Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Justified 311 Review- What A Dick!

Raylan- "Art I've got a daddy."
Art- "Yeah, I've met your daddy."
Raylan- "Fair enough, continue."
There have now been 11 installments of Justified's third season, and "Measures" certainly didn't fail to live up the excitement of the first 10.

Between the misadventures of Robert Quarles, Dickie Bennett beginning his attempt on Limehouse's money, and the buddy cop escapades of Raylan and Art, there was a lot to enjoy in the antepenultimate episode of the season.

Neal McDonough continues to impress me week after week in his playing of Quarles.  This time around it was the way he portrayed the Detroit mobster knocking over (or attempting to as was the case of the second incident) those pair of drug dealers that got me all tingly inside.

The mostly confident, well dressed man we have come to know, showing up for drugs with a stupid grin, acting nervous, and shaking all around, was absolutely joyous to watch.  What Quarles did next might have just been an embarrassment of riches for the audience.
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Justified 311 - "Measures"

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