Friday, March 16, 2012

American Idol Top 11- Shannon's Migraine

I think this season's Fantasy American Idol has become a two team race, as Larry's duo of Phil Phil and Skylar and Tyson's duo of Heejun and Hollie will battle this out to the end.  I definitely give the edge to Larry, though, because Heejun will have an earlier exit than the other three if the judges get what they want.

A few thoughts on the performances...I keep wanting to love Colton Dixon, but he has yet to impress me.  Phil Phillips is the type of artist I like, but he has been pretty average thus far.  Jessica Sanchez is the best female contestant this show has seen in years.  What she did with "Turn the Beat Around" was fantastic, and if any other Idol had done that song it would have been karaoke hell.  Skylar Lane is 10 times the country star that Lauren Alaina tried to be last year.  People like Hollie but she hasn't done much for me thus far.  Heejun is funny, and his tone is nice, but he needs a lot of work.  Josh, Deandre, and Elise are all good singers, but none do it for me.  Erika needs to go next.

Me: W1- Phillip, W2- Hollie
Jack: W1- Hollie, W2- Deandre

Predict the Bottom Three
Both Jack and I picked the Bottom 3 of Shannon, Elise and Erika perfectly, but he correctly identified Shannon as the eliminated contestant, while I had Elise going home.

Fantasy Idol


Phillip Phillips: Safe (+6)
Skylar Laine: Safe (+6)
Erika Van Pelt: Bottom 3 (-4), Safe (+6)
Adam Brock
Brielle Von Hugel
Top 11: +14, Team Total: 52

Heejun Han: Safe (+6)
Hollie Cavanaugh: Safe (+6)
Jeremy Rosado
Hallie Day
Chase Likens
Top 11: +12, Team Total: 46

Colton Dixon: Safe (+6)
Reed Grimm
Eben Franckewitz
Haley Johnson
Jen Hirsh
Top 11: +6, Team Total: 21

Deandre Brackensick: Safe (+6)
Baylie Brown
Joshua Ladet: Safe (+6)
Chelsea Sorrell
Creighton Fraker
Top 11: +12, Team Total: 26

Jessica Sanchez: Safe (+6)
Shannon Magrane: Eliminated (-8)
Elise Testone: Bottom 3 (-4), Safe (+6)
Aaron Marcellus
Johnny Keyser
Top 11: 0, Team Total: 34

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