Monday, March 12, 2012

American Idol Top 13- She's The Sanchize

This is super late, and because of how busy I was this week, I only got to watch American Idol in the express style.  That is that thing where you only watch the performances, cutting out all judges comments, preview packages, and Seacrest filler.

My favorites of the night were Phil Phillips and Jessica Sanchez.  Jessica's performance was one of the best female performances I've ever seen on Idol, and blew away Jennifer Hudson's rendition of the same song at the Grammy's a few weeks ago.  She is pretty great, but Phil Phillips is still going to win this thing.

I picked Phil and Jack took Hollie Cavanaugh in the Survivor Pool, so we are both still in.  Neither of us realized how the Bottom 6 was going to work this week, so that didn't pan out as planned.  I thought it would be Erika, Elise and Jermaine with Erika going home.  Jack took Elise, Erika, and Jeremy with Elise going home.  All the people we chose were in the Bottom 6, so there's that.

Phillip Phillips: Safe (+5)
Skylar Laine: Safe (+5)
Erika Van Pelt: Bottom 6 (-3), Safe (+5)
Adam Brock
Brielle Von Hugel
Top 13: +12, Team Total: 38

Jessica Sanchez: Safe (+5)
Shannon Magrane: Bottom 6 (-3), Safe (+5)
Elise Testone: Bottom 2 (-5), Safe (+5)
Aaron Marcellus
Johnny Keyser
Top 13: +7, Team Total: 34

Heejun Han: Safe (+5)
Hollie Cavanaugh: Safe (+5)
Jeremy Rosado: Eliminated (-6)
Hallie Day
Chase Likens
Top 13: +4, Team Total: 24

Colton Dixon: Safe (+5)
Reed Grimm
Eben Franckewitz
Haley Johnson
Jen Hirsh
Top 13: +5, Team Total: 15

Deandre Brackensick: Safe (+5)
Baylie Brown
Joshua Ladet: Bottom 6 (-3), Safe (+5)
Chelsea Sorrell
Creighton Fraker
Top 13: +7, Team Total: 14

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