylan Givens had to endure during the hour, but it was even more impressive knowing that Robert Quarles was almost entirely responsible for it all.

First, he had Tonin make that phone call - which they knew was being overheard by the FBI - saying that Raylan is dirty, and in bed with Boyd Crowder. Then he straight up murdered Gary on his own front lawn, making the smart decision to use the bullet Raylan had tossed at Duffy earlier in the season. It was a pretty great plan to get Deputy Givens out of the way.
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Justified 308 - "Watching the Detectives"

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