Thursday, March 8, 2012

One Tree Hill 909 Review- Thanks But No Thanks, Dad

Chuck- "All he ever wanted to do was fly. Please don't take that away from him."
There were sexy boots, incorrect dates of death, fatherhood offers turned down, an Air Force discharge, and a possible stolen baby. Yeah, every breath did in fact seemed like a bomb during the hour of One Tree Hill that was "Every Breath Is A Bomb."

Sexy Boots
As I mentioned last week, it's completely awesome that Haley and Dan Scott are teaming up to find Nathan. I only wish that a single other person would care about Nathan at this point. He has been missing for quite a while. If the rest of these characters just don't care about him, that's fine, but at least make note of that. I understand they all have chaotic things going on in their lives as well, but your good friend is either kidnapped or dead. You should care.

Let’s get back to the sexy boots. I love that Haley came up with this plan, and am just glad for her sake that she figured out a way to get it done without touching that disgusting drug dealer.  Well, until she punched him the face.  Team Scott is getting somewhere with this, but I still wish Lucas was here to help them with this.

Leave it to Dan Scott to take a shot at Deb for being slutty in between somber moments about Nathan being captured and aggressive threats to a drug dealer.  You have to get your shots in when you can, even if nobody is there to hear them.
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One Tree Hill 909 - "Every Breath Is a Bomb"

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