Friday, March 2, 2012

American Idol Top 25- Flawed Game

Well my Fantasy Idol season is over.  Only one of my five picks made it to the Top 13, which brings me to my next point.  This game is seriously flawed.  Not in fairness, because I did a bad job picking my team, so I deserve to be gone.  Instead, it is flawed in enjoyment.  I know that I have no chance to do anything at this point, so I have much less rooting interest in the season.

I'm thinking about starting a new fantasy Idol game.  I like the idea of either a survivor pool like in the NFL, where you pick one person that won't get eliminated that week, and you can only pick one contestant once throughout the season.  Or, I also like something to do with predicting the bottom three.  I'm going to try and get those going as well as continuing this regular fantasy league.

On a final note, I decided not to allow Rizzo to take on Jermaine Jones, not because it would have given him four contestants in the Top 13, but because Jack asked me earlier if he could just pick the "wildcard contestant" and I told him no.  It wouldn't be fair to give Rizz Jermaine after the fact.  He's still in good shape with three in the finals.

Jessica Sanchez: Top 10 (+10)
Shannon Magrane: Top 10 (+10)
Elise Testone: Top 10 (+10)
Aaron Marcellus: Out (-3)
Johnny Keyser: Never made it
Team Total: 27

Phillip Phillips: Top 10 (+10)
Skylar Laine: Top 10 (+10)
Erika Van Pelt: Wildcard (+6)
Adam Brock: Out (-3)
Brielle Von Hugel: Wildcard Chance (+3)
Team Total: 26

Heejun Han: Top 10 (+10)
Hollie Cavanaugh: Top 10 (+10)
Jeremy Rosado: Wildcard (+6)
Hallie Day: Out (-3)
Chase Likens: Out (-3)
Team Total: 20

Colton Dixon: Top 10 (+10)
Reed Grimm: Wildcard Chance (+3)
Eben Franckewitz: Out (-3)
Haley Johnson: Out (-3)
Jen Hirsh: Wildcard Chance (+3)
Team Total: 10

Deandre Brackensick: Wildcard (+6)
Baylie Brown: Out (-3)
Joshua Ladet: Top 10 (+10)
Chelsea Sorrell: Out (-3)
Creighton Fraker: Out (-3)
Team Total: 7

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  1. This is Forcella highway robbery at it's finest...Rizzo does not even get to choose a real contestant and then is stripped of his winnings. He was also the only player that had to pick a wildcard.