Friday, March 16, 2012

30 Rock 612 Review- Smells Like Green Spirit

Tracy- "It sure is rewarding as a TV viewer when someone you're invested in shows growth."
In an extremely meta moment, Tracy uttered those words about Liz on the St. Patrick's Day special he was hosting with Jenna. Yes, Liz Lemon did depict growth in 30 Rock's "St. Patrick's Day," but as I've noted before, that's not a necessity for a comedy.

There are those sitcom that need to fuse the funny with character development in order to be successful - take Parks and Recreation or Modern Family, for example - but 30 Rock is so out there and obviously after as many jokes as it can muster that the addition of growth seems unnecessary.

That's not to say that it wasn't welcome here, especially if it meant the return of Dennis Duffy! There is plenty of Dean Winters to go around, as those All State commercials never stop, but he's never better than his pop-ins at 30 Rock.
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30 Rock 612 - "St. Patrick's Day"


  1. i don't need my characters to grow, especially in a comedy. but i do need to hear things like "i don't get your art kevin" or "i killed jenna elfman, is this correct?" brilliant